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Diary of a Hyper-Independent

via  Pexels  by  Christian Duong Hi, lovely readers. It's introspection time.  I find that I often treat this blog as an outlet for processing my mental health, and I'm sure you all are tired of my constant whinging. But if we're being completely honest here... who reads this anyway? I'm pretty sure that even my Mom has forgotten it exists. As I've said in the past, though, this blog is not really for other people. It's for me to write out my feelings and put them out into the world. If other people read these words and are helped or feel less alone, then that's super cool. But that's not my ultimate goal here. Something I've been wrapping my head around for the last year or so is hyper-independence as a trauma response. Previously, I hadn't really considered myself to be hyper-independent until the phrase was introduced to me via Twitter by Kate Kelly (the tweet in question is below including a direct link), and my immediate thought was, "H

#selfloveJune Kickoff

 Welcome to June, friends! As discussed in my last post , I am embarking on a month-long journey with the goal of exploring opportunities for self-love. Simple, yes, but hopefully effective. Details are as follows: Yes, I made this myself, and I'm really proud of it. Go me! For my purposes, I'll be posting on my Instagram  which also auto-posts to my Twitter . I'll also be using the #selfloveJune hashtag as mentioned above, so if you want to participate, go ahead and use it along with me! The goal here is to force me to look at myself and my physical form positively. I may not ever grace the cover of a fashion magazine, but I am beautiful nonetheless. And it's time I work towards believing  that as opposed to simply saying it. So who's with me? Feel free to share your insta, twitter, or whatever platform you'll be using in the comments here so we can all follow each other! Peace. Stef.