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Bonjour New Followers! Well met!

You'll quickly notice that I love lolcats.
Don't judge... They're hilarious.
Today's post is going to be pretty short, but it's purpose isn't for me to write, but for YOU to write!

Tell me a little bit about yourself! Who are you, from where do you hail, what is your favorite thing about blogging or reading other people's blogs? Tell me anything you'd like!

If you have a blog, don't fear the shameless plug! haha Leave a link in your comment and go visit some of the blogs linked by your fellow commenters.

Speaking of your blogs, I've been going through my list of followers and looking at your blogs. There is some really great content out there! :) Let me just say that I am so humbled that you would be interested in following me and my project. You're all so wonderful, and I can't thank you enough.

So get on with it already! Leave a comment about yourself!


Becky said…
I'm a new blogger and feel like I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm also blogging to practice writing. As a literature student I get loads of practice writing critical essays but hardly any practice writing creatively. Hence the blog. I think what you're doing is a great idea! A massive part of creative writing is the idea. So any advice from you would be greatly appreciated.
Little Stalky said…
Hello there. I'm Little Stalky, an English girl living in Australia. I'm fairly new to the blogging world but find it very addictive. I'm very much enjoying following this blog and look forward to the updates in my news feed.
Anonymous said…
My blog talks about depression. "My Black and White World"
I write about my daily struggles with major depression, and I share my opinion on things that commonly affect people with depression. So if you're in need of someone to identify with, or you're just curious, feel free to read my blog. I post daily. I love getting responses, and I love getting followers just as much. Thanks, Stef, for giving me a space to share!
slighte said…
Ohai. Found your blog yesterday on the blogs of note list. Looks very interesting :D
i had two pretty full blogs, but [very] recently decided to scrap all the posts and start again. Ahahaha. is my blog with writing and photography etc. is my general blog with rants and other nonsense. It will be interesting to see how long they last and how they turn out.. i tend to be blog about very varied things, given my very, well, varied personality.

Naoma Serna said…
Well my name is Naoma, I am from Mexico, was going to school in Oklahoma and am now currently in France finishing my degree in French Literature here. I love blogging because I find inspiration and helps me remember the little things such as, walks through the country, listening to a creek flow, hear the birds chirping and the humming of the bees. This is my creative output and input. Please feel free to stop by my blog.

Numbskull said…
Hi there Stef!I'm from India, and have been trying to blog for an umpteen number of times, but invariably do not stick to it. But this time, after coming across your BoN, Ive started blogging in right earnest.

I wish to write, but I do not know if it is really right. Anyways I've posted a few blogs under the name ''. LOL how's that? I look forward to your comments.
Tortured Genius said…
Hi Stef, I have read the last couple of your posts from "Mr.Perfect.." onwards and I love the way you write. I completely identify with your point of view as I am 24 now and the pressure from all sides to get married is crazy. They even asked me that at a job interview!! Anyway, here is the shameless plug to my blog :) - I write about random things that I like or dislike or have a strong opinion about. Not very unlike you.
AWESOM-O said…
I'm a robot that reviews the sort of things cardboard box machines like to watch/play.

Any advice?
Steph_Boog said…
just wanted to say hi cause I came to read your blog from all the buzz! so steph boogie was here! peace and blessings!
Joe said…
Hi Stef; I'm Joe (of portuguese origins) and live in London with my swedish gf Madeleine.I am a manager in the motor trade and write a blog as an exercise to improve my writing. Well, that's how it started abyway but i've since found myself leaning towards satire, adding a touch of humour to serious topics. I started the blog only a few months ago,after reading Madeleine's and thinking it a great idea. I find it to be a therapeutic and addictive exercise. I would love to one day have as many followers as you and unashamedly plug my blog at every opportunity.
Hey Steph

I'm relatively new to the blogspot thing - I've been blogging on Facebook until recently, thought it would be a good idea to go 'formal' with the whole thing.

I'm a freelance writer/editor, living in Cape Town, South Africa. The past few years of my life have been a whirlwind, tornado, flood, earthquake and volcano all wrapped up together, and I've started blogging to help me (and hopefully others as well) to make sense of the twists and turns in our search for meaning in this life.

I'm finding it amazingly cathartic and an incredible improvement on my years of scribbling down my thoughts on paper in my various journals over the years.

I love your blog - so honest and confident for someone so young (God, makes me sound old, but I swear, I'm stuck on age 22!)

So yours is the first blog I'm following, and I hope to become more involved in this strange and beautiful cyber-sharing place.
Oh yes, my blog is at

Laura R. said…
I'm Laura, a 15-year-old student from Egypt.
My passion has been writing since forever (How often do you hear "What do you want to be when you grow up?" followed by "Author!").
I already write in TeenStuff, an English teen magazine ("From Teens to Teens") here in Egypt, but recently I've decided to start a blog too.
Since it's fairly new, I have absolutely no idea where it's going. But I'm just writing it for the sake of writing, I guess.
Check it out and tell me what you think!

Hi, I'm Antonette, I'm new to blogger, and not quite sure how I feel about it yet. I figured it would give me a productive place to post my creative writing exercises, articles, links, and writing resources that I found helpful.

Great blog! ~Ant
Anonymous said…
Hey im Hazel from Northern Ireland and i really enjoy reading your posts :)

I am, like so many others, new to this blogging lark so I'm pretty much just finding my feet.

My blog gives me the opportunity to express myself in a way i could never do on Facebook etc.

I pretty much blog about anything and everything whether it be a movie/book review or random nonsense.

Anyways, here it is:

Hazel xxx
Ghadeer said…
I'm from Iraq and I haven't been blogging for long, but I'm more interested in reading other peoples' blogs from different countries
Sara said…
Hello! I cam across your blog when you were featured on Blogs of Note! Congrats, by the way! I am thoroughly enjoying your content so far. I think I am going to start doing some of the writing exercises with you, too. I'm an English major, so I can always use some practice. I'm a 20 year old from Dallas, TX going to the University of North Texas. I read your post about marriage (Aug. 19) and almost commented but I'm a little conflicted myself and the topic. Just thought I'd share. :]

My blog is:

Stop by and check it out!
David Holmes said…
Hey there :D I found your blog stumbling upon the internet this very evening and I am wrapped with it. I'm 17, and live in Canberra, Australia. How does it feel to know you're blog is reaching all around the world? haha. Well i think its pretty amazing at least. I do a little blogging myself but its not really much. Keep up with the insight, it really makes my day :)
SuperAcronym said…
Heya Stef! :)

I'm Sophie, a student from the UK currently on a gap year, hoping to study English Literature at uni in 2011.

What I like about blogging is that you have chance to be creative; I use mine like a journal of sorts (so it is probably quite self-indulgent! :S) but I want to be able to involve people so that when they read it, they connect and (I hope!) enjoy it rather than being bored by my mundane lifestyle (which I fear might be the case at present!)

I'm new to the Blogging Scene, like a lot of people here, so I'm not sure about blogging etiquette, as such, or how to find other like-minded bloggers, but I came across yours and the way you write is funny, engaging and a pleasure to read :) I'm also intrigued by the theme of your blogs and I look forward to seeing more of your 'exercises' - when I get a moment, I'll read through more of your existing ones :)

Anyway, thanks for the feature - contrary to others, I really wouldn't recommend you read my blog as it's actually pretty boring :P Maybe, once I've got my head around getting into Uni, I can start writing about interesting things :P

Thanks again! Keep up the good work! :)

Soph Xx

P.S. Loving the shameless plug image ;) And LOLcats FTW!
Ali-chan said…
Hello Stef! I saw your blog on the BoN list today and skimmed it, as I'm not free to really look through it properly right now. This is an EXCELLENT idea. I've been trying to improve my writing in a journa--but blogging your progress! Why didn't I think of that? I'm really looking forward to reading your blog and I truly appreciate the opportunity to plug my own. Like a few of your commenters, I've started blogs n number of times and have never gotten past the 2nd or 3rd post, as it's very discouraging to think no one is listening. Maybe this will not only help to make my voice heard, but to encourage me to post frequently with something meaningful to say.
Plug plug!
Kay Richardson said…
i hate blogging. but i love to blog. it's a little like my attitude towards women. i do love your blog, however. with the words and the pink background. yeah.
Hi, I'm Tiffany. I'm from Florida, currently in GA, but moving back soon. I'm somewhat new to blogger & am still trying to figure out how to organize my blog and not make it so scattered. I've always enjoyed writing, but haven't done much of it lately. I really enjoy the way you write, so that's why I follow you!
Anonymous said…
Jewels here...and I am so glad I came upon your blog. I am new to the blog world. I am just a suburban girl living in Pa and writing to clear my head.

