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Exercise #188 - "Ten Years Younger Than Yourself"

What do you think people born ten years after yourself are not generally aware of, but should be? Be specific.

I feel that, as a 24(soon-to-be-25)-year old, I don't really have a leg to stand on when it comes to preaching to people younger than me. I am the first to admit that I am immature and fickle when it comes to grown-up viewpoints and activities, so this is out of my element. 
Forgive the triteness that is to follow. I'm doing my best...

1,2,3, GO!

Point 1: To the 14/15-year olds reading this here blog post, expect a huge portion of your friends to go off and get married either a) when high school ends, b) when college ends, or c)somewhere in between those two periods. Between the time you're 18 and 25, your friends will suddenly start to disappear into the far-off world of Matrimony. Some of them will return to Singledom, but some will not. Do your best to wish them well even though you miss them.

Additionally, don't feel terrible about yourself because you seem to be the only person in the world who's not absolutely bat-shit crazy about tying the knot as quickly as you can. Take life at your pace, and be unapologetic about that.

If you are one of those people who went off and got married, then more power to you. I couldn't do it, and it takes a certain type of person to succeed in that venture. I wish you the best and have absolutely no sage advice for you.
Point 2: A college degree isn't as useful as everyone tells you. 20 years ago, a Bachelor's Degree was something to be admired. A lower percentage of people actually did the college thing, so when you applied for a job with a BA, a BFA, or something of the like on your resume, that was automatically your proverbial foot in the door.
Nowadays, there are people who are older and more qualified than you applying for the very same job you just filled out an application for. Guess who's going to get that job? Not you. And that's ok. Well, it's not ok because you're still jobless and needing to pay bills, but it's ok because, well... I can't think of a reason. I'm just trying to be positive, ok?

Honestly, if you really want to get your foot in the door, get a Master's. Yep, that's right. Spend more money for an education, and maybe then you'll be a shoe-in for the job.
Point 3: Prepare yourself for having a job that has absolutely nothing to do with your major in college. I majored in Classical Voice Performance (super useful, Stefers), and I am now an account manager at a shipping company. Don't get me wrong; I actually quite enjoy my job, and I do good work. But does it have anything to do with opera? Not even the slightest itty bitty bit. Again, that's ok. The economy sucks, and we're all taking a hit because of it.
Point 4: Do not, however, do a job that you hate. I don't care if the money is good. I don't care if you have awesome benefits. If those perks don't add up to overwhelm the misery that your job causes you, then they're not worth it.
It may be the hopeless romantic in me, but I would much rather live from paycheck to paycheck than do a job that I hate for a load of money.
Point 5: Food is freaking expensive. Bills are freaking expensive. Cost of living is freaking expensive. Don't plan on living by yourself for a long time, because you probably won't be able to afford it. You will have roommates until you can afford it, so make sure you live with people you like. 
Also, don't live with strangers. In fact, be friends with your roommates. It makes life easier, and social aspects of life improve dramatically when everyone gets along and spends time with one another.

That's all I've got for now.

Does you have anything else to add? Write it in the comments below.It doesn't matter if you're talking to 14/15-year olds or 50/51-year olds.



Red said…
Thoroughly enjoyed this post. I am a year-or-so older than you are, and I completely agree with what you wrote. I am glad I found this on the back-list of 'Blogs of Note'!

I look forward to reading more of your thoughts, ideas and writing exercises. :-)
This is really cool! Glad I stumbled on your blog!

Just in case you're interested, I'm giving away a Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 bag on my blog. Details here:


Laura x
Anonymous said…
I'm 44, and I'd like to say to all the 34 year olds out there... prepare for 40. At the strike of midnight, everything will hurt. Your eyesight will go, your hearing will go, and getting out of bed will become an olympic event. You can laugh and think nah.... but just wait. :-)
Unknown said…
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Sweet Lily said…
Thanks for sharing, Stef! I enjoyed the visit.
Teddi said…
Point #2 is SO frustrating, but so true! I am a Senior in college, graduating in May, and I can't believe that I am thinking, "Well if I don't go to graduate school I certainly won't work anywhere else except Turkey Hill." Now, 4 yrs of school doesn't get nearly as far as it used to. While I think it's great we require more education and force more people to learn and grow within academia, it's also rough on us 20-somethings and makes it much later before we can even begin starting families, having a real income, etc.
Anonymous said…
Love the idea of a writing exercise every week - thanks for sharing. I'm at rather the other end of life - but determined to try new things so have set myself the challenge of doing something different every day for a year.
Hi, thank you for sharing this great info. Was just browsing through the net in my office and happened upon your blog. It is really very well written and quit comprehensive in explaining with a very simple language.

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