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Presenting... HAT Korea!

For all of you math nerds...
A joke. Kind of.
As you all know, I will be moving to South Korea next year to teach English for an currently indeterminate amount of time.

Woot. So freaking excited.

I am currently taking a TESOL course through The International TEFL Academy online, and the deadline to depart in February of next year is steadily approaching. I have so much to do, and I still am not entirely sure where I should start...

That being said, a while ago, I stated that I would be writing a bi-weekly or - to quote myself - "if I feel like it that week" installment called "Travel Tuesdays," but I have recently come to the decision that this doesn't really fit in with the feel of this particular blog. Not only that, but I plan on expanding quite a bit upon the Korea thing once I actually get there.

I'm so clever,
I slay myself.
So I hereby present to you my new blog project entitled Happy Adventure Time Korea (HAT Korea for short). Feel free to click THIS LINK to go poke around and see what I have over there.

SIDE NOTE: Shhhh, don't tell Blogger, but I'm actually playing around with Wordpress as well.

I will be posting weekly posts on Mondays about my journey leading up to my departure (how to obtain a visa, FBI background checks, learning Korean, etc.), and then once I'm over there I will be writing about my experiences (my students, teaching, excursions to the various parts of Korea, etc.).

But what does this mean for 52 Weeks? Absolutely nothing. Nothing is going to change over here at all. You will still get your Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday (and sometimes Friday) posts from yours truly, provided that I don't let work control me too much.

I have actually been a busy bee, planning tons of posts for 52 Weeks, and I can't wait to share them all with you. I know, right? Planning? Stefers? Who the hell am I, and what have I done with the real Stefers the Great? It's pretty exciting, and I am really looking forward to growing along with all of you.

As always,


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