My blog is:

Basically I find myself less than a month away from turning 30 and trying to take inventory of my life to date and where I'd like to go in the future. It is a journal or sorts; rehashing some of my past and looking, hopefully, into my future.

I've always loved to write, and to read, so this blog community is wonderful for me. I welcome all new followers and all feedback. Reading other people's blogs is a great way to refine your own writing technique and your mini lessons are a great way for people to practice the art of writing daily and realizing just how good it feels to do so.
Sriprae said…
Hi Stef,
Congratulations on your blog being the Blog of Note! I read a few of your posts and have enjoyed your topics and writing style. As for me I've started blogging a year ago. My first blog "Imaginarium" ( is a place where I write poetry. My second blog "le petit ballon" ( is mainly about cooking/baking, my book club, and anything that strikes my fancy.

Keep up the excellent work! And thank you for the shameless plug.
Jon Hanson said…
Congrats on the Blog of Note! I am selfishly glad you made it since it gave me the chance to stumble onto your blog. I am always intrigued by what inspires people to write a blog post and am looking forward to more of yours!

50plusfinance said…
I love your blog. I am new to this too. It's nice to see how good your doing. I've enjoyed reading the posts and the comments. I'll be back often.
Laura Camp said…
Hiya! I'm Laura, over at I just started blogging a few weeks ago-- food, books, et cetera. Am enjoying your writing; keep it up!
Rachel said…
Hi, hi, hello! I'm Rachel, a second year college student who is blogging about what inspires me to write so that when I'm having a bad day I can look back over it to jump start my thought process. Luckily lots and lots instills a sense of inspiration, so hopefully I'll be at this for a while.

I did find your blog with the 'Blogs of Note' tab, and I found it interesting and helpful to the aspiring author, because really, don't we all need all the help we can get? Plus I just find the whole blogging thing so incredibly neat because it proves there are real, creative, and intelligent people out there somewhere and this is a way for us to all share our though processes.

Anyway, happy weekend and happy writing!
Anonymous said…
Hey Stefanie! It is great to meet you! I have just started blogging but love to write. I am looking forward to going through all of your posts and doing the exercises. My poor kids are probably going to be "forced" to do them as well! It is for their own good. :) My new blos is I will be back soon!
Laura said…
HI! My name is Laura and I am from Florida. I have been following your blog for awhile but I never commented. I think you are a great writer and I enjoy the concept behind your blog :)

My blog started out as the journey I took getting into grad school, but now I talk about everything going on in my life because I have already made it into grad school!
may said…

saw your blog on the blog of notes, and yeah, i find it cute. i have a blog of my own ( which is basically about my own perception of life. feel free to drop by!

Kyle Jacobson said…
Hey, Stef. Hi. My name is Kyle, with a "K" and a few other letters shortly following that. I like your voice. It's like extra feathers in a down comforter.
Writing? Yes.
Reading? Sure.
Banging my head on my keyboard? Occasionally.
Pogo Sticking? You know it.

My blog is what one might call...different, and not a bad kind of different, we'll just say that "it's not what the story is, it's what the story isn't."
springboard said…
Hey there! Thank God you're on Blogs of Note cause if you weren't, I wouldn't be able to read your posts! I like the way your write! :)

Here's my blog: --- I just usually talk about my rants and raves. I'm still a college student so I guess I pretty much talk about school stuff and how I'm such a dork about it. Lol :)
Megan said…
Hi! I found your blog on Blogs of Note (as did most others I'm thinking) and have officially fallen in love. My blog (shameless, very shameless) is mostly full of the random encounters I have at school with the occasional rant.
In all seriousness, you are a fantastic writer. Very very very much so.
Foxlady1209 said…
O'su. I've been blogging for a year and a half, but I still feel like a newbie. I like blogging because... well, just because. I tend to rant and I repeat myself a lot and I tend to talk to myself within my posts.
Aj AhMad said…
Hey,I'm Aj from PK!..Just plunged in Electrical Engineering this year!..I'm a brand spanking new addition to this blogging world..Hop this experience of mine comes out to be super-fluous!...Just to refine out my writing skills and open my noggin to the realm of blogging,I skimmed through your blogs..Your writing style and especially the shameless plug enthralled me..KUDOS!..:))..
I published my first blog and here is the link:
Robin said…
You want me to leave a comment about ME? Well, I can do that :) Ummm, so, yeah, I' How about: I have rapid cycling Bipolar Disorder and my sister tells me it comes out in my writing because I don't take any meds for it.

I love that you have set up a blog for writing exercises. Being a writer is something I think I've always wanted but I just don't have the energy to do it daily. I admire you for going for it :)

Oh, and I love lolcats - I look at that site daily!
Hi there!

I'm Brazilian, I do not understand everything you write, but overall I really like your blog. I created my blog seven months ago, but I don't have too much free time to write. My blog is kind of hilarious and entertaining. Most of the time I write to my friends, they always ask me.

I also have a very big problem with cats. They are cute, but a little scary too. Maybe seeing your lolcats I can change my mind. You're very good at writing, congratulations!

My blog is:

Blessed Rain said…
Hello I am 31, mother of two, married eight years and about to move into my first and hopefully last home.
I am an aspiring writer. I have my first set of books written and I am in the process of getting them edited.

Link to my book blog
Link to my personal blog
Janine Dallas said…
I'm Janine from Dallas TX and I blog about a trip to Europe through the lens of offering a trip tip a day. Selecting the photos to offer is the highlight of my blogging experience. I love photography and sharing the images.

Kandia said…
Native Texan here....I'm still fairly new to blogging and this has been a great creative outlet for me, not to mention I get inspiration from reading other people's blogs.

Congrats on blog of note. :-)
honja said…
hi! i found your blog in 'Blogs of Note'. Looks interesting... I'm a new blogger so I hope you could share some tips.


if you have time visit mine,
Unknown said…
I'm a grouchy old coot, basically. I write and record my own music (metal, mostly--probably not your cup of tea though there are links on my blog to my stuff if you want to give it a listen), and I'm trying to break into screenwriting movies and short films. I also live with a very old Akita, Atari. I'm also one of those people who married young (at 19) and divorced young (at 25)--I'm 47 now and haven't remarried. I'm a chronic solo act! Heh.
Rosanna said…
I am a very new follower of your blog and a pretty new blogger myself. I just write about whatever seems relevant and interesting :)
Unknown said…
I finally found a blog that was interesting and English. No "Translate This" button for you. You are my first "follow" selection. Sends thrills down your spine, I know. Anyway, I enjoyed reading your posts. Not all of them. That's because I haven't read all of them. I will now go back to reading more of your posts. Hope the rest is on par with what I have already digested.
Emily said…
Hi, everyone! I'm Emma- an ordinary girl from sunny Califirnia. I love frozen yogurt, long toad trips, and sappy love stories...and I love the idea of blogging. Just can't quite seem to get it together yet!
That being said, your blog is a great source of inspiration! I love your honest, down to earth writing- I feel like I'm reading a note from a friend!
So much fun to see who else is reading! Fellow followers: I can't wait to check out your blogs! You all sound like such amazing people!
If you care to check out mine, find me here:
...and feel free to leave some advice. I'm new at this: I could use all the help I can get!

