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An Ode to Sissybug
Happy Birthday

I don't do poetry, so don't you dare expect that from me, even if this post is called an ode. Stop nitpicking. Sissybug, Today is your birthday, and I wanted to let you know that I love you. We don't say that enough, you know? Newborn Stefers fed by Sissybug! You were born on December 19th, 1983, which makes you 31 years old today. That weirds me out. You're 31. When did you get old?? SIDE NOTE: Shhhhh... 3 years in sister age difference  is equivalent to a decade, so I just turned 21 this year . When we were kids, specifically once your teenage years started, you and I were not friends. I was the annoying little snot of a sister who wanted to be like you, to do everything that you did, to tag along with your and your cooler, older friends instead of my own. Your face speaks sooooooooooo many words in this photo. We fought like cats and dogs, said terrible things to each other, and (until I grew to be larger in size than you) got into some p