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Exercise # 206 - Box

Very briefly, describe an attic. High up in the rafters in this attic is a trunk. Describe that trunk and how it gets opened. Inside that trunk is a suitcase. You open the suitcase and inside is a shoebox. Inside the shoebox is a another box. Describe that box. Then: describe what's inside.

1, 2, 3, GO!

The attic is dry and well-protected from the elements, but it is a bit warm in comparison to the rest of the house. It is constructed of exposed wooden beams, and the floor is covered by a beige, Berber-type carpet (most likely the cheapest available at the time of construction). For the most part, it is empty save a couple of banker's boxes, a Tupperware container of wrapping paper, and a trunk that is poised on one of the top beams.

The trunk is covered in weathered leather, cracks and creases giving way to holes exposing the wooden frame underneath. It is badly in need of restoring, but no one has taken the time to give it the love and care it needs to be returned to its former glory. The metal latches still work surprisingly, and the key turns a bit stiffly in the lock at the center. The leather flaps that used to secure the lid in addition to the locking mechanism are no longer functioning as portions of the leather have rotted away.

Once opened, the trunk is empty excepting a shoe box that appears to be new. It is a plain white box with the words Manolo Blahnik written across the top in bold font. Inside the shoe box is another, smaller box that is just as unassuming, if not more, than the box that contained it. It is brown and cardboard, about the size of an index card, and bears no markings at all.

What is inside that box, though, is truly remarkable.
It is a old, dirty pocket watch that, at first glance, appears to be perfectly commonplace, but if you look at little deeper, if you explore everything it has to offer, you will be shown a different era of history. The watch belonged to an old man from Italy who moved to the states shortly after WWII came to a close, and he was notoriously paranoid about his money and belongings. He was so paranoid, in fact, that he always kept his assets as close to him as possible, in varying places. In this particular watch (of which he had several), there is a hidden compartment in the back that holds the deed to his vineyard in Italy.

Just FYI, this little exercise has inspired a Friday Flash submission, so expect that to be posted on Friday!

What did you come up with? Post in the comments section!



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