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Who Is Stefers the Great??

Stefers the Great - aka Stef
Ack! No makeup! Don't judge...
Over the last few days, I have been joyously overwhelmed by the wonderful responses I've been getting through the comments on my posts and my Formspring and e-mail accounts (contact info found in the Contact Me tab at the top of the page, just under the name and blog description), and I just want to thank you once again for your support and participation.

As I've been reading the responses I've gotten, I feel like I'm getting to know each one of you, but I've realized that, except for the About Me section, you don't know all that much about me!

So here's the deal. I am opening up this post for you to ask me any questions you might have about me, my writing process, 52 Weeks of Wordage in general, and so on and so forth. There isn't a specific topic that I have in mind, so any little thing that might be flitting through your lovely little brain is completely acceptable.

As far as questions about "How did you get Blog of Note?" or "How do you come up with stuff to write?" (etc), I'll actually be writing a post (to be published later this week) telling you all about how I formed 52 Weeks of Wordage and gradually nursed it to life. If you still have questions about that, though, feel free to ask them! You might inspire me to write something! :)

I'll take these questions and create a kind of "FAQ About Stef" post to publish in the next few days or later next week (depending on the amount of responses, I might not be able to get to them all and might split up the FAQ into a series type of thing).

Let 'er rip!
An example of a question you might ask...


Ellis Bell said…
Would you like to have your work translated into other languages some day? If so, would you hire someone you know yourself? Would you rather have no say in it?
(I'm a translator, can't help but asking that! It's a complex and fascinating relationship the one authors have had with their translators, that is if they got to know each other)
couchbarnacle said…
If you had to choose between only drinking carbonated water or regular water, which would you choose?
Angela Baarz said…
What are your favorite television shows? Or movies? Or books?
The Irish Bard said…
Hmmm... I wanted to ask if you are circumcised but I figured that was too personal...

Sooo- if you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be. What types of things draw you to that place? If you've been there before, what types of memories are key in your decision? If you haven't been there what are some of the pros as well as some of the cons you know of that you would be willing to live with?

Thank you so much for opening yourself up to appease your fans/followers/stalkers!!! Take Care!
Marty said…
do you multitask like crazy while blogging?

(not that I'm eating chips, IMing, and watching star trek while reading your blog or anything like that.... ahem.....)
Lorien Liang said…
Have you always been a creative person? And if so, where did that creativity come from? Do you write for a living, or draw?
Blessed Rain said…
Please name you favorite three restaurants, why and what dishes are your favorites.

As a foodie its easier for me to get a sense of a person by the food they love.

CarrieMarie said…
Oooh, I like Blessed Rain's foodie question. I was going to ask if you're creative with food as well as writing, but BR's questions go much more in depth! : )
Laura R. said…
As a child, what did you want to be when you grow up?
Has that changed now?
Anonymous said…
I just stumbled upon your blog so I'm still moseying around and kind of seeing what you're all about, but if I had to ask you a question I'd like to know how you got into writing, or if you've always enjoyed it, or what. I enjoy writing and I just started my blog so I can keep writing when I'm not doing anything else creative, so I'm curious to see why you write, besides improving, that is.

And also- this isn't a question, buuuut in the picture on this post you look like Roxanne from A Goofy Movie. Just sayin :)

As an aside - I love the colour of your hair! :)

I've just discovered your blog, so I'd like to look around a little before I ask deep, probing questions... for now, I'll wait for the reply post to all these questions :)
Emily said…
...what do you use to keep your complexion so gorgeous without make-up?!

and: this is tres cliche...but if you could sit down and have lunch with anyone, past or present, language barriers not an issue, who would it be and why?
slighte said…
What was your reaction when reading The Little Prince?
Zooey said…
Hey,just wandering what's the story behind your blogs name?
SuperAcronym said…
Aww! You're so pretty! ^^ You don't need make-up! (Sorry, I hope that doesn't sound patronising at all! It's intended as a compliment!)

Well, ok, since I'm starting a Book-Blog soon, I was wondering what your favourite novel is and why? OR if it's too hard to choose just one (I have that problem!), what's the last book you read? Did you enjoy it? Why (not)?
Sorry, that's actually three questions, I know...

Have a lovely day! :)

Soph Xx
Laura Eno said…
Hey, Stef! Congrats on your Blog of Note selection...WOOT!
just discovered your blog and spent over an hour looking through it! i love it!! who knew writing exercises would turn you into such a star???
Unknown said…
no questions. just more kudos!! i think you're an exceptionally talented writer, beautiful young woman, and an inspiration to all that happen to cross your path via this lovely blog.

from time to time i take a moment to check out those Blogger has decided, for whatever reason, to bestow the honor of Blog of note upon. some i don't agree with. some i absolutely positively disagree with. and then there are those that i feel are so very very exquisitely deserving of this monumental honor.

yours is that blog. i love it and added you to my front page blog roll as soon as i read just a few of your posts!

If something wonderfully wonderful happened to you, what would that wonder be? I wonder...
Since circumcision is out of the question (get it! because I'm not going to ask it ... oh geez) I would love to know what you think of my blog (shameless plug? ... maybe). But really, I would just love to know what you think because you are so great :) Keep up the good work gurrrll
Anonymous said…
I LOVE your hair! It's very pretty.
Do you have any pets?
Jim Gordon said…
Hi, Stef...

Love your blog...and the writing exercises. I do mine in the form
of daily news stories, set to rhyme.

Chris said…
What is your favorite take away food?

Do you like curry?

I will send you one if you have a look at my blog and tell me what you think :-)

I can send you a picture of the curry to prove I have it.

MisteryBlogger said…
Are you planning on writing a book/novel some day?
A.K.A. Humidity said…
Ok I did what I just wrote these comments about I promised I would write it on my blog first now let see what you have as a writer you could say what I have seen you write gives me high "expectations." I believe you can do it. just look over my blog first then think it over.
Santiago said…
Visit my blog, it´s new, but worth it

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