- Emma
Alessandra said…
Hi Stef, great idea for the blog. COngrats on being on the blogs of note, how did you do that? I have been blogging for a little while and managed to get 1 follower (somebody who probably took pity on my blog..)Anyway, I like to blog as well, because it gives me a chance to think over whatever I am writing about. I'm a public school teacher in Ca, and love the idea of talking to people around the world.
Sometimes, between work and home, it's easy to become somewhat isolated, so I think blogging helps us reach out to others. My blog is mostly about daily stuff, animals (mostly my Chihuahuas), education stuff and the world in general. I like to blurt something in Italian or about Italy at times, since that's where I'm from. If you get a chance, read my About page, where I wrote how I got to live in this crazy country

p.s. the invite is for everybody obviously...:)
fair said…
Hi I am also new to blogging! I aim to give a no nonsense approach to being a teen in the UK, warts and all if need be. Still very much finding my feet and the moment, but aim for this to be a long term project, hoping the blog will grow up as I do.
Fair x x x
You are so funny and such a great writer! I am a recently graduated (and therefore extremely unemployed) journalism/political science major — and yes, there is a difference between being just unemployed and being extremely unemployed. Anyways here is the shameless plug: I hope you read it because I admire you a lot! Thanks and congrats on the blog of note!
dweekerd87 said…
I found this blog on the "blogs of note" section of the website, and I must say it is quite entertaining. How fortunate that you encourage shameless plugs :)
I am a college student from Milwaukee and am finishing up my degree in music education this fall. Now for the shameless plug... I created my blog to write about the books I have read. I'm trying to start some discussions, but haven't gotten any responses as of yet.
Kassidy said…

I love your style of writing and I cannot wait to continue to read more :D

My blog is:
I'm a new blogger.. still in my first month... :) I enjoy actually having a voice. I am a stay-at-home-mama to soon-to-be-6 kids... I mostly write about life in general with kids... and things that interest me... Home-birthing, family, kids, life, being a stay-at-home-mom, and my gorgeous kids. Not that that many people read my blog.. mostly just family. But others CAN read it... and that makes me feel heard... make sense?

it doesn't really to me either!! anyway!! here's the address:
and my Project 365 is here:
Bartimaeus said…
Hey Stef!

As like many before me, I too found your blog through BoN. Congrats for that, by the way.

I am a 19 year old boy/man-teen/adult Computer Science engineering under-graduate from India(not really surprising, is it? :P) trying to figure out my space in the world and hoping to get published one day.

Also I have totally stolen the "Exercises" you are doing and incorporated them in my blog. :D

Also, Shameless Plug!!
Max Sartin said…
Hi. I've been blogging for quite a while now, and I like to check out all the Blogs of Note. It's not often I find one that I like, but what I've read of yours is funny and interesting (2 of the most important blog traits to me).
Thanks for giving me the opportunity to (shamelessly) plug my blog:
Keep up the good work, I'll be dropping by every now and then.
Faith said…
i'm relatively new at blogging but i really enjoy it. i love finding other people's blogs with things like writing, children, or strems of consciousness. i love to read blogs and blog hop around. but i enjoy writing them too. i'm from tennessee and am a sophomore in college learning spanish. hope to find some blogging friends some day :)
Bridget said…
Hi Stef, I'm another new blogger lucky enough to chance on the blogs of note a few days ago. I love to write, but I combined story-telling with a different passion as well. I'm fascinated with advertising, marketing, branding, etc. Every product has a story to tell, which is what advertising should be about. I'm convinced there is a way to tell those stories that make brands relatable instead of annoying. I read, write, and thing about about brands, social media, new technology; anything that affects the world around us and how we communicate with one another ("we" encompassing people, companies, brands, and more.) If that interests you can find some thoughts at

Great job with your blog Stef. You can be sure I'll keep reading it!
N.K. LaFaye said…
I started using blogging as a outlet for my sarcasm and the absurd realities of my job as a trauma nurse. Most of the time, it's easier to make light of serious situations and while occasionally it borders on irreligious, it does have its comic moments and useful lessons.
My name is Natalie and I write to the anonymous universe, as if anyone besides my mother really cares. If you want a look into my world, check it out :
kitkat said…

I'm a new blogger, and saw your blog in thesuggested part, and I'm glad I did its so funny :)

What do you want to know? I'm 17, I want to go to universtity and do a PhD in Zoology and I'm a girl. Any more? because i cant think of anything els that is actually interesting *laughs*
Yvonne said…
Wanted to comment on daughter's blog, so she set me up with my own blog, and I thought oh no, don't have enough time for what I do now, but glad she did, as it is becoming very addictive in a nice way. Only blogging for less than 2 months, and just write about what I know best, things in my life. I have found my style tends toward humor and I like it that way. I search the "Next Blog" link often, and was awed by the extreme differences in many of the blogs, but none to my liking for following, until found yours on Blogs of Note. You have an interesting and positive outlook to your life and life around you. I enjoy what I have read so far, and to my surprise I enjoy reading all the interesting comments you receive. Thanks for letting me plug my blog: (life at little fourth acre gardens)
Plan to read more of your older writings and keep up with the newer ones. Best wishes.
Joe said…
Hi Stef, it's me again! On the previous comment I entered an incorrect url for me - duh
should be
Marty said…
I totally have no idea how to describe myself, and as result leave those boxes blank most places (facebook, blogger, etc). I do keep a blog, pretty much about whatever happens to be of interest to me right then, a lot about my 2 little princesses, a little about life, a maybe even a profound thought every once in a while.
Hi! I found your blog through BoN, which I check daily as it is a great way to find great content. I also use the random feature on Blogger, but coming across a really good blog like yours is few and far between. I'm a voracious reader. As a writer, I found your blog to very relevant. So, thank you! If you have time, come on over to Prosaic Daze, where I practice the Fine Art of Mundanity.
Blabber Boovy said…
Hey there, I came across your blog through Blog of note and I found it incredibly interesting... I'm entirely new to Blogging in fact I only have one blog so far :)
Blogging was recommended by a Fitness Magazine Employee that I job shadowed and I have always thought of it seeing as I always have something to say so I said what the heck might as well give it a try Right? Im just a teenage girl from New York voicing my opinion to the world. I have a high interest in art and fashion but I also like writing... now that I think about it ... I am also using this blog to improve my writing:) well...happy blogging:)
Hey Stef
Like many people who have left comments, I am new to the world of blogging too and naturally apprehensive about my voyage into this new virtual community. I am fairly PC literate (I think) but scarily not quite as compentent as Blondie my 12yr old daughter! It seems that most people who blog enjoy writing, and like many others I am hoping that it will help me develop my literary skills. I am planning a book in dictionary format (i.e stories from my life arranged under a letter of the alphabet) and my friends seem to think that my experiences are worthy of documentation. I look forward to following your blog, and hope that you might find the time to check in with mine every once in a while. With kind regards, Kibble
John Mayton said…
This sounds like it could be fun. :) I'm John Mayton. I'm from Texas, Commerce to be exact. Pretty close to Dallas if you know you're geography. I've done a few blogs, mostly for classes, and I usually kept them going for a while afterwards, but they always seem to fail, but I have just started one about a week ago that I plan on continuing "indefinitely."

