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Exercise #182 : Noises

You know, after today I will have done 182 of these writing exercises, but I still have trouble spelling exercise. I always want to put a 'c' after the x. I have no idea why, and I'm normally an exemplary speller, but it makes me feel kind of dumb. Do you guys have any words like that? You know, the ones that you know how to spell, but your brain tells you that you're wrong as you're writing/typing it...

On with the exercise...

One minute each. Make lists of noises that:
(1) remind you of summer
(2) remind you on being in church (or temple or mosque or whatever suits)
(3) beautiful noises
(4) kitchen noises
(5) shopping mall noises

1. Summertime Noises
  • frogs croaking
  • cicadas and their awful bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • a burbling creek
  • a vendor calling out "Hot dogs!" at the corner of 61st and Amsterdam
  • someone playing guitar and singing in the park
  • "Cannonball!" followed by a gigantic splash
2. Church Noises
  • an organ playing
  • 4-part hymns being sung by a choir
  • a preacher giving a sermon
  • a little boy asking his mother if they can "go home yet" because he's "bored"
  • the little old lady in the front row crinkling her candy wrapper during the prayer
3. Beautiful Noises
  • any and all cello music (i.e. Yo Yo Ma or "Eleanor Rigby" by the Beatles)
  • silence
  • the wind blowing gently through a tree as its branches creak
  • the laughter of babies (I know I say that I don't like kids, and I don't particularly care for them, but I readily admit that baby laughs are one of the most precious things in the world as evidenced by the video below)

4. Kitchen Noises
  • sizzling of oil or sommat on the fryer
  • beeping timers
  • electric mixer
  • rolling pin rolling across the counter
  • the oven door opening and closing
  • someone saying "mmmm... That smells so good!" (That someone is usually yours truly.)
  • kitties meowing a their owner because they're fatties who like to eat 20 times a day
5. Shopping Mall Noises
  • Christmas music (I steer clear of malls as much as possible, but sometimes the only way to get all of my presents in one fell swoop is to go to a mall)
  • me cursing and crying in a fitting room because nothing friggin' fits
  • me laughing for joy and relief as I enter a book store to make up for the stress of shopping for clothing
  • little teenieboppers in the food court talking about how hard their upper middle class life is because they can't dress in slutty clothing at school due to their "disgusting" uniforms ("How will I ever get a boy to like me now?!?!?!" sob sob sob)
As you can tell, shopping malls and I don't quite get along. I see them as necessary evils, only to be visited under the direst circumstances. They are a last result, guaranteed to make one sweat with stress and discomfort. They are EVIL!

Ok. I'll end my diatribe now.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!



Ashleigh said…
1) Noises of Summer

Dogs barking
Splashes of water
Kids shouting
Loud music on the highway
Blenders making smoothies
Basketballs on pavement
Ice cream truck

2) Church noises
Greetings of friends
Joyous shouts of "I miss you!"
Children laughing
Worship bands
Preacher's sermon
Crackling mics

3)Beautiful noises
Celtic songs

4)Kitchen Noises
microwave beeping
Kids asking for treats, juice, etc.
Parents yelling, "Come do dishes!"
Running Water
The Rabbit
The computer keys
Cats meowing to be let in or out
Dogs barking outside the door

5) Shopping mall noises
General conversation
Music, radio/christmas
Complaining customers
Laughter of excited preteens doing stupid things for dares
"Can I help you?"
Spelling the exc.. exer.. oh bother! The word beginning with an 'e' is the same one I NEVER get right!
Loved your mall noises!
Dionne said…
1. Summer Noises

-The chik,chik,chik sound of sprinklers.
-Crickets chirping.
-Sound of the breeze blowing through quaking aspen leaves.
-Sound of lawnmowers.
-Sounds of children playing

2.Church Noises

-Whispers from woman to wake up the men and to tell the children to "sit still"
-out of tone singing of boring hymns
-the sounds of my own thoughts telling me to run as fast as I can.

3. Beautiful Noises

- Birds singing in the morning
- Laughter
- the voice of a truly gifted singer
- water running in a stream

4. Kitchen Noises

- Bubbling water
- Running water from the tap
- sizzling from a frying pan
- clanging dishes

5. Shopping Mall Noises

- Muffled conversations.
- Shuffling feet
- Christmas music
- Sounds of bags moving

By the way good to see your posts again. ;)
Adi Alsaid said…
I always, always, always write "unkown" instead of the obviously correct, "unknown."

And yes, that second time I spelled it wrong and had to go back and correct myself. Every frickin' time.
Evil2win said…
Spelling confoundment. I think it's because we first learn language by hearing the words. Visualizing them comes after we have already burned the mispronounced words into our brains. You probably first heard the word "exercise" as "eksersize"and thus you were doomed. I find it interesting that people spell/say "ekcetra" for "etcetera", confusing the t and c sound.
I remember finally spelling my middle name correctly in 4th grade. Up to then I wrote Elizebath. Kind of like it now.
Nicolle Howard said…
When typing I always spell Pheonix oops... Phoenix wrong. It's the placement of the letters on the keyboard. My fingers somethimes get ahead of my thoughts.
Anonymous said…
My word is tongue... seriously, that just doesn't look right!!
Stephanie G. said…
Ironically enough, awkward always feels awkward to me, like it should be spelled akward.

Also, I want to spell thief as theif. And I'm normally good with the i before e issue. At least with awkward, my fingers have memorized how to spell it. With thief, I always type it wrong, then have to correct myself.

Now I'm going to go think about those noises!
Teddi said…
I cannot spell convenience for the life of me. I have to re-type it a few times to get it right. :-) I hope all is well.
Melissa said…

I hate that word.

I used to spell it so badly, word check wouldn't even recognize it.

The I heard this trick: a shirt has one Collar and two Sleeves. 1 c, 2 s's.
Jennifer Taylor said…
I have lots of those words, but they're not coming to mind right now.

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