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See? I've Been Doing Stuff!!!

So here's where I give excuse after excuse about why I've not posted. But honestly, it leads up to one big thing:


There's just no rest involved, you see? Specifically when it comes to education...

But!!! I do have proof that I've not just been gallivanting around Nashville all willy-nilly.


Trumpet fanfare!


Duhn dah DAHHHHHHH!!!

My performance for Belmont University's Classical Singers Recital!

Watch and enjoy.

The songs you just heard were In alto mare by Ottorino Respighi (one of my favorites - love him) and Sea Air from Andre Previn's Streetcar Named Desire. Yes, my friends, they made an opera out of that, and the character I played in this song was Blanche Dubois, right before her sister sends her to the mental hospital. I didn't quite pull of the crazy as much as I would have liked, but meh... Next time around I'll nail it. :)



Melissa said…
I love A Steetcar Named Desire! I had no idea it was turned into an opera. That ending was so sad, though. I always liked Blanche more than her sister.

Speaking of sisters, my older sister sings opera also, so it holds a special place in my heart. Keep it up. :)
I love it Steph! You've got a great voice :) Just watching that makes me realize how much I miss the stage :P I've been off it for about...3 years now. *cries* such a long time :P

Savannah Jean said…
It was beautiful! :D I loved it!
Brittany said…
So I enjoy your blog because I'm a fan of writing exercises for some strange reason. But I had to comment today, and tell you that I love the title of this post. I feel like saying this to people everyday. I'm not always doing what they might expect, but I'm always doing something. Really. :) Anyway, thanks for sharing.
Belle said…
Beautiful performance!
SSW said…
AWESOME! You have a great voice!And look beautiful as well!
wow. Like WOW! How awesome is your voice?!
Holly said…
Great performance! Thanks for sharing ...i enjoyed watching/listening/reading :)
Dylana Suarez said…
Your blog is lovely!

Unknown said…
I feel so priviledged. I don't know anyone who sings opera. Beautiful!!!
Shoaib said…
Melodious but i think camera is not fix.

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