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Exercise #216: When in Rome...

... do as the Romans do: speak Italian. 

Have your characters, who are arguing about something (whatever you like) use some or all of the following words and phrases:

Dove? (Where?)
Buona notte. (Good night)
Ha un gelato? (Have you any ice-cream?)
una crema de barba (shaving cream)
E compreso il servizio? (Is service included?)
E sulla strada sbagliata. (You're on the wrong road)

1,2,3, GO!

Ok. Wait. Am I supposed to do the entire thing in Italian? Because my Italian is wayyyyy out of practice. Hm... We'll see how this turns out. 

"Excuse me?" Donna said as she peeked her head sheepishly through the barbershop window. "Mi scusi?"

"Buonasera, signora!" said a cheerful-looking older man. He walked over to her, wiping his hands on his white apron.  "Come posso aiutarla?"

Panic. "Oh, I'm sorry. Mi dispiace. My Italian... Il mio italiano è male. Tu parla inglese?" Please, God, let him speak English.

"Ah, si, si. I speak a little, signora. Can I help you?" His accent was thick, but she could understand.

"Oh, thank you." She stepped into the shop. "I'm lost."

The man smiled again, his eyes narrowing jovially and deepening already well-formed crow's feet. "Many people get lost here. I can help."

"How might I get to this place?" She handed him a piece of paper with the address to her hotel. She pointed to the words. "Dove?"

Donna didn't know how she got lost. She had been walking along the main street, just a few blocks down from the hotel, when she had noticed a bookstore and walked inside. She must have left the store through another door, because all of the sudden she found herself on an unfamiliar road with no recollection how to get back. After trying to right herself for nearly 45 minutes, she decided to stop at the barber shop before she got herself any more lost.

"Ah, si. I know this." He took a moment to consider the route he would send her on. "Leave here, and turn right. On this road. Outside. Follow until you meet Via Portica, and turn left. This hotel is..." He paused to translate in his head, but decided he didn't know the word. Calling into the storeroom in the back, he said, "Adamo, come si dice 'l'hotel si trova a pochi isolati verso il basso'?"

An unseen man returned, "It's a few blocks down."

"Excellent," Donna said. She took the paper as she nodded her thanks. "Grazie mille."


Donna left, thanking her stars that she found someone kind enough to help her, and she was back at her hotel in no time.

-- END -- 

I could have done more with this one, but I'm tired and lazy. Apologies.

What did you come up with?



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