For anyone interested, it is called my daily still frame, and it's link is
Cinderita said…
I just happened upon your blog this morning as I was getting caught up on others and writing my post for today. Thank you for being out "there" in the land of the internet. It's amazing what one can find when one starts searching. Writing as become something of a passion for me...actually I believe it always has been, but the blog, has giving me a vehicle for it. What started out as a blog simply about working at the Olympics and my subsequent trip to Europe, has become about life, love and so much more. I am in awe of people who write and write well. So thank you for what I think will be continued inspiration for me...and hopefully I'll send some inspiration your way as well.
Anonymous said…
Wow, thats a lot of comments! I have a confession to make I've been stalking your blog ever since I read of it in Blog of Notes. I've already left a few comments. I love that your giving us, the readers, this opportunnity to interact with you. Anyhow I'm Jay, a Floridan expatrier in Costa Rica.I started blogging to remember myself. I been living here so long that I feel I've gone native,English was starting to feel like a second language. I'm not what you would call a writer precisely, but I figured I could be.I hope someday I can write as fluently as you do. Kudos on your blog! Costa Rica On My Mind( )
Guy Duperreault said…
Hello Stef, from .guy in metro-Vancouver, Canada. Nice blog, and thanks for asking. Male, married, 49, hack writer of prose, critical essays, poetry, and other verbal mundanities. I've been blogging for about 18 months with 2 blogs:

I have one follower, and my book blog is for some reason very attractive to Asian blog-comment spammers, because I get one or more comment almost daily that contains somewhat hidden within their text links to URLs of scantily clad Asian females.
hi, I recently joined the blogging world, and found yours in the blog to note , what does tht mean btw?..anyway your blog is really cool ,I like it. here is my blog, where I post my literary ramblings, please take a look and leave comments :D
thanks XD
Mae said…
I came across your blog from Blogs of Note, and I fell in love immediately. As I read through your posts, it made me REALLY want to write and keep on writing. And actually, if you don't mind, I'd love to take some of your writing exercises and post my responses on my blog. Let me know. (smile)

A little about me, I started my own blog as a sort of writing exercise, too. I'm a full-time attorney, and therefore, although I write a lot in my profession, it's not the kind of creative writing that I love to do. I figured, the blog allows me to express my creative side ... the part of me that I don't get a chance to tap into very often, but want so much to keep alive, so here I am. Anyhow, keep up the good work. I so loved your recent post about Mr. Perfect. I wanted to respond, but didn't get a chance to. Let's just say, I agree with you. :) (And since you insist, here's my plug ... catch me at Coffee Moments -
haha you're funny! I'm Patrice hailing from New York!! but currently in DC. I write inspirational pieces on one of my blogs On my other blog I document my adventures in graduate school
If you follow my blogs you will learn much more about me. I'm your newest follower. I actually like it over here ;)
Maxx said…
I am also new to the blogging phenomena, but I've found it to be very relaxing. Its good to be able to vent and just talk about anything and everything... so why not?
Hi, I'm Lubabat and I have a passion for giving and kindness. So I started a blog, and a goodwill project, called Operation Smiley Face to try and spread smiles in the world. I blog, and am working on doing it daily.I like to read different types of blogs and yours definitely caught my eye. Keep up the great content. I'll be reading. :)
Miskin said…
I manage design for where we have the coolest köpa silly bands i Sverige. None of the custom designs are on the web page yet, sorry!
Rachael Melody said…
I'm Rachael, from the Midwest, but I think you already know that. Other than writing, every day, I generally just do house-wifey things, do historical re-enacting, and play music with my worship team. We just bought a drum set, and apparently I am its intended user, so I now have a partially assembled drum set sitting in my living room. What fun!

You already know my blog (and are my first and so far only fan, kudos!) so I won't bore you with a plug (hilarious picture, by the way!)
Arriane said…

I'm Danielle(:
I'm from a small town in Arizona that you've probably never heard of. I write music, ride horses in competitions, and am into photography. I'm new to this whole blogging thing, but already love it. I find it's so relieving to be able to write down ALLLL of my thoughts, which I never seem to be lacking thereof. I also love how I can go and look back at my old posts and see how much I've changed, it's quite amusing.
Anyway,great blog. You seem interesting.
Steph said…
Hi, I'm Steph. Not a new blogger but definitely a blogger who struggles to keep my blog going. I'm from Ohio and I'm currently an undergrad student majoring in Psychology.

I randomly stumbled upon your blog and have found it to be such an inspiring source of reading...thank you! :)
Amanda B. said…
Hola I'm Amanda and I'm a reader and a writer and a golfer. I read what ever makes it's way onto my bookshelf and I write whatever pops into my head, and I golf because, despite what other people may say, its fun! I started my blog to share my stories and then I started reviewing books for it. I'm still getting started with the whole blogging thing so its a little lame but hey, I'm trying.
Here's my blog:
Anonymous said…
What a great idea for your blog, and what a great way to introduce yourself (and your readers) to other blogs!

I've started my fair share of blogs in the past and never stuck to them. On top of that, I've never really put myself out there actively for anyone to read. So I'm stepping out on a limb on two counts.

Plug, plug.

All the best!
Miriam said…
Hey There! I'm Miriam from Georgia, USA. I love your writing! Keep going strong! I'm 22, and I'm embarking on my student teaching this semester (High School English/Language Arts). I love words and writing and literature and discussions about all three.

I'm fairly new to the blogging community, but check me out if you are game:
~jeet~ said…

jeet here, from different part of the world, malaysia, not sure you have heard of us or not. have blogged for 2 years + now, normally i wrote about what ticks me on day to day basis, am learning spanish now, so maybe i'll get some spanish exercise as post as well ;)

good things you got going on here, a bit mix here and there..keep up ;)
scastle said…
I'm a Brooklynite named Scott and I am three days into my intro to the blogosphere 101. my fiance and I are both unemployed and we just bought a couple of those 30-day jetBlue All-You-Can-Jet passes.

Now we're in the process of selling off our worldly possessions in order to afford this month-long, inter-continental journey. and I figured I had something worth blogging about.

shameless plug:
Mare said…
Love you concept for your blog. It's always interesting to see the different blogs and how creative people can be. Thanks for your idea and help. I have been blogging for awhile but I still consider myself a novice. I'm interested in helping people with information about healthy living. If you would like to visit my blog, I would love the feedback.

In the meantime, I'll continue to learn from you. Thanks.
I'm [name here] from Connecticut. I identified myself as "classifieds" on your "Responses" post (it's my email name). I'm an 18 year old senior in high school aspiring to be a professional violinist. My blog is about nothing but my rants because it's the only form of catharsis I have. Jesus my ego loves this.
scastle said…
I'm a Brooklynite named Scott and I'm about three days in on my intro to the blogosphere 101.

My fiance and I are both unemployed and we just bought two of those 30-day jetBlue All-You-Can-Jet passes.

Now we're in the process of selling off our worldly possessions so we can afford to actually take a month-long, inter-continental journey. and I figured I had something worth blogging about.

shameless plug:
1thriftygal said…
Hi! I am new to blogging and wanted to leave my blog link here! Look forward to reading everyone's blogs! I am writing about my struggles and successes with saving and earning money!
RedRed said…
I'm Sandy from Salt Lake City. I've been blogging for a couple of years and I just write about stuff I like or that tickles my funny bone or that pisses me off. I also talk about my journey with Weight Watchers. You know, just regular life stuff. is the place to check out my little world.

I like what you're doing!
1thriftygal said…
Hi! I am new to blogging and wanted to leave my blog link here! Look forward to reading everyone's blogs! I am writing about my struggles and successes with saving and earning money!
JoeHoe said…
Yuh Hai, I see you've got a few posts like this but i'm not ashamed to post one too. I'm new..really new to blogging, I just started but yours looks great!
I've started my own blog, i'd be happy for your opinion..though if you have some pointers i'd gladly listen/read.
Looking forward to your comments!
Unknown said…
I've been blogging for a few years now. However, I started a few new blogs. One of them, i am writing a fictional story in a series of episodes. It is a fun project to do. The other is a blog about my family, since we recently moved away from family in Idaho to New Mexico. Then the other blog I am writing is about how I met my husband... from then on. I write the least in the last blog.

I am writing a novel that should be completed, edited, and ready for submission by the new year!

Feel free to check out any of my blogs! I post as often as I can. I am also taking online classes, and serve actively in my church, so I try to set aside time when I can to update the blogs! Cheers!

