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Nice to Meet You, Foot.
Oh, you want to live inside my mouth?
That's a little weird, but okay... I guess that's doable...

You'd think I'd have learned, after 24 years of life, that not everyone wants to hear what I believe to be the truth.

But no. Oh, no.

You see, I have this habit of pretty much always saying what I think. I don't have an issue expressing my opinion, because they're usually pretty well thought out ideas that can be backed up with examples and facts. It's a life skill / rule that my Dad always made sure my sister and I had / followed.

I am entitled to my own opinions, but I don't voice them unless I have researched them and can back them up. being said, I am very opinionated. I know what I like and don't like, and I have no qualms in letting people know about it.

This frequently gets me into boats of trouble. No, not piddly little boats that can be torn apart by angry sharks.

Giant spaceships of trouble.

Like the one in Wall-E (pictured right).

I frequently find myself at the receiving end of a barrage of tears and hurt feelings, and it's usually all my fault. People don't understand that my frankness is, in no way, meant to hurt anyone. It's just... it's how I relate with people.

So what has brought this up, you wonder? Well, I'll tell you.

I have this friend... Let's call him Ephraim. Ephraim is a great guy, really and truly, to the core. He's thoughtful, kindhearted, and fun-spirited, and I really enjoy spending time with him.

Well, since we met, there has been a very wide and obvious thread of sexual tension that runs between us, and we're both aware of it and have spoken about it. Through our talks, we decided to remain friends simply because of the fact that we want different things out of a relationship. He wants a certain type of relationship, and I want something completely different. This isn't to say that what he wants is a bad thing. It's just not what I want. You know?

At any rate, after letting that hubbub die down, we actually got into a good rhythm, helping each other out when we needed it, chatting every once in a while over coffee, etc. It was an awesome friendship. There was still a bit of that tension there, but neither of us really broached the subject... So it was left alone. Perhaps that was a mistake.

Lately, that little bit of tension has been pulsating back to life, and it's worrying me. Not only that, but the re-ignition of this crap may have been inadvertently started by yours truly.

I've been sick over the past couple of days, and have been spending my nights with my lovely little friend that I like to call NyQuil.

He treats me so well...
But there's one catch.

There's always a catch with me, it seems.

NyQuil does something to me... I call it The NyQuil Effect. The rules are as follows:
  • When taking NyQuil, one surely will get a solid block of uninterrupted sleep, but one will also have strangely and terrifyingly lucid dreams. I have a hard time differentiating between dreamland and reality on a normal basis, but this problem is exacerbated by NyQuil, and I frequently wake up thinking that what has just happened in my dream did, in fact, happen in real life, and it takes quite a bit of mental stamina to separate the two. I'm sure that I am walking around today with memories in my head that have actually never happened.
  • When taking Nyquil, one will forget every single rule of proper social interaction and conduct. I tend to say vastly inappropriate things when I take NyQuil. For example, Oddly-Shaped-Head Man wouldn't normally hear a word from me as I stand behind him in the checkout counter at the grocery store were I not under the influence of cough medicine. Unfortunately for both him and me, however, I found myself in this situation a couple of years ago, and I had taken medicine earlier and just so happened to blurt out, "Hey, dude... Why is your head so weird looking?" *facepalm* I now refuse to leave my house until a full 10 hours have passed since taking the last dose. If I know I'm going to be out of the house, I don't take it and deal with those repercussions as they hit me. Overkill, maybe, but better safe than sorry.
  • When taking NyQuil, one will most assuredly lose all sense of tact and say the absolute first thing that enters into one's head, regardless of propriety or kindness factor. If people think I'm honest when I'm sober, try me when I have taken NyQuil. It's ridiculous. Even though I'm frank with most people, there actually is quite a bit that I do hold back, and NyQuil breaks the dam that holds all of those thoughts in and whoosh! Out they come, ravenous for folks to devour.
This brings us back to our story.

I took NyQuil on New Year's Eve with the hopes of turning in around 11pm, but with my weird sickness-altered sleep schedule as it is, I simply laid in my bed with nothing to do until the next day.

I have created a simple math formula to fill you in on my mental status that night.

Stefers + NyQuil + boredom = badbadbadbadbad

I texted Ephraim (we're prone to texting one another late at night because our work schedules keep us up so late) "Happy New Year!" and left it at that.

He responded with a "Happy New Year, Gorgeous! muah!"

This is where the NyQuil Effect stepped in.

My response: "Yet another year passes, and I still don't have anyone to get a New Year's kiss from. :( Oh well. Happy New Year!! :-D" Mistake #1

After a minute, I had enough sense to realize that the previous text probably wasn't the best idea.

My damage control attempt, sent literally seconds after the previous text: Sorry... I'm afraid that my mind has been addled by sickness and NyQuil. hah I say silly things when on meds. But at any rate, happy new year to you. I'm sure this will be a great year for you.

Ephraim: I have a belated New Years kiss for you coming up soon!

Stefers: haha Doesn't count. The moment has passed. :)

Ephraim: Counts to me.......

Stefers: haha You just want free reign to kiss me. ;) [Mistake #2]

Ephraim: True...... :)

Stefers: Plus, you never know. I could be a terrible kisser. [Mistake #3... 3 strikes, and you're OUT!]

Conversation ended there, because we both passed out for the night at that point. It was well into the wee hours of the night/morning.

I'm going to have to leave you hanging here, because 1) this post is long enough as it is, 2) I still need some time to process this crap, and 3) you know you love this cliffhanger stuff!

Come back tomorrow for Part 2!



Rachel said…
I don't necessarily think that trying a relationship with this person would be a bad thing. Maybe you do want different things, but if there's an attraction there that won't go away, sometimes it's worth just letting go of inhibitions and TRYING, regardless of the outcome. You may end up surprising yourself and end up with something wonderful. If not, at least you tried!
Leanne said…
lol, I'm probably one of those sensitive people that need to realize that people don't mean things personally...I guess that can be a New Years Resolution! And I hate hate hate putting myself in situations I don't know how to get out of! Look forward to your next post XD
Bruce Henson said…
Hilarious. Keep it coming.
Guy Duperreault said…
Your post, as well as being very funny, created a curious synchronicity-petite in my own blog world.
A 'sychronicity-petite' (aka fushigi) is a connection made outside of cause and effect.

You and some of your readers may find it, well, if not amusing, then at least a curiosity.

If you want to check it out, visit me at

Melissa said…
I like Rachel's thoughts, but I would also say be careful. You don't want to ruin a great friendship by doing anying rash or trying to force anything. Just my thoughts. :)

(It does sound like you two click, though...)
Yvonne said…
Can't wait to read what happens!

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