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Exercise #201 - D Verbs

Dash, dart, deck, delight, duck--- How many verbs that begin with the letter "d" can you think of? Spend the whole five minutes on this one list if you can. If you have to, go on to the letter "e." 1,2,3, GO!!

TT : 별에서 온 그대 or
'You Who Came From the Stars'
Series Recap

I told you guys about Asian Dramas last week , and I totally wasn't kidding about my obsession. At any given time, I am watching 1-2 different dramas. Once, it was so bad that I was watching a different show every night of the week, but I have since learned from my mistakes and now recognize that 1-2 dramas at one time is probably my max. The show we'll be talking about today is called 별에서 온 그대 ( byeoreseo on geudae ) which, literally translated, means "You Who Came from the Stars," and the finale aired this past Thursday. I have given myself a few days to let it ruminate so I could properly detail it to you folks who have most likely never watched an Asian drama much less this one specifically, and let me tell you guys... This drama... So good. The best. For serious. I'll warn you beforehand; the premise comes off as a bit contrived, but bear with me, ok? Even I eyerolled a bit when I read the initial announcement. So this alien has been marooned on Ea

Meaty Monday: What'chu Waiting For???

The above is a question that I have been asking myself frequently over the last few months.  What am I waiting for?  There are so many things I want to do, to accomplish, to experience... Well... What the hell am I waiting for then? Grab life by the proverbial balls and TAKE CONTROL . Stop living life passively and take action, actively seeking out the things you want from life. You want a better job? Go out and get one. You want to find love? Go out and find it. You want to go to South Korea to each English for an indeterminate amount of time? Apply to a recruiter and get your crap together. Go out and DO IT. You cannot expect the rest of the world to live your life for you, to give you the opportunities that you want, to hand everything to you on a silver platter. If you really want something, if you NEED it, you have to go out and grab it for yourself. Only you can live your life. Peace. Stef.

March Means the Winter Is Over, Right?

Hello, March! Nice to see ya! You know, as much as I love the Winter, this year I am incredibly pleased to welcome the Spring. Heck, I'm even looking forward to Summer, and that's a huge deal. I hate hot. I hate feeling hot. I hate sweating because it's hot. Anything above 75 degrees Fahrenheit makes me miserable. But after this Winter... Oh, this Winter ... It was colder than it has been for as long as I can remember. Sure, Nashville was the tiny little speck of green surrounded by a sea of white (see below), but while we didn't get the precipitation that 80% ( grumblegrumble ) of the rest of the country received, we did, however, get what the meteorologists called "bitter cold." And bitter it was. So mad. Soooooooooo so mad. Granted, Nashville's idea of bitter cold is in the single digits (e.g. 5-6 degrees Fahrenheit) whereas in places further north like Michigan, Wisconsin, and - you know - Canada, bitterness doesn't really come around un