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TT : 별에서 온 그대 or
'You Who Came From the Stars'
Series Recap

I told you guys about Asian Dramas last week, and I totally wasn't kidding about my obsession. At any given time, I am watching 1-2 different dramas. Once, it was so bad that I was watching a different show every night of the week, but I have since learned from my mistakes and now recognize that 1-2 dramas at one time is probably my max.

The show we'll be talking about today is called 별에서 온 그대 (byeoreseo on geudae) which, literally translated, means "You Who Came from the Stars," and the finale aired this past Thursday. I have given myself a few days to let it ruminate so I could properly detail it to you folks who have most likely never watched an Asian drama much less this one specifically, and let me tell you guys...

This drama...
So good.
The best.
For serious.

I'll warn you beforehand; the premise comes off as a bit contrived, but bear with me, ok? Even I eyerolled a bit when I read the initial announcement.

So this alien has been marooned on Earth for the last 400 years...

I know, I know!!
You can't say I didn't warn you.
Give it a chance, ok??
If you don't want any spoilers, don't continue on below, because there are going to be LOTS of them.

This post will be recapping the entire series with as little detail as possible to keep it shorter than the Bible, but it's still going to be pretty lengthy. You've been warned about the TL;DR status, so don't come complaining to me. You shall receive no sympathy from this noona.

Coincidentally, in this story, aliens look JUST like Koreans.
Lucky, lucky, lucky...
The hunky specimen of a non-human to the right is Do Min Joon (played by the talented and mouth-wateringly gorgeous Kim Soo Hyun). He was stranded on Earth 400 years ago because he chose to save the life of a human girl instead of getting on board his departure spaceship with the rest of his alien buddies who had come to Earth to gather samples of flora and fauna for testing purposes.

The girl, who is around 12 or 13, is the daughter of a wealthy family, and she also happens to be just recently widowed despite her young age. Various hijinks ensue throughout the run of the show, and he ends up saving her multiple times, thereby causing her to form a little crush. I mean, can you blame her? LOOK AT HIM.

This girl doesn't so much play a huge part in the series except for the fact that over the time he spent with her, Min Joon began to care for her deeply - not in a pedobear kind of way but in a "hey, you're really sweet, and I want to see you happy" sort of way - and that our main female lead (see below) bears a striking resemblance to her when she was a child.

Fast forward to late 2013 / early 2014, and Do Min Joon is still living on Earth (the comet that allows his people to visit Earth gets close enough for him to bum a ride every 400 or so years), and he is super wealthy and successful, not to mention still incredibly attractive. Apparently, time moves at a different pace on his home planet, so he is aging at an extremely slow rate compared to humans.

Min Joon lives a relatively solitary life: eating alone, reading, writing, and essentially spending all of his time amassing wealth and various degrees from places like Harvard and Cambridge. He has held a multitude of careers ranging from doctor to historian, and currently he is a professor at a university in Seoul, and I must say that he looks rather dashing in a blazer and a pair of glasses.

Cheon Song Yi:
Beautiful, ditsy, and all around ballsy
Enter Cheon Song Yi (played by the amazing and beautiful Jun Ji Hyun), a famous actress who should probably stay away from all social media outlets due to her penchant for vocabulary blunders and general ignorance. Lord love her, she tries, but she's just not an academic. Coincidentally (hah... a coincidence in a kdrama... yeah, right), she is enrolled in but rarely attends Do Min Joon's philosophy class and also lives next door to him on the top floor (read: swanky) of their apartment building.

The great thing about Song Yi is that she is completely unafraid to be herself. If she thinks something, she says it. If she wants something, she goes out and gets it. There's none of this Uriah Heep hand-wringing or calm, pleasant, sweet girl-itis that seems to plague the main characters of a good number of Asian dramas. She is who she is, take her or leave her. I, for one, love her.

Over the course of the series, Song Yi and Min Joon fall for each other pretty hard (Song Yi doesn't know that he's an alien until several episodes in), but all of that is tested when Min Joon reveals that he has to leave Earth in 3 months and that, if he doesn't leave, he will disappear forever (aka die).

Initially, Min Joon makes several attempts to keep Song Yi at arms length. First, he tries the cold and distant approach. If I'm unwelcoming to her, she'll leave me alone, right? Nope. Then he tries to be outright rude. Get away from me, bitch. That also doesn't work, because our Song Yi is dogged in her pursuits. It is only until he scares her with his alien powers (because of course he has cool alien powers) that it gives her momentary pause. Thankfully, that pause is exceedingly short, and they're back at it again soon after. Unfortunately, all of this back and forth has left them with a mere month to enjoy each other's company. And Song Yi doesn't even know that he's going to die if he doesn't leave, so she thinks she has all of the time in the world.