Feel free, to anyone to visit, comment, and follow along as the story progresses!
Angela Baarz said…
I love blogging because it allows everyone to share their thoughts and ideas of the world. Check out my thoughts and ideas through this advised shameless plug:
Anonymous said…
My name is Rachel and I love books! And lols.
Zach and Amanda said…
Stumbled across your blog thanks to the blog buzz--thoroughly intrigued. I am a Bible belt refugee to fled to the Pacific Northwest hub of Portland, OR. My husband and I fell in love with the area and stayed after he finished his masters; we are celebrating our five year anniversary of living here. I have been blogging for three years; it took the place of the bajillion journals on my shelf. It holds the musings of adventures, dreams, laughter and woes of being unemployed in a crappy economy!
Michael O'Neill said…
Well I found your blog through the Blog Buzz. I don't expect you to reach this comment but I think you're quite witty with words which is probably why I decided to follow. I myself am a very inactive blogger and I have a blog that I occasionally update. So as a form of "cheers" to your witty-ness here I am being a shameless plug:
P.S. Cats are mad cool. No shame there.
Kerrath said…
I blog because I seek a broader/more diversely interested audience to consume my thoughts and writing. Sometimes even closest friends don't think similarly enough or share an interest and thoughts that are inspired/interested/amusing become wasted unless one has some way to share them with others.
Ashleigh said…
Hey! I'm Ashleigh... I just found yours from the Notable Blogs section (or whatever) from my Dashboard. What a cool idea. It's 1:15 AM here, so I don't have time to read through some right now, but I'm gonna save it somewhere and come back and read them ^_^ I love creative writing and it was my best subject in all of school.

Check out my blog at

Keep it up!
Morgan said…
i really like the idea behind your blog. i myself am doing something of the sort, in that i started the blog to improve my writing and in a way to keep track of my life.

shameless plug indeed

well done if you manage to read down this far!!
Anonymous said…
Hello, My name is Sajjad and I am from Iran. I've read your post about introducing ourselves. I will be happy to know your idea and other people about us, I mean Iranians. In fact I'm interested to know about word's people ideas.
Hi stef,
Congratulations on making blog of note.
im new to the blogging world aswell.
here's my blog address, tke a ook and tell me what you think
Sarah Catherine said…
i'm new to blogging but it's pretty cool:) i like your blog a lot and i'm writing a blog about what middle school is really like because i am in middle school and i just want to have my year out there and i am hoping to get a follower because no one has followed me yet :( well my blog is p.s. i have 2 cats:)
Anonymous said…
My name is Fiona, I'm 21 and I live in Scotland. I'm very new to blogging and at the moment I have absolutely no idea what I'm even doing with a blog, but I'm hoping that my general thoughts and rantings will suffice for now! I'm studying music at Glasgow university but would really like to end up working as a music journalist one day...we can but dream! Your blog is excellent, I've thoroughly enjoyed reading it, particularly your blog about Mr Perfect being out there...I'm glad I'm not the only twenty-something who's relatively new to the whole relationship thing, but who isn't expecting a knight in shining armour to sweep me off my feet any time soon...
Anyhoo, big love, keep up the awesome blogging work!
Fiona x
Lisa said…
Thank you for allowing us to 'shamelessly plug' our own blogs. I just discovered yours by way of BoN and look forward to doing your exercises. I have been blogging for just over a year and still have so much to learn about writing, which in turn teaches me more about who I am.
Check me out at
Unknown said…
Hello Miss Blog of Note! I've enjoyed reading through some of your posts and look forward to doing some of the writing writing exercises with a fellow '09 NaNoWriMo winner! Are you going to do it again this year? I lost my momentum with my '09 novel & didn't get to the second draft. So it's shelved for now, but I hope to dust it off at some point. I have a few ideas for this year's novel. I'm officially hooked on NaNoWrimo!

My own blog doesn't have a singular theme. It's mostly filled with my random crafts, musings, and fun with my toddler.
Dale said…
Hello there.
I'm Dale Nash and I have two blogs. One of them is and the other is a more personal one -

Firstly I started blogging to make money but nowadays I do it for fun and to cure my writer's block for school.

Would be great if you could stop by and drop a comment or two! :)

All the best,
Dale. x
Rachel said…
Hey there, I'm Rachel :)

My fairly new blog... shameless plug? Don't mind if I do...

I love blogging because I feel like it's an outlet for my thoughts, even if no one is reading them half the time. Mostly what I love about it is the ability to see other people's photo blogs. I use their images to inspire mine and I learn about photography just from looking at them.
Anonymous said…

Molly from SP&A
crystal said…
Wow! There are a few responses here :)
Ill keep it short and sweet! Im Crystal from Seattle and here is my blog

I found you on the Blog of the day and think your site is really fun! Have fun weeding through all these comments!!
Beks said…
I really enjoy the interactive aspect of your blog. I just started a blog this summer, after months of contemplation. So glad I did, because now I am aware of this amazing community out there:)

My plug:

thanks for sharing & I look forward to checking in regularly to 52 Weeks of Wordage.

Active - Imagination said…
Heyy :)

Personally I think you are a blogging LEGEND and I have recently started a blog but nobody looks at it so I was just thinking maybe I am actually incredibly boring. My blog is all about life and about what happens in mine and I want to see if anyone else's is like that ... and what they say but so far no banana ... HELP!

Active - Imagination
Shay said…
Hey, I am Shay.
Is the link to my blog. Basically I am writing about my journey in Christ and what I am currently learning through books I am reading, through sunday school class, life in general, and Most importantly what God is teaching me. I would love if you stopped by! I just got started and do not have any followers!
Unknown said…
Hello! I am a new mother and new blogger. I just started a "mommy" blog. I use the term loosely. It's just a blog to keep my sanity while venturing through motherhood. It's
hayley said…
so i am blogging my experience as an au pair in northern germany! i'm having a blast so far, and this blog seems really awesome. i'll be sure to follow along.
come say hi
The Irish Bard said…
Hey! I am actually a new follower of yours... Yep's Blog of Note was the culprit that has myself and so many pthers stalking your awesome blog! I am still reading through all you've written but I love writers who can make a point without lecturing, have a sense of humor with a point (occasionally!) and is not afraid to put themselves out there. That last one is hardest for me!! So in that sense you are certainly an inspiration. Have fun in all your endeavors! Keep writing!

Shameless plug to my possibly shameful blog!!!
Anonymous said…
HI - I haven't been blogging very long, but I really do like it. Have fun with your blog, I know I have fun writing mine. Stop by and check it out sometime - or or Come on by and check all three out.

I'm also new to blogging (like everyone else)! I am currently looking for a job, so I thought I'd use my extra time to write about marketing.

Enjoy my blog!
Unknown said…
Wordage... that's a cool word you came up with...age... uh... see ya...
I'm a long time freelance writer, long time eater, long time outdoor lover, new blogger on FRESH AIR + FRESH FOOD at

After being a contestant on the RACHAEL RAY SHOW and a local reality show, Comcast Sportsnet's "WANTED: Adventure Host," I decided it was time to bring my two passions together. Why not blog? I've loved it and I hope you will check it out and love it too!

I'm inspired by the purposed approach you've taken to becoming a better writer. Thank you!

Now I'm on my way to go poke around your blog a bit more . . .
J.Day said…
Hi! I'm like a few of your followers, I'm fairly new to blogging, and found out about your blog via Blogs of Note. I've perused yours a bit, and find it very interesting! I hope I can continue to find other interesting blogs out there, and hope mine becomes interesting to more than my co-workers and family members! LOL Here's my shameless plug:

It's just a simple blog about my observations, thoughts, and what happens to me.
I've been blogging sporadically as a personal venting source. However, I have found that there are other people out there writing about similar experiences. I have no followers and likely that is because I simply write what I think and mostly that pertains to my own life. Any pointers on how to better compose blogs in a manner that interests others? I could really use the help.

I'm from Central Illinois and recently experienced divorce, which is what started my interest in blogging... I didn't have anyone to vent to and gain advice, so I figured I could start a blog and see what others had to say... although, no one said anything. I think that's because I don't know how to attract followers.

