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Exercise #219: The Wrong House

It was the wrong house. 

Use this as your opening line and start writing.

1,2,3, GO!

It was the wrong house, she had objected. And indeed, she had been right. Perhaps I should have minded her. Unfortunately for me, however, I have a nasty stubborn nature that must be right at all times, even when I'm not.

This fatal flaw is precisely why I found myself sitting alone on the front steps of a long-since abandoned house in a less than reputable part of town instead of inside a recently renovated house that was only decorated to look as if it had been abandoned for a rousing Halloween party.

I sat alone on those steps, debating what my next move would be. Should I go to the party, my tail betwixt my legs, in an admission of defeat? Should I go home and pretend that I hadn't wanted to go in the first place? Or better yet, should I go to a different party, take lots of pictures, and upload them onto my social media accounts to show that I had been at a better, more excellent party?

"You do realize that this house is condemned, right?" She was a tall, willowy woman with fair hair that was unkempt and tidy at the same time, and she was barefoot and wore a long, thin dress that blew effortlessly in the light evening breeze.

"Let me guess," I said. "Hippie?"

She smirked mysteriously. "Not quite." I opened my mouth to guess again, but she continued. "Planning to catch a ghost or two?"

I smiled. "Not quite." She laughed. "No, I'm just contemplating what the rest of my night is going to be like."

"How so?" She sat down next to me, and I had to move over a bit to make room. "What are your options?" The smirk remained constant, revealing nothing yet saying so much.


That's where I got in 5 minutes. Perhaps I'll continue this later on down the road... Might be worthy of a #FridayFlash sometime.

What did you come up with?



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