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Exercise #183 : The Most Beautiful Thing in the Room

Look around you. What is the most beautiful thing you see?
Describe it in detail.
Write down everything you can think to say about it.

1,2,3, GO!

The most beautiful thing that I see... Well, at the moment, I'm not quite capable of truly answering this question as I am lying all snuggled up in my bed with the lights off. The only light I can see glows brightly from my computer screen.

Actually, that's a lie. A tiny sliver of light is peeking its way through the door jamb, the light radiating from the outer hallway that connects my room to the rest of the house. Speaking of which, I'm going to be moving come June. Good riddance, says I. Don't get me wrong. For my current status, this house has been great. It's 10 minutes from school, it's cheap, and it covers everything that I need. The utilities are a bit high because the house is so drafty, but for the low rent I can handle a lofty electric bill. At any rate, I'll be moving so that I can get a little closer to my job and start to save some extra money.

But there I've gone, trailing off on a useless life story when I have an exercise to complete...

Like I said, there is very little light in my room at the moment, BUT! I can see my computer screen which looks like so:
To the left is this blog in the process of being written.
To the upper right is 'Tamara Drewe,' a deliciously British rom-com. Yes, I am a notorious multi-tasker...
Behind all of that is my computer background, a pink and yellow flower with dewdrops.
The flower it is. I'll put the full picture at the end of this post.

The elegantly twisted petals delicately grace the screen, each one curved into an imperfectly perfect tube or arch. Freshly dampened by a recent shower, each petal is decorated by the clearest of dewdrops cascading down the flutes in quiet solitude. The inside of the petals, closest to the center of the flower, are a vivid yellow that move outward like flames licking at the pastel pink outer edges. It almost looks like a tie-dyed attempt at merging the two colors seamlessly.

And there we have it. I'm a bit out of practice being that I've been so hung up with school and work lately to focus on writing, but I must say that it's wonderful to be back at the writing game. It has been much too long, and I'm a little frustrated with myself for allowing myself to stray so far from something that I love to do so much.

As promised, here is the picture of the flower.



j said…
Ohh I do love that photo of the flower. The fact that I can see sunshine outside of my window makes the day beautiful!
Lolamouse said…
I look over my left shoulder and see my little Maltese, curled up in a snug ball. He's sleeping on the blue, knitted blanket in his crate that I've set behind the computer desk. I can see his tiny frame rise and fall with each breath he takes. He breathes slowly and easily. Small snores escape from his tiny black nose. His eyes are closed and partially covered with fluffy, white fur. He looks so peaceful.
Unknown said…
I saw "Tamara Drewe" at the cinema - it's a good film.

Actually, there is something beautiful about a shaft of sunlight, going through a gap in the curtains, or light being visible under the door.

Nice flower picture. I always think that a few drops of rain, or dew, adds a certain beauty to flowers, and makes you look at them in a different way.
Real cab driver said…
My big hound is the most beautiful thing in the room. He's wonderful.

That flower photo is really cool.
James North said…
so nice,beauty full flower,i love it.


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