My blog is brilliant. I decided to start it as a backlash to all of the crap ones which Graphic Designers start where they think they are wacky but are in fact shit.
I am a (failed) Graphic Designer so instead blog about my everyday boring life, where nothing particularly happens apart from when I get pissed at weekends.
Follow me so that all my friends get jealous and wonder where the hell I've got all my followers.
Murray said…
Hey,found your blog a little bit later than everyone else it would seem,but loving it :)
I really appreciate what you are doing with this post,im new to blogging and finding folowers is hard so it's really good your giving people this oppurtunity to get noticed,
My blog is about music,graffiti, photography and basically anything that comes across my mind :) check it out thanks,
Rapunzel's Wish said…
Hi, I too have just started blogging - (well here anyway). I think I may have had an account here Once upon a time, but can't find it now, so it must have vanished into the great on-line blog unknown. - I'm still feeling things out here and seeing how things work and how it will go, so we'll see. I found your blog on the blogs of interest page and enjoyed reading your blog very much. I hope to get mine going and write about everyday things and interests, including an historical children's park, dear to my heart, that has had 55 year old pieces saved, and all the great folks involved. Thanks for inviting everyone to post :)
my name is Rapunzel's Wish and my blogger page is Never run with scissors -
Anonymous said…
I'm Michele, a relatively new blogger, frustrated writer, trying to figure what this is all about. Love your writing exercises and willingness to allow others to mention their sites. Mine is
Hey Stef,
I am a new blogger and your blog is actually the only blog a read haha. I think your writing style is amazing and I wish that I can develop skills like yours as I grow in the writing world. Thanks for your time and please keep writing :)
Josh Brennan said…
Hey there! I'm a new blogger, trying to explore more in this world. I think what you are doing is kinda cool -- it's nice creating this type of community and support, no? :-)

Anywhoo here's a link to my blog. Like I said, it's new and honest... It's the "entertaining" part that I'm working on!

Unknown said…
Hi Stef,

My name is Kate, from Detroit, MI. I'm a freelance writer/editor. I'm currently working on my first manuscript and it's nearing it's final stages. I'm also running a small copywriting company which has yet to grow wings and lift off the ground. I've been writing for about twenty years, ten of those I was actually serious. Anything literary is my passion, My blog, is about writing that first manuscript and trying to get a small business off the ground, with a mix of photography in the middle.

I just found your blog on "blogs of note" and read through a few and am already intrigued. I look forward to checking in to see what you have to say daily. Nice to meet you!
Unknown said…
So first before I get to my own shameless plug ;)

I love your blog it's such a cool idea and after I post this I am definitely going to follow you to watch your journey :)

So now to my own shamelessness.
My name is Emma and I am really new to blogging but I'm giving it a shot.

My blog

is all about how I live my incredibly busy life as a teenager who is very very attached to her agenda and could not live without it.

Please check it out, I would love to see any comments or tips. I write my blog for the sake of writing it but it would be nice to know someone is reading it. :)

<3 Emm.
Janice said…
Beautiful blog, well written with great graphics. Congratulations! I am a spanking brand new blogger from the West Coast of Canada. Here is my URL:

Best of luck with everything,
Ellis Bell said…
Hi Steph!
I came across your blog today and though I've seen very little yet, I really like the idea and the little I've seen so far!
I am very very new to blogging! ()
I am a translator, and as such, I write and write all day long, but never get to do very original or creative stuff. And I do have a lot of ideas and creativity, but most of the time they go to waste... I don't write all the time, but I feel like writing now and then. A couple of years ago I attended for a while a workshop on creative translation, where we worked with OULIPO techniques (your blog just reminded me of that!) and I really enjoyed. So, I will follow you and try to participate!
Have a great week!
Ellis Bell
Ellis Bell said…
I'm sorry! I was going to copy the address of my newborn blog between the brackets and I forgot! Oops, here it goes now:
P Shane McAfee said…
I really like your blog. If I have already introduced myself, please forgive me.

My name is Shane and I have a blog called BDGJM (Babbling, Drivel, Gibberish, Jibber-Jabber, and Mumbo-Jumbo). It is a family friendly connection of random ramblings and mindless minutiae.
Bill M said…
Hi! My wife is pregnant with our first kid, and I wanted a place to put down all these strange and wonderful thoughts before they disappear into sleep deprivation. Thanks for the shameless plug opportunity. I enjoy your blog and hope you enjoy mine!
My blog:
Ha, I enjoy a shameless plug as much as the next person. Although, I do believe my blog consists of shameless plugs to another site of mine that hosts all of my writing and supposedly copyrights it but the technicalities are iffy. In all honesty I only have the cite I shamelessly plug because it gets more traffic than my blogger blog. But to get to the point, I like what you're doing.

Even though I am posting with my name here is a hyperlink:
Samantha said…
Woo shameless plugs! I love the picture!
I'm just an 18 year old girl that loves to write, so I rant and rave in my blog ideal idealogies (misspellings intentional, I swear!) about a whole huge variety of topics. My posts lately have been kind of bleech due to school picking up, applying to college, and getting a job... but I still write dutifully! My older posts are a bit better though so don't judge me too harshly if you're kind enough to click! Thanks again! :D
mimosapudica7 said…
I've just joined this blogging thing today. Not so sure what I was thinking, just wanna try new things :) I arrived at your blog after seeing it at 'blog of note'.

Stef, I've got to tell you that you have a wonderful blog! I love reading what you wrote.

Nice thought on the 'shameless plug' :D
Like you, I have a passion for writing. I am currently working on the first draft of a novel which I hope one day can be published.

I am from England but live in Kuantan, Malaysia with my wife who is from Sarawak, Malaysia. We have a 2 1/2 year old daughter. We have been living in Kuantan for over four years now and I started my blog around a year ago primarily to practice and share my writing skills, but also to advertise Kuantan to a global audience on the internet.

Hope you have fun looking through my blog!
Anonymous said…
Hey Stef and people,
I'm "The Irrepressible Pinecone" - a slightly lame pseudonym, I know. :)
I'm really loving your blog, it's fantastic!
I've just moved to Blogger so I have very few posts on my blog at the moment, but it's not about pinecones- I promise. It's not about writing either, but I do like writing and literature. It's mainly on curiosities and music, really. :D I'm from the UK :)
The Irrepressible Pinecone xxx
[l said…

Unknown said…
My purpose for blogging is to keep myself writing everyday, not that I really do write every single day on my blog. I like to share funny things I find online, I talk about the tv shows that I watch, I review books and movies and share things about myself and some of my writing. Feel free to check it out.

I read other blogs just to be entertained usually or to get ideas and inspiration to be creative myself. I read cooking blogs, craft blogs, book blogs and many others as well!
Letty said…
Hey, I'm letty, a british art/ creative writing student.
my blog is basically about my life, as an artist, as a writer and as a penniless student. i've not really got good at describing it yet, because it can't decide what kind of blog it is. but you should check it out, because we have the same background O.O.

i'm loving your blog by the way!

Letty said…
haha, majorly forgot the link:

What an ambitious project that I wish I had the ambition to tackle. Here's my fledgling attempt here.

My motto? End discrimination. Hate everyone.
Hi from across the pond in the UK. A 40ish year old couple just about to set off and live in a caravan! Our blog is and its the story of us and our happenings! Sold all our chattells on ebay and off we go this Thursday! Cant wait. To find out more come see us and say hi!
Jools and "M" & our dog!
Louise said…
hello! what a lovely blog you have here. I only just arrived for the very first time, and I don't know where to begin. There is much exploring still to be done.
Like yourself, I'm a huge fan of the English language- though not always fully equipped to use it to it's fullest extent (example being that I can not for the life of me remember how to pronounce the word 'praline' which has led to all levels of embarrassment and hilarity in chocolate shops around the globe. oh well).
Anyway, onwards with the shameless plug. I'm an English girl now living in America (hooray!) and my written/illustrated blog is kind of a tribute to the coolness of life. Y'know, adventures and musings and all that goodly stuff. Here it is....

