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Cupcake (AKA The Best Dog in the Whole Wide World)

This is Cupcake.
She is my dog (squeeeeee!!!).

Look at that punam.
And the tiara... So cute.
Now, I'm not normally one for putting costumes or accessories other than a collar on one's dog, but the above picture is actually one of the reasons that I submitted my application for this adorable little canine. I mean, just look at her!! She's so adorable that I can barely contain my girlish squees of delight.

She is around 2-3 years old, and I don't think I even need to say that she is a Pit mix. I'm not sure what she's mixed with, but if I were to hazard a guess I would say something along the lines of a Vizsla or an English Pointer. Who knows? Most of me doesn't care, and blood testing is 1) expensive and 2) pointless unless you're trying to prove that your dog is not, in fact, a Pit mix.

One of the reasons why I decided to adopt her is because she is one of the most relaxed, intelligent dogs I have ever met. In fact, the first time I met her, she was in a completely new area surrounded by unfamiliar dogs and people, and she completely ignored me and everyone else around her. She was simply maintaining an attentive watch on her foster parents, and that seriously impressed me. I knew right then that she was the dog for me.

Whoever owned her first named her. I probably would have gone with something less frou-frou-y like Pumpkin or Ginger (those names would also make more sense than naming her after an icing-topped pastry), but I figured she already knows and responds to the name, so why bother changing it? It turns out that it actually fits her quite perfectly.

I've only had her for a couple of months at this point (her adoption birthday is August 18th), but I'm getting to know her pretty well and have come across some of her little idiosyncrasies.

1) She burrows.
I'm of the opinion that, as a single female with a queen-sized bed, there is no issue in allowing my dog to sleep in the bed and cuddle with me at night. As a result, Cupcake has had the pleasure of sleeping in my bed with me every night since she came to live with me. At first, it was normal behavior. She'd sleep close to my side or at my feet, on top of the covers, but one night I lifted up the covers as I was adjusting myself, and she dove in, scrambling as far underneath the covers as quickly as she could. Ever since then, she has made absolutely clear that she is not happy at night unless underneath at least one blanket.

2) She is terrified of African American men.
Cupcake came to work with me one day because I was pulling super long hours that day and didn't want her to be at home all alone. I work with a few African American men, and whenever they would pass by her she would start trembling and cowering away from them, usually hiding behind me. I assume this is because she has had little to no contact with people of darker colored skin. She has been back a few times, and each time she has warmed up slightly, so hopefully I'm helping her to understand that different and new is ok, not that she's racist or anything... I think she's just really scared of change and new things.

3) She is one of the most finicky eaters I have ever met.
In all my years of experience with dogs, I have never come across a dog who is so picky with her food! I'm used to dogs clambering after food bowls out of excitement and nearly losing their minds at the mention of the word "treat," but Cupcake is very ho-hum when it comes to food. I've tried multiple brands and flavors thinking that  maybe it was they type of food I was putting in front of her, but nope. Sometimes I even have to point to her bowl and tell her to eat. When given a treat, she'll grab it and salivate on it for a second, but normally she'll just drop it on the floor and leave it for later... if she decides she wants it, that is. It's so strange. The only way I can get her to eat with any sort of fervor is to let Gigi, my roommate's dog, hang around. If there is even the slightest threat that the food might be eaten by another animal, she'll eat it then.

After all is said and done, Cupcake has her own little set of odd behavioral traits, but she's mine, and I think she is the best dog in the whole wide world.

Do you have a pet? What kind? Does he or she have any weird traits or habits that you can't figure out? Tell  me about it in the comment box below!



Lisa Marie said…
Adorable!! Our pit-lab mix had an issue with African American men too - so weird. But he would eat any food he came across, his or not, so who knows? I hope you two live in pet-owner bliss for many years to come!
Anonymous said…
ohooooo soooooooooo cute :)))

Tanja ♥
RSA Australia said…
Beautiful dog, I love the crown there.

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