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Exercise #181 : Brenda & Arnold

This weekend's fiasco needs to be surgically removed from my brain. Seriously.
BUT! Since that's not yet possible in today's world of technology, I need to occupy myself with something else, meaning...


So here I am, delivering a lovely dose of writing exercise fun!

Exercise #181 : Brenda & Arnold

This is a little Pschology 101 / Plot exercise. Without thinking about it--- just put your pen on the paper and jot down what comes to mind.
Answer the following:
What did Brenda do to Arnold?
Why did he let her?
Why did Brenda do it?
Will this happen again?
1,2,3, GO!

In a fit of rage, Brenda went into Arnold's woodshop and took a hacksaw to his most recent project: a steamer trunk that he was making for his mother.

Arnold didn't so much let her do it... She committed the offense while he was at work. It was a lovely present to receive upon his arrival at home that evening.

Brenda did it because she found a silk negligee underneath their bed that was not hers. Little did she know that he actually got it for her.

Knowing Brenda, yes. She's the jealous type, and even though Arnold has never cheated and has never given her a reason to be concerned for his fidelity she will always be incredibly sensitive to the subject and prone to overreact.


It was a quick one, but it was diverting while it lasted. :)

This evening, my folks are taking me to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse in honor of my birthday (it was this past Thursday), and I am going to eat some really good vittles. Lobster bisque will, of course, be involved as will a steak of some sort. And then dessert... oh, dessert... Ok, salivary glands, stop producing saliva. Just wait, alright? You will be appeased soon enough. At any rate, I'm pretty excited about it.

As far as other birthday shenanigans this year, there wasn't really any. After my 21st birthday mess, I decided not to make a big deal out of it for the sake of my poor sanity and nerves.

I love birthdays. I really do. Just not my own. To me, it's just another day, but I absolutely love celebrating other people's special days. There's just something wonderful about making someone feel appreciated and loved on the day that marks their entrance into this world. Anyways, I always end up throwing parties for people or bringing them baked goods and cards (and other various and sundry to make them smile), and I thought one year that I'd do something like that for myself. What better year to have a party than on my 21st??

My dad has a bunch of acres of farmland about an hour or two away from Nashville, and on that land is a little cabin. I planned to have a bonfire/movie/eat-a-ton-of-unhealthy-food night in and around the cabin area, and my dad went there and cleaned up, chopped wood, prepared a bonfire pit and other things to make sure everything was safe and ready for us to chill. My mom went to the grocery store and bought more food than I could possibly imagine. I was so excited.

Imagine my dismay when, on the day of the party, mere hours before we were set to leave, I began getting calls from my friends.

"Oh, I have this paper due, and I really can't come..."
"I'm not feeling all that well... [cough, cough]"
"Finals are coming up, you know, and I'm really stressed about them..."

All but 2 people canceled on me.
I was absolutely heartbroken.

So I called the two remaining people and canceled the party altogether and spent the rest of the day crying in my bedroom.

At the end of the day it wasn't really that big of a deal, but I did feel pretty unappreciated. Ever since then, I just decided to chill out on my birthday and treat it like every other day of the year (not counting special holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, and New Years [etc]).

How do you feel about your birthday? Do you shout it from the rooftops so that people know it's your special day and treat you accordingly? Or do you cower in the shadows like me and blush every time someone tries to do something special for you? Or are you in the middle of that mixture?

Off to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse! I'm going to shovel this food into my mouth so hardcore-like that I might not be able to stand up afterwards.



Anonymous said…
I'm sorry your 21st was so awful :(

I would be heartbroken too if I had planned a party and pretty much everyone canceled on me :(

My birthday is just another day. No big shenanigans just spend it with my bf and family opening cards and presents.

I don't feel any different or special.

Hazel xxx
Cinette said…
I'm not very good - or should I say gracious - about people fussing over me. I've passed the big 4-0, and demanded that there be no party. I prefer to simply be left to my own devices.
Ashleigh said…
Brenda set Arnold up on a blind date with a friend of hers, Georgiana.

Arnold let her do it because he loves Brenda. However, she loves another man; Arnold loves her enough that even though it hurts, he will let her go to be with the man she loves.

Brenda did it because she recognizes that Arnold loves her, and although she can't give him the thing he wants most, she does appreciate his love and wants him to be happy.

Probably. Arnold expects that although Brenda's intentions are well meant and well received, he will love no other as he has and does love her. But he hopes against his own heart that the opposite will prove true.
Nice to see you again. Like you, I have had the problem of birthdays that fall in exam-time. It doesn't seem right to postpone them for weeks just to suit everyone else. At least they won't ALWAYS fall in exam time, because I'm hoping you and your friends won't forever be writing exams!
Lou Barba said…
Brenda arose early on Sunday morning, quietly dressed, and stole out of the house. She got into her SUV and drove to the small local airport, where she met her skydiving instructor in preparation for her first jump.

George heard her leaving and had a pretty good idea where she was going, but did nothing about it. He didn't want her to skydive. He was afraid for her safety, but he didn't want to stop her because he thought he wsa probably being overprotective.

Brenda got into the plane, with butterflies in her stomach, but felt so great about facing an old fear, her fear of heights. She knew that if everything went well, she would be jumping time and time again. She only hoped that George would let go of his concerns about safety and jump with her.
I have a problem when people make a big fuss over my birthday just because i never know what to say. I normally like to go out with a big group of friends, laugh and drink the night away, then go to bed and talk about how great it was over coffee the next day.

This past year I went through a really tough break up about a month before my birthday. I was starting to make new friends as all my old ones kinda got lost in the "divorce". The girls that were supposed to be my bridesmaids for the now-not-hapening upcoming wedding I thought would still be there for me. I, like you, spent the day in my room crying the next day because everyone left me hanging except for the guy I had been a couple dates with and his friends that he brought with him. He even told me at the end of the night, "you need new friends".

I don't know how all that plays out for you but I think that birthdays are supposed to be the day where you don't have to plan anything for yourself. Where you don't buy any drinks for yourself. where your friends take you out, get you hammered, show you a good time, and then hold your hair back when you puke. At least that's what I do for all my friends. I guess I'm just saying I understand how you feel because I'm the one who throws the surprise parties but never gets one.

I hope this year was better for you and that each year it just gets better and better. Happy birthday.

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