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2017 - Week 4: Anatomy & Physiology

I'm going to school for nursing. Well, I will be anyway. I'm currently enrolled in Anatomy & Physiology II at Nashville State (I took Anatomy & Physiology last semester) in the hopes of enrolling in a nursing program this fall after I take General Psychology this Summer.

I have to take these prerequisites because my oh-so-helpful degree in Operatic Performance from Ye Olde Belmont University didn't so much cater to a career in nursing (nobody's fault but my very own), but it's been a nice reintroduction to school, how it works, and just generally being held accountable for things related to my own learning. School is real weird, y'all.

My first foray into A&P was good. My teacher left a lot to be desired, but I caught onto it pretty well. I attribute most of my success to the fact that MomLady and Popsicle are in the medical field and, as such, I was raised with a great deal of medical jargon and general healthcare know-how.

My parents also forced me to take Latin in high school, which I hated them for then but sincerely thank them for now. It was SUPER helpful in memorizing parts of the body and general medical terminology. If I don't know what a word means, I just have to translate the Latin roots, and boom. There's your answer.

At any rate, class and work are my life right now. Lots to learn (note: learning is not the same as memorizing and takes quite a bit longer), and lots to retain. While I find it fascinating and enjoy learning about the human body (guys, it's so cool), I abhor being tested on what I've learned. I understand that it's necessary, but scantrons? Really? Come on. If I could write essays on every section, I would, in a heartbeat. And you know what? I'd make a 100% on every single thing, without fail. Dumb multiple choice tests...

As stated, A&P I was pretty much a breeze. I didn't have much issue with it at all. A&P II is a different story. It's not impossible, but there's just so much to wrap my head around, so it's monopolizing a helluva lot of time. I'll be fine, but it's still a task.

Ah well, you can't always get what you want, right?

Is anyone else trying their hand at nursing later in life? How did you get through the prerequisites? If you're not in the field officially yet, when do you expect to be working as a nurse?



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