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Sexual Harassment

On Friday morning, I was sexually harassed for a continuous 15 minutes as I walked into work. This is my story. My mornings are pretty much all the same. I wake up approximately 2 hours before work, drive to our free parking area around 30 minutes prior to the start of my shift, and then take a leisurely, 20- to 25-minute walk into downtown Nashville to my building. Now, I could pay for a monthly parking spot at a nearby lot, but I actually like the walk into the city. It gives me a solid 20 minutes of simply being by myself. I put my headphones in, play some music, and zen my way into the hustle and bustle of downtown Nashville without a single care in the world. Not only that, but I get some exercise at the start of my day, and I save $30-50 a month on parking. My view on the way into work. I've been working at this job for around a month and a half now and have worked downtown prior to this job, and I've never had a single problem short of the mentally ill hom