Anyway, awesome site Steph. Now, let me get back to nosing around :) Louise x
Louise said…
Oops, I spelt your name wrong (above). How rude of me, I take it back! Stef. There we go. Much better!
Maggie said…
I'm Tiff: left-brained, Gemini, English Literature major (former vocal performance major, BY THE WAY) from Dallas, Texas. I'm new to the blogosphere but am enjoying my time far. =]

Oh, and thank you for the follow Stef! I hope my blog is eventually as awesome as yours.

- Tiff
Kfred said…

I am the Executive Director of The Flatline Thinking Institute (FTI) of Alternative Interpretation and Observations. The Institute is populated with a staff of questionable mental capacity and overall abilities. Our primary duty is to offer policy, analysis, and observations generated by the same staff that mental health professionals have identified as Weirdos, Whackos, and Misfits.

We publish no ads, money-making redirects, or cute cat pictures. We don't do long-list answers to blog surveys, offer bribes to follow our site, write insightful poetry/haiku pieces or attempt to curry favor to other blogs with pseudo awards. We don't use Twitter or have a Facebook fan page as our secondary goal is to accomplish the tasks described above and remain as low key as possible to avoid any further ridicule and scorn.

We merely attempt to produce some type of research, analysis, and deep interpretation that would pass any legal challenges made to a minimum standard.

I hope you come over, read it, and then realize that no matter how bad things are, you are thankful that you aren't a part of our mess.

bahbahBECCA said…
Hello there! I'm Becca and I've been blogging for a while, but just not on blogger. When I was younger my grandfather impressed upon me the importance of writing to express what you are feeling and ever since he died I haven't been able to stop. I love writing a blog because it feels as though I can throw all of my words together and get it off of my chest so it's no longer pressing down on me. On my old blog I wrote a lot of pieces about heartache but I'm trying to be more positive and I'm writing a lot of nonsensical things.
Sasha said…
Hey Steph,
Found your blog on Blog of Note on my blogger dashboard today and I must say it's pretty interesting. While I'm not quite into writing, I understand the creative process of it and (here's my shameless plug) how it relates to other crafts like scrapbooking which is what my blog focuses on: I'm new to blogging but hoping that it'll expand my business. I'll be reading you regularly now!
Anonymous said…
Hi Stef!

I finally made the leap into Blogger land after perusing around your blog after seeing it as a BoN... 3 days ago. Congrats on that! and how exciting to see the number of your followers steadily increasing!!!
Anyway, I've always enjoyed reading other peoples creative writing, so your blog is fun for me, and even better now that you've made it interactive! (I posted my Mr. Burns comment yesterday).

I will shameless plug now (thanks!):

I'm not sure where it's going yet, and only has 3 posts so far.. but i'm posting every day to stay in the habit.
Thanks again, and happy blogging!!

My name is Rosie and I started blogging after the break-up of the longest relationship I ever had as a way to vent out. We have so many mutual friends that it was too difficult to talk to them because I have been handling the breakup way better than he has. It's really for my own edification but I enjoy hearing other people's opinions, which I also read other blogs like yours.
my shameless plug:
Unknown said…
Hello. I'm a grumpy old man as the name of my blog One Foot in the Grave suggests (to British readers at least.) That said, I do try to keep a sense of humour as no-one wants to read rant after rant.

I read other blogs to get a smile and lean a bit about someone else's life.
Summer Ross said…
Hello- I'm Summer, I collect pens and fairies. My favorite past time is writing, and my blog is about everything from writing- to life, so enjoy and I'll be glad to reach out to some of you as well.
Anonymous said…
I left a quick comment earlier and thankfully someone let me know the link for my blog did not work. So, here it is again.
Thanks! I am really enjoying your posts!
Yvonne said…
Hello there, my name is Yvonne and I am from Texas -Houston to be exact. I just started my blog but have been writing all of my life. Mainly, my blog is about my dating life -or lack thereof, and sometimes I'll post some poetry and/or short stories or essays I've written. Mostly, my blog is about trying to find myself and figure out how to make myself happy. Well that, and writing that great novel of course! I hope you drop by from time to time and check it out!
Ms. Maggie '46 said…
Female, almost 64, parent, wife, teacher, artist,writer, full-blown nut. Music follower of heavy metal, jazz, modern classical, bluegrass, baroque, European Black Metal (ooooo, scary!), blues et al.
Gigantic fan of creative endeavors, both physical and mental. Love most animals as much as most people. My blog is a collection of life experiences, studious thoughts, and silly stuff.
Thanks for listening! Ms.Maggie '46
Anonymous said…
Hey There Fellow Writer! Great to have found your post and share as I have entered the blogging world. I enjoy writing and photography and including my two cents whenever I can on whatever I can. I have plenty of crazy thoughts and enjoy melding them with the others floating around in this world.
Hope all continues to go well, and maybe I will see some of you on Crazy Thinking.
Monica said…
Hello, i'm not sure how i stumbled onto your blog but i'm glad i did, it seems very interesting, i think i can have alot of fun doing your writing excercises. I'm new to the blog world...the reason i started a blog was because i watched the movie julie and julia, then a friend of mine created a blog and so i thought "why not". I'm not sure what my focus is going to be for my blog but for now it's called "In My 30's". I'm 31, married, with a 2 year old daughter and 4 month old son. I would just like to be a more active person and i feel that if i blog about my goals and pretend that the world is reading it then i would be more likely to try to complete the goal so that i dont let my readers down...kinda silly i know but it's worth a try. anyway, thank you for setting up a cool blog and giving me the opportunity to comment on it.
A.K.A. Humidity said…
I am David, Age 31. Blogg

I am a Philosopher, I like Physiology. If you read my bloggs you will see what I mean, I also know that sometimes I have trouble spelling simple words I ask for kindness on that there is a reason though I don't wish to state why at this moment. Thank you
Harp-a-chic said…
Hey there! What an interesting project. My name is Katie and I am just blogging generally to purge myself. I'm a musician and live thousands of miles from my parents and family and began blogging (again, after a LONG break) to keep them up to date, to make sure my English doesn't completely turn into the dribble I write on Facebook, and to appease my general love for the art of journaling. I'm imagining this prospect is HUGELY boring. :-) Kudos for a lovely idea.
Lexi Kathryn said…
just stumbled upon your blog- I am a new blogger, struggling to find a purpose and identify my desired audience. I am happy I found someone who is blogging just for the purpose of writing and improving- as that is generally why I am writing as well. I am a 22 year old college graduate who is traveling at the moment and writing what I see, as well as the inevitable what I think.
blue zadie said…

I've just started my blog, so it's fairly sparse at the moment. Check it out anyways. It is filling up by the minute!

I live in Richmond, Virginia and am working to get a degree in Journalism. This blog, however, is more a collection of things I find interesting or entertaining. Blogging is so much fun and finding other people's blogs that are filled with the things I love or find interesting too always makes my day!
Congrats on the Bloggers of Note. I'm a writer and copywriter. My blog, Who Moved My Buddha? is about change, which is another way of saying it's about life, and it's also about writing, which is a big part of my life.
Marissa Hawkins said…
Hi, Stef!
I just found your blog and I love what you are doing with it! You've made it very welcoming as well as interesting in content. Brava!
I have a little blog containing accounts of my adventures in the desert, interesting observations, and a little fiction and poetry. I have so far only managed to post about 0.97 times per week, on average. But I'm trying for more. I'd love for you to stop by and let me know what you think!
Also, congrats on making Bloggers of Note.
Kind Regards,
Recursively said…
Shameless. I am trembling with excitement! I run a clandestine operation over yonder at Recursively.blogspot, with a splash of color and fun at Whose-its.blogspot. The trick is that I hide Easter Eggs on my blog (and perhaps links to my hidden blogs!). Can you solve my identity? The links are there, you just have to find them. But me, I am a plain old vanilla, computer programming, chic who was an ugly baby. No, really, I was! I think it's good to be honest about our past, don't you? Integrity in writing is so rare nowadays... sort of paparazzi publishing or something...well, if you don't come visit me, then at least go watch this very funny (and clean) video because it is CLEVER, and that's all I am sayin'
But do come visit anyway, K? Deal? Pinky-Promise? Bis Spater!
Hye!! I'm a Malaysian girl (do u know where Malaysia is btw?), who just started blogging after being inspired by my friends. I would really appreciate it if u become a follower of my blog, as I will of yours. My blog is
I am quite new to the "Blogging" scene. I love to write and post thoughts, and decided to try a new adventure. I hope you will visit my blog to give me some valuable insight as to what I am doing write or wrong!
Emily Hornburg said…
I just came across your blog about oh.... 15 minutes ago. But I love the idea of it. I'm a writer (or at least I pretend to be) and I like getting new ideas and ways of thinking. So YAY for following your blog now.

