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Exercise #184 : She Was Telling the Truth

She was telling the truth, but they didn't believe her. Write the scene using dialogue. 1,2,3, GO! Erin: I'm telling you the truth! Louis: Just stop it, ok? We know. There's no use in keeping this up. Erin: (tears welling in her eyes) I'm not keeping anything up. I'm just trying to tell you -- Bridget: Great. Waterworks. Seriously? How dumb do you think we are? Erin: No, that's not it. I need to tell you the truth, and I need you to believe me. Bridget: Yeah, that'd be nice for once.

Exercise #183 : The Most Beautiful Thing in the Room

Look around you. What is the most beautiful thing you see? Describe it in detail. Write down everything you can think to say about it. 1,2,3, GO! The most beautiful thing that I see... Well, at the moment, I'm not quite capable of truly answering this question as I am lying all snuggled up in my bed with the lights off. The only light I can see glows brightly from my computer screen. Actually, that's a lie. A tiny sliver of light is peeking its way through the door jamb, the light radiating from the outer hallway that connects my room to the rest of the house. Speaking of which, I'm going to be moving come June. Good riddance, says I. Don't get me wrong. For my current status, this house has been great. It's 10 minutes from school, it's cheap, and it covers everything that I need. The utilities are a bit high because the house is so drafty, but for the low rent I can handle a lofty electric bill. At any rate, I'll be moving so that I can get a little