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2017 - Week 6: Flowers, the Sneaky Bastard

I have no idea what's happening right now.
My life.

So I'm sitting at the front office desk one day at work this past week, and a dude walks in with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. As he enters, he asks, much to my confusion, "Is there a Stefanie here?"

Wait. What? Me? Yes. I'm here. But I think you're confused. There must be another Stefanie that you're looking for. Have you tried the salon next door? Apparently, I was not confused, because the address on the envelope that came with the flowers had my full name and my work's address.

The man handed me the flowers, and all I could sputter out was, "But... why?"

He shrugged his shoulders with the weight of a man who had perhaps delivered too many flowers that day already and simply said, "Ma'am, I just deliver the flowers." And then he left, leaving me with a vase filled with stargazer lilies, roses, and various other floral-type things and quite literally no answers.

But at least there was a card. Except wait. The aforementioned card had no - I repeat NO - information on it other than the following sentence: "She's not like the other girls." Seriously. I'm not kidding. Look at the collage below for proof.
What in the fresh hell?
Naturally, I went into detective mode. Who sent me flowers? Why? Was it a joke? Did I have a secret admirer? What was going on??

One of my coworkers, Lorraine, reminded me that I have a date coming up later this month and that it was most likely The Gentleman who got them for me. I immediately rebuffed the idea. There was no way. Surely he didn't send me flowers. And if he did, why??? No. No way.

I took the above photo and posted it on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter in hopes that someone would fess up to the prank or thoughtful gift, but no dice. All I received was a lot of people saying, "Oh, it's so beautiful!!" or "Keep us updated! This is riveting!!" Yeah, a whole lot of help that was.

It wasn't until later on that day, when The Gentleman texted me to ask me how my day went that I realized it actually was him who sent the flowers. I had to pry it out of him, but he eventually admitted to it. He said he sent them just to make sure I "knew that I was special."

Like... guys.

If this had been anyone else - someone I hadn't known for 20 years, for example - this would have had me running for the hills. I mean, who sends flowers anymore? Not only that, but who sends them and declines to take credit for them??

I won't lie; I was definitely going through all of his potential motives for doing this.

  • He wants to get into my pants, obvs.
  • He's seen my "Adventures in Online Dating" posts and sees me as a challenge to be conquered and then hung out to dry.
  • He is in hardcore "Wife Mode" and wants to get married RIGHT TF NOW.
  • etc. etc. etc...
You know what, though? I'm going to give him a shot. I'm not going to run away. I mean, I've known him for 20 years. In all of those 20 years, he has never shown himself to be anything but an amazing friend. And who knows? Mayhaps this will turn out well.

At any rate, this is how The Gentleman got the nickname, "Flowers, the Sneaky Bastard." Right now it's sticking pretty well, but knowing me, it'll morph into something else should things get more defined between us.

Once again, I'll keep you updated.
The date is in 12 days, and I'm losing my mind.
Pray for me.



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