I call myself a "permanent visitor of Missouri" because currently I am living in MO but my heart is in CHICAGO. I work as a youth minister at my church, which entails all sorts of ridiculousness. WOO HOO!

I love blogging because I can have basically free reign of what I write and I can simply be me. Then I enjoy reading other peoples blogs because I like hearing different opinions and ideas of other people and seeing what they are thinking.

My shameless plug!!!!
Parisa said…
The name is Parisa and I'm originally from the SF Bay Area, CA.

New blog. I blog about whatever I feel like talking about. It's sort of a mish mash about who I am, what I like, and what I do. So topics will vary from day to day.

[[Stef, I really like your blog by the way. And I must admit I admire your doing these exercies everyday.]]
Hey Stef! Glad I stumbled across your blog (of note). It seems a vibrant and lively place with some fun and useful writerly ideas flying around.
I'm Franklin, writer and chronic procrastinator. I'm relatively new to the blogosphere so be nice, people.

My home is here:
Hey everyone! I'm a soon-to-be college student and in my spare time I enjoy taking photos and shamelessly plugging my blog where I post them:
ib said…
Hello. My name is Ib. I live in America (Indiana) I am fairly new to blogging. I only wanted to introduce myself and thank you for putting up such a fun blog. If you have a chance, sneak a peak of my blog.
It's about my daily struggles with OCD. It is still in it's infancy so there is only four posts.
Agatha said…
Hi! Im Agatha. A new mom, an interior designer and creative designer trapped in a corporate jungle. To keep it sweet and simple, I've just started blogging this month, writing about my thoughts about anything and everything I could think of. I wanted my blog to have a theme, but i still could not come up with one. If you have the chance, please do check it out:
StrangeBird said…
Hiya - my name is StrangeBird and I'm a relative newbie to the blogging scene. I happened upon your blog just a few days ago - and I think it's really interesting; I can't wait to see what other challenges you face!

I started my blog because I felt like I needed an outlet - somewhere to go and express my feelings - in all their glory, humor and utter despair - without repercussion or judgement. I love reading others blogs and learning about them and their lives - new perspectives to age-old problems. If you feel like having a look, my blog is at:

Emily Brisse said…
Hi Stef--

If you get through all of these comments, I will be AMAZED! Congrats on the publicity, and of course, just doing what you're doing and having fun with it. That's the most important part, right?

I'm a writer, too, and an HS teacher, so...mind if I borrow some of your exercises? They look great! I write a lot about the idea of place--specifically where each of us call home--so that's what I blog about, too. Check it out, if you'd like.

Be well!
Greenwood, MS.
Former English major.
Grocery store cashier.
Lover of short poems.
Anonymous said…
My name is Kym and I just started my first blog. I LOVE what you're doing and I love to write so I'm excited to take part in some of your exercizes. My blog is Just a place for me to ponder some of the things I see happening in the world today. So glad I came across yours.
Hi. I love what you are doing. Your blog caught my attention for two reasons - first I love words, and second, my own is based on a year long project.

I just started my first blog yesterday in preparation to change what isn't working in my life in one year. I want to get myself, my finances and my home in the best shape they have ever been in. My official start date is 10/15/10.
suesal said…
Hi Stef!
I am a new blogger -it's an attempt to find an expression for the creativity I feel is locked inside. I am, as of today, an Empty Nester -have 2 sons. I minored in Voice Performance in college -oh about a hundred years of luck to you in your senior year! I try to stay active musically and theatrically on a community level. I came across your blog through blogs of note -and it's one I keep returning to so I thought I would start to try some of the exercises. I am finding I can get hooked on the whole blog thin even though I'm clueless about how to navigate it all - but your prompts are awesome - I wish I had found them while I was still directing a high school drama club - would have been great for character development. Well, since you have hundreds of people introducing themselves, I'll sign off. My very uncreatively named blog is: Pop on over and say hi!
T. A. R. said…
I think I am response 181, at least, and let me say, I have no idea how you have the time to go through all of this! I am a 20 something canadian, I didn't start bloggin till A few months ago, and am enjoying it. Just started to flip through other blogs out of curiousity and thats interesting, just wish I could figure out how I can search a topic on Blogspot.
I have two blogs, is a collection of my poetry, some old some new, it has made me start pulling the poetry out of daily life. is a contemplation of near-pointless topics, much fun to write.
I am attempting to eventually read all of your blog, but having just discovered it, I am behind, and I am afraid I do not entirely understand your make it up monday.
I am enjoying the projects, intersting, and good practice!
Aimz said…
I'm Aimée, just began blogging a few days ago as I love writing and am hoping to do journalism next year at uni! My blog is, and will be, compiled of a little bit of everything and will follow me on my Gap Year.. however exciting or uneventful that proves to be!
feel free to follow!
Ink Champagne said…
Hi Stef... and anyone else who's reading this!

Congrats on BoN status! Fab writing; I just signed up as your shiny brand-new follower! :)

I'm from Leeds, England and share a passion for writing. I'm doing a creative writing course in my spare time.

Mine's a poetry blog.

Drop by if you have time with all these fabulous shameless plugs :D

Desiree' said…
hey Stef, I'm a new blogger. I'm basically blogging on blogspot right now for school in an english class but i LOVE blogs. Mostly because I like to know what other people are doing (which sounds a little creepy.) It makes me happy to see other people sharing their lives and their ideas and I really like sharing my own as well, especially if there is good feedback. Right now I’m not for certain what my new blog should be about, my brain just doesn’t want to come up with any great ideas.
Anyways, I just wanted to let you know also that I love your blog and I love keeping up with it.
Jenna said…
Fabulous blog! Much respect! I love what you're doing. I've started following your blog and 3 others just from reading your comments.

I am a strugging writer from Baltimore and I blog as a way of releasing my writing tensions and frustrations so I don't chuck my laptop out the window. So, I'd like to add my shameless plug and hopefully you or any others that may read this will get some enjoyment from my work as well.

<3 Jenna
Sophia Chang said…
As my moniker suggest, you can bet I like all things 52 :)

Really nice to meet you through Blogs of Note - a fellow WriMo too! NaNoWriMo is the only thing that's ever gotten me to complete my novels at last. I have 2 done and 1 at 30,000 words. I'm rewriting my latest one to prepare for beta readers.

GREAT VOICE my dear!
May-Day_Aura said…
Hello there, Stef! I'm May-Day, a quirky nerd-girl from central Texas. Nice to meet you! I stumbled upon your blog a few days ago through the "Blogs of Note" section. I'm relatively new to the blogging scene and am slowly acquiring blog sites to read. I was drawn to yours because of the title and how it had to do with writing. I'm a writer myself (nothing published yet though) and found your daily writing exercises interesting and inspiring. I can't wait to read more of them! I think this "introduce yourself" post is a great idea. It helps connect your readers and allows people to find new blogs to enjoy. And since you suggested for us to do a "shameless plug," here's mine: It's a