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2017 - Week 8: The Date

For those of you just joining in, I had a date on February 18th, and I promised you all that I would be keeping you updated.

As of this writing, the date has finished, and I am happy to report that it went swimmingly. Flowers made some serious effort to sweep me off my feet, and sweep, sweep, sweep he did.
No, we didn't kiss on the first date.
I'm a lady, damn it!

I won't go into severe detail about the night - because come on, even I need a certain modicum of privacy - but I will say that we started out with one of those wine and paint things where you go and have fun painting while imbibing tasty wine. Flowers is a very artistic person whereas I am most certainly not (not in the fine art way, at any rate) so, while he turned out with some really pretty dragonflies on a canvas, I ended up with a trio of misshapen salamanders with wings. We ended up swapping and taking each other's painting home because we're adorable AF.

We finished up with the painting class pretty quickly, so we had some time to kill - a couple of hours - before our dinner reservations. And folks, I was already impressed by the effort he had made thus far, but this next portion of our date completely stunned me.

Those of you who have been around for a while know of my love for Korean dramas. They are like effing crack, and I recommend them to anyone who loves a good story. Before our date, I had told Flowers of this love, and I had even mentioned a specific drama that I had just finished watching. While we were brainstorming things to do for the time we had available before dinner, he suggested that we watch this particular drama. Guys. I didn't even mention it. And he said he wanted to watch it. Wut.

Be still my beating heart, I think he's the one.

All jokes aside, I was floored by this. Not only did he listen to me when I said I liked something, but he also expressed interest in it instead of telling me it was stupid or worthless. This is a brand new world for me, and I intend to take full advantage of it.

Anyways, we watched the first episode at my place to kill time, and afterward, we changed into fancy clothes (I wore a dress and everything!) and headed to our final destination: dinner at 1808 Grill in downtown Nashville.

The food was amazing, Flowers was an incredible gentleman, our server was brilliant, and the company was just... wonderful.

Flowers dropped me off, didn't even cop a feel or try to push me in a direction for which I wasn't ready, and then he went home.

Seriously, guys. The date could not have been more perfect. I'm over the moon with giddiness, and I'm really excited to see where this leads.

God, I hope I don't fuck it up.



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