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March 5th, 2021 - A Writing Prompt

For an explanation of what's happening here, please visit  THIS BLOG POST . If you choose to participate, make sure you sign up to join the community so you can share your work with us (not a requirement, of course, but that's the fun of it!). Prompt Rules: Using the above image, write something. 250 words shall be your limit and the limit of your words shall be 250. Any style. Any Genre. No smashing the stories. We are not here to crush each other. We are here to help each other fly as best we can. That includes your own story. We are all learning and getting better. This is part of it. Please note that, if you want to share your work with us and read others' submissions, it would need to be done so on the community discord or Facebook group (see blog post mentioned above).  Jimmie's  comments on that are as follows: Post your story on your own web place then post the link here so we may ooh and aah over it with great appreciation. If you don't have your own web pl

Spectre Update

Hello, and welcome to March! In case you weren't aware, dear readers, I am in the process of creating, writing, and (eventually) producing my own audio drama. In the event that you're not familiar with the term, an audio drama is a fictional podcast or digital radio play. You might hear it referred to as audio fiction as well, but the more widely used terminology is "audio drama" or "audiodrama." Ultimately, it's just a way for a story to be told specifically in an audio format. You hear different characters (usually), you hear sound effects, and you're immersed into a world simply by way of your ears.  I've always struggled with the visual aspect of writing. I myself am aphantasic  (the inability to visualize mental imagery or "blind imagination"), so describing something using prose is incredibly difficult. My mind simply doesn't process imagination the same way that a neurotypical person does, so I needed to find a way to still b