Once Song Yi becomes aware of his impending death, she battles with her next move. He chose to stay; should she let him do what he wants? Should she push him away? I swear I was on pins and needles at this point, desperately trying to prepare myself for a possibly heart wrenching, unhappy ending. I was also planning to put the writer on my black list so that I could assault her once I move over to Korea next year.

With a week left of their time together, he proposes. It's a simple request without all of the silly hullabaloo event-like stuff that men sometimes think women want, and it's perfect. His words, "I want to spend the rest of my life with you," are a double-edged sword though, because he really does mean for the rest. of. his. life. Excuse me. There's something... I just have something in my eye.

Song Yi relishes in the proposal for a moment but then forces herself back into reality. He can't die. He has to leave. He must survive. She breaks the news to him that she knows he's going to die if he stays, and she tearfully tells him to leave, saying that she'd rather him exist somewhere - anywhere - than nowhere at all, even if it meant she'd never see him again. Oh, the feels are strong with this one...

Min Joon vows to find a way to stay by her side, mortality be damned; he just doesn't know how he's
going to do it yet. Unfortunately, he doesn't succeed in his efforts and ends up disappearing into nothingness in the very beginning of the final episode. We are supposed to believe that he was able to use the last of his strength to teleport to an area where he can be rescued by his alien buddies, so don't worry. He's not dead. Just very, very far away with little to no chance of returning.

His departure was a heartrending moment in which there was much cursing and gnashing of teeth, and I seriously debated throwing my computer out the window. I figured, however, that the writer had a little under an hour to correct his disappearance, and I decided to trust in her judgement. So I continued warily...

We join back up with Song Yi shortly after his disappearance, and she, understandably, has fallen into a deep depression, not eating, not working, and worrying the heck out of everyone close to her. Even small things remind her of him, and she sees him everywhere. These little glimpses drive her to tears in a matter of seconds, no matter where she is or what she's doing, but she doesn't want to forget him. She has faith that he'll return, and she knows he is doing everything he can to come back as quickly as possible, but it's hard, guys. The love of her life is gone, possibly never to be seen again... maybe. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.

A few years pass, and Song Yi is just as famous as ever if not moreso, and she is attending the 2017 Korean Film Awards. The crowd erupts as she exits from her vehicle (note: she's going solo... aw), and she poses for photos. But then the flashing lights stop. The crowd goes silent. Everything is frozen in time except for her. Suddenly, a very real Do Min Joon appears and kisses the hell out of the woman he loves just as time unfreezes. For a short moment, the flashing bulbs and several hundred eye witnesses see Min Joon appearing out of nowhere, kissing Song Yi with reckless abandon, and then... disappearing just as quickly as if he had never even been there in the first place. The only giveaway that he was present at all was the coat that he left draped around her shoulders. WHAT?

It is then explained that Min Joon found his loophole, but it doesn't come without its setbacks. Yes, he can travel to see Song Yi, but it's not permanent. He can only stay for a certain amount of time before he disappears again. Every time he comes back, he can stay for a longer period of time, and the periods during which he is gone get shorter as he gets more experienced in multidimensional travel. For example, the last time he was with Song Yi, he was there for a year and 1/2.

So it's not perfect, and it's not completely tied up with a pretty little bow, but I'm choosing to view this as a win. Both of the main characters are happy, and that's all that matters. My feels are assuaged.

While the romance is definitely the main focus of the drama, there are a few other seriously compelling storylines that deal with murder, filial jealousy and lies, family togetherness, estranged fathers, and so, so much more.  There's a little something for everyone!

With that, I'll leave you with one of the fracking best kiss scenes of any drama I've ever watched. Ever. Just... just watch it. THEIR LIPS AND JAWS MOVE AND EVERYTHING!!! If you want to skip the dialogue and go straight to the kiss, skip to around the 2 minute mark.

Yup. Just watched it one more time, and I got giddy all over again. So wonderful, even with the cheesy music. "You aaaare my destinyyyyyyyy..." Bwahaha!

If you have or want any suggestions in the Asian Drama department (be it Japanese, Chinese, or Korean), please don't hesitate to contact me. I can also give pointers on where to watch these dramas if you'd like to join me in my obsession. Let's spread it like WILDFIRE!!! MWAHAHAHAAA!!!



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