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I'm Coming Home

Some of you have already been aware of this development, but I have made the decision to cut my contract here in Korea short due to various extenuating circumstances (much more specific posts to come later, once I've come home and feel more secure in my surroundings). It's not ideal, but it is what it is, and I'm looking forward to the next leg of this adventure called life. Just so none of you worry, no I am not sick. I am not in dire straits of any sort, and I am safe at my school. I do have my reasons, however, but I must keep those to myself for the time being. Just trust that this decision is not only final but also the best one to make right now. I will be leaving Korea in mid-July (exact date is not confirmed at the moment), and I am in a really good mental place about the whole thing. Deep cleansing breaths. Sometimes, a change in plans is good. Peace. Stef.

In Which I Drop Out of Capella University

For those of you who have been keeping up with me and my quest for knowledge, you know that I had been attending Capella University for my Master's in Human Services. I made the decision, however, to discontinue my education with the school because I was simply not pleased with the quality of instruction and course material that were provided at the institution. I only took one class (and only just over half of it at that), so it's possible that my viewpoint is less founded than someone who has spent more time enrolled at the online school. I doubt it, though. I'm going to start with the positives and then move onto the negatives later.
Try it. Even if it's hard. Even if you feel like your complaint is perfectly legitimate. Even if you're tired, upset, or cranky. If you catch yourself starting to complain, stop it. See what happens. Peace. Stef.

Happy Adventure Time Korea:
My Flight

I have discontinued my use of HAT Korea because 2 blogs is just too much, and I only want a single place to write in about my life. I can barely keep up here; how can I expect myself to maintain 2 separate blogs? I admit, I was a bit too quick at the trigger and was just excited about my adventure, so I'm pulling the reigns back in and will figure out the best way to cover my adventure here while also talking about other things. As a result, HAT Korea will be merged into 52 Weeks as a weekly installment every Friday. At first, I'm going to catch up on all of the stuff I haven't been filling you guys in on (how I got here, what was my first week like, what's my school like, etc.), and then it will morph into a weekly recap of how my week went, what I saw, and other news-y type items. Welcome to HAT Korea. Come have an adventure with me, won't you? MY FLIGHT : This buddy was a doozy, let me tell you... I was initially supposed to leave Nashville on Sunday,

Life Upheaval, Culture Shock, Little Monsters, Etc.

When in Rome, yo. Some of you might have noticed the radio silence since I moved to South Korea, short of the singular post I made when I first moved over here . Let me tell you, no matter how much time you spend planning, no matter how many books you read, no matter how much time you invest in learning the language, you are never prepared to relocate across the world. It is a highly stressful, overwhelming experience that can only be described as a whirlwind, and everything you attempted to learn about your new surroundings before you came goes completely out of the window. I have a few blog posts planned - Korea-themed and non-Korea themed - and I'll start posting them once a week on Thursdays. I do believe I'll also maintain the Meaty Mondays installment, because who doesn't love a Monday morning pick-me-up when you want to do nothing more than lay in bed and sleep until you forget about all of your mounting responsibilities? At any rate, I'm alive. I'v

In Which I Start Anew

So. I disappeared again. Whoops. But instead of it being because of depression and/or laziness, this time it was a socially acceptable reason. It's because I was getting ready to move across the world to South Korea! I told you all about this around a year ago when I made the decision to go, and well... I'm in South Korea now! It has been quite the challenge uprooting myself entirely to move across the world, and there were a bit of growing pains for the first week (blog post to come later on HAT Korea ). All in all, though, I think that after we're all settled in and whatnot, everything will gravitate toward a happy little rhythm, regular blog posting included. I have lots of stuff to catch you all up on, so prep for more blog posts this week! Peace. Stef.

In Which I Am Single & Happy On Valentine's Day
And How You Can Be Too

Ever since Hallmark and Kay Jewelers cashed in on the veritable feast of consumerism that occurs every year around February 14th, society has informed us - women specifically - that being single on Valentine's Day somehow made us deficient as human beings. Why is that, I wonder? Most of us also know about Singles Awareness Day ( SAD ), which was created to combat the overwhelming feeling of lonesomeness on a holiday that is designed for couples, but honestly? I think it does nothing but perpetuate the idea that not being in a relationship on February 14th is abnormal and less than desirable. Hello. My name is Stefanie.  I am 28 years old, I am single, and I am happy. I am not old. In fact, I still believe that I am a child that has somehow become trapped in an adult's body, but that doesn't really bear any importance to the topic at hand, so I'll just leave it at that. I have reached a point in my life when everyone I know is pairing off with si