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In Which I Redefine the Word "Awkward"

You know, every once in a while I get it into my head that I am a capable, intelligent conversationalist who conducts herself with poise and grace in all social situations. That is entirely incorrect.  Details below.

Exercise # 197 - Saying No & Not Saying No (Pt. 2)

Exercise # 197 - Saying No & Not Saying No (Pt. 2) This is Part II of a dialogue/ character exercise (if you haven't done Part I , not to worry.) Imagine a very pushy mother who is telephoning other parents with children at her child's school to get them to help with a special project that she alone has decided is of utmost importance. Some are better at saying no than others. In today's exercise, write the dialogue for the telephone conversation between Pushy Mother and a parent who not only refuses to help out, but by sheer force of will and charisma manages to talk the pushy mother into doing something no one else could possibly convince her to do. Hmm... This one is going to be tricky... 1,2,3, GO!!

In Which I Stop Being an Anti-Social Workaholic

Recently, I decided that I needed to stop being a self-imposed hermit and actually socialize on weekends and evenings instead of using those times to sleep for an inordinate amount of hours, waste my time putzing around on the internet, or work unreasonable hours. So where does a girl who doesn't want to spend stupid amounts of money on one of those "singles club" thingies go for a good, safe time?

In Which I Fall Off the Wagon

The New Year's Resolutions started out so strongly, didn't they? And then... poof. Nothing. Whoops. I'll try to be better, ok? I make no promises, though... other than "I promise to do my best." Is that good enough? Gah, you guys just expect SO MUCH of me! Totally kidding. You don't expect anything at all, and I think that's pretty awesome. That being said, you are allowed to expect at least 2 posts this coming week. I have them planned out and everything! Responsibility ftw!! But wait... Guh... Peace. Stef.