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Exercise #182 : Noises

You know, after today I will have done 182 of these writing exercises, but I still have trouble spelling exercise. I always want to put a 'c' after the x. I have no idea why, and I'm normally an exemplary speller, but it makes me feel kind of dumb. Do you guys have any words like that? You know, the ones that you know how to spell, but your brain tells you that you're wrong as you're writing/typing it... On with the exercise... One minute each. Make lists of noises that: (1) remind you of summer (2) remind you on being in church (or temple or mosque or whatever suits) (3) beautiful noises (4) kitchen noises (5) shopping mall noises

Exercise #181 : Brenda & Arnold

This weekend's fiasco needs to be surgically removed from my brain. Seriously. BUT! Since that's not yet possible in today's world of technology, I need to occupy myself with something else, meaning... BLOGGING!!! So here I am, delivering a lovely dose of writing exercise fun! Exercise #181 : Brenda & Arnold This is a little Pschology 101 / Plot exercise. Without thinking about it--- just put your pen on the paper and jot down what comes to mind. Answer the following: What did Brenda do to Arnold? Why did he let her? Why did Brenda do it? Will this happen again? 1,2,3, GO!


That last post (it has since been removed, so if you didn't read it, please disregard this) was never meant to see the light of day. I wrote it in a moment of high emotion and regretted it the second I typed the final word for the problems it could cause... and did end up causing. I planned on deleting it, but apparently pushed a wrong button or something instead, because it ended up getting published. At any rate, it was a grievous error on my part, and, because of the post, people were hurt. For that, I am so sorry. You know who you are. For those of you that read the original post, you will not be getting an update. It was wrong of me to post it in the first place regardless of my actual intentions to delete it, and I feel awful. Once again, I wholeheartedly apologize and pray that the wounds caused are ones that can be healed. Peace. Stef.