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The name of the game is "Make It Up Monday," and the rules are as follows:

Every Monday, I am going to post a picture that I have found somewhere on the interwebs.
Take a look at the picture - I mean really look at it - and write down in the comment form a response to it.
It doesn't have to be super long or anything (but it can be as long as you want), just a few words even will do.
I will post information about the picture, but it is up to you whether you use it or not. If you want to completely disregard  the info I provide and come up with something completely original, then go for it!
For example, if a person is in the photo, what is he or she thinking?
What was going on directly before the picture was taken?
What's going to happen after?
Or, if you like captions, write a caption for the picture.
Easy as pie.

My only request is that you keep it marginally clean. Nothing that is purposefully offensive or rude, s'il vous plait! I believe that every word in the English language has a place for use (including the 4-letter ones), but please don't use them gratuitously. Just in general be classy about whatever you write.

All games have winners, right? Well, this one is no different. I and a small team of super qualified judges (aka my awesome family) will look at all the submissions and pick out our favorite. Depending on how many people enter, we will pick between 1 and 10 entries, and on Friday at approximately 5pm I will post the winner(s) with his/her/their submission(s) and a link to his/her/their blog(s). Free publicity! Wooo!!!

Always remember, have fun with your writing. Don't force it and just enjoy getting your thoughts out on paper (er... or computer screen?).

I will post my response in the comments section along with you guys, but it won't be added onto the list of submissions.

Here we go!

Click the picture for a bigger view.
 I love this picture. It holds so much, and I'm really excited to see what everyone writes!

Good luck!



Kev D. said…
Vera (left): "Jesus Margot, are you sure I'm going to fit in there?"
Alice (right): "I can't watch. Dear Lord, guide our beloved Vera on her quest."
Margot (middle): "It's totally going to work. Now just remember Vera, find my cat and then come right back out."
And no matter how hard they shook, their heads just wouldnt spin around!
Summer Ross said…
"Oh my goodness! You guys were right, I don't have one down there!"
Kirsten said…
High and low they searched,, but Margot's head had just seemed to... disappear.
Murray said…
''The kids from out of town had always been different. They did not eat at dinner time,they ate when they wanted. They did not sleep at bedtime, they slept when they wanted to. And they did not go to school at schooltime,they did what they wanted to.''
June said…
All in the day of a puppet: 3 very well crafted puppets suspended on their strings, waiting for puppeteers to decide the next move in the game of life! (If you REALLY look, you can see the strings...)
Daniel Casey said…
Sometimes it really sucks being Raffe the All-Seeing. Like now for instance, how can I begin to explain that this is most definitely Not What it Looks Like...?

Here I am, innocently watching Jemma and her sisters walking home from a day at the pond, when out of nowhere a fluffy white rabbit in a purple top-hat and matching dinner vest rushes at the three girls.
It was horrific, if Jemma hadn't managed to spread her legs she would have been bowled over by that impertinent fellow.
I would assume that it all happened so fast that the younger sibling is still stunned at finding Jemma perched head down butt up, while the older sibling apparently feels that this funnier than when she herself was found hanging upside down from that tree the other day, with nothing more than a slip on...

(Sorry, I'm in an odd mood today. DOC)
Becky said…
'Seriously, if you just bend over and look through your legs like this you'll see it--- stop looking at the sky you dimwit--- like this through your legs, it's a UFO. Come on girls, look! They've finally come...'
I absolutely *adore* everything about this picture. Everything about it--from the bathing suits to the backyard--reminds me of my mother and her sisters. When the three of them are in the same room, the planets align and they're suddenly 19 again. They laugh to the brink of tears and pretend that their lives haven't happened yet, that they're still fighting over the covers in their shared beds or tying up each others' dresses and touching up their rouge as they ready themselves for a dance in an era where boys were today's gentlemen and the air smelled sweeter. My mother is undoubtedly the woman in the middle of this picture. The three of them have just come back from swimming in their uncle's pond and, as the last afternoon of summer draws to a close, the excitement of their final year together at home manifests itself in laughter and a feigned attempt at working out to be able to fit in their wedding dresses that they hope to be buying soon. To see this picture is to hear the laughter coming from my aunts in the background as my mother puts on another show for them, reminding them of the laughter they'll be missing as soon as she graduates and marries my father. To see this picture is to see three young women just on the brink of beginning their adult lives, holding on to blades of grass and one another like the wings of a moth--delicately, with respect for the lives that have been and hope for the lives that will be.
Rapunzel's Wish said…
ROFLOL!! - can't wait to see the comments for this one! - (I have to stop laughing long enough to come up with something!)
Lou Barba said…
"This is the way my Dad taught me to stand on my head, Priscilla. Don't be laughing at me. And as for you, Alice, don't just stand there gawking. Help me up!"
Bipolar Betty said…
Darling child, if you truly want to be an acrobatic performer in the circus, you have to learn how to somersault! Please, carefully observe the three sisters, as each of them will demonstrate the key postions for completing a full somersault. It's the only way you'll learn.
"We all woke up and found out that we had the Monday blues, so we decided to excercise out in the cold morning.."
Margo and Tilly couldnt watch as Lucy made herself into the shape of a bike rack and awaited her first paying customer. The things that girl will do for money!
FLATULENCE...Always has its ups and downs.
Guy Duperreault said…
Let me just say that, well, I'm not sure how to say this.
I love my sisters. But... Do you have sisters? No? Well, then you probably won't understand how I can write that 'I love my sisters, but...'

Let me start by saying, you can't tell by looking at them, but they're twins. Being twins means that they always seem to have a secret connection. Well, that is annoying enough, but even worse, they love to laugh. They laugh at just about everything. And always they laugh, together, usually just after they look at me and then at each other. I haven't done anything, and they don't say anything, they just laugh at some secret thought. And what really bugs me about that, is that I'm a couple of years older than them. And I keep thinking that that is supposed to be enough to get some respect. Instead, they laugh.

One day, for example, I came home from the library. I had spent the morning reading all about yoga. It is wonderful! I was surprised to learn that not only does it help heal and fix the body, it also creates energy in the mind that improves IQs. When I read that, and saw how simple the exercises were, I knew that I could help my younger sisters. I mean, isn't that what the older sister is supposed to do? Give them help, whether they wanted it or not?

And so, that afternoon, I shared what I had learned with them. Of course I didn't tell them that I was going to make them smarter! That would have just made them mad! I'm not that dumb! I simply told them that if they learned some yoga from me, they would look prettier and feel healthier.

End of Part i
Guy Duperreault said…
Part II

Now, you'd think that they would be happy to let me help them. But no. I had to argue with them! And even after twisting their arms, Alice wouldn't think of putting on exercise cloths. 'I will not go to the park, in public in exercise cloths! That's just rude. OMG!'


Anyway, in the end I gave up on Alice. I did get Joan to agree to wearing a bathing suit instead of her jeans, but she'd do that only if I wore one too. They know how much I hate that, so of course they both laughed!

And so, there we were in the park. Joan in her ugliest, mom-bought, bathing suit because, 'Why would I wear a nice one to swim in the grass?' she said. Alice in her dress, clutching her ribbon-tied letter paper and note book. She won't go anywhere without it because, as she always says, 'A good writer doesn't let a lack of paper lose a great idea. Anywhere or anytime!' As if!

I started to tell them all about what I'd read. The didn't seem impressed. Their eyes quickly glazed over. And when I told them what to do, they stood still for a moment, then looked at each and laughed!

'Okay!' I snapped. 'Okayyyyyyyyyy. I get it. I'll show you.' So I quickly got myself into the proper form to do a forward bend and stretch. Next, well, let me just say that it looked easy when I read it, well I lost my balance and fell forward like drunk cheerleader. And, I don't know how it happened, but somehow I wound up with my chin digging into my chest, my arms stuck out like I was some kind of bug. My butt was in the air, and I couldn't move. Alice and Joan laughed.

I tried to say 'This is a serious stretch.' But with my head planted into the grass the way it was, my words came out sort of like 'Iiiisssss sssrrrrsss strrrrrttttch.' And they both looked at my ass, as if I was a butt ventriloquist. I couldn't tell for sure, but I think I could see them look at each before they began to laugh. Alice laughed so hard that she dropped her papers and journal. And as she laughed she rocked back and forth, looking up into the sky and then back again to me. And Joan laughed so hard that she began clapping, which was something until that day no one had seen her do since she was a baby.

After several minutes of them laughing, they stopped in unison as if on a timer. Then they turned and left. 'Hhhlllpppp!' I tried to call out help. 'Hhhlllpppp!' I was scared that they would leave me, stuck in yoga.

But about ten long minutes later, my mom came with Alice and Joan, After they had all stopped laughing, mom spent the next several minutes getting me unlocked. She then took me to the hospital, where I was given x-rays, a neck brace and muscle relaxants.

I haven't done yoga since then because doing it is very definitely bad for my health.
Fickle Cattle said…
"Did you just aim that at me? Wow. I'm about to faint."

"Don't exaggerate Jenny."

"I'm not. Oh my god Marga, what did you eat?"


"We should bottle that up and give it to the U.S. army. I'm pretty sure that falls under the category of biological weapons. I'm dying here."
Anna O'Kelley said…
"Shirley, I read it in that book, there. I know what I am doing. Stop mocking me," Jeanette unconvincingly pleaded.

Bernice sympathetically witnessed the catastrophe that was Jeanette. At last she meekly stated, "Jeanette, I don't believe that is downward facing dog."
Susan said…
"No one told me it was a pool party... wasn't on the invite.
Dear Lord, pleeeze help me.
Do something... quick
Get me out of here."
Poor Emily was mortified. She was the only one at the pool party fully dressed and nothing like a spare swim suit in sight.
"Hi Emily" snorts the smug birthday brat, Miranda, "bet you can't do this!"
Just as Emily thought all was lost, she heard a most delightful noise. The slow sort of ripping sound as, one by one, stitches started to separate.
"Ah, Miranda, I think ya better get up now....and real quick ...." said Miranda's best friend Louise.
Letty said…
he said "take a long hard look at me, then pick a four letter word and stick to it." he was thinking of love, hate or something along those lines. she took him rather to literally and went for sand. she stuck her head in good and deep, and life began to slide by in a glorious golden blur.
Does this make my butt look big? I can't tell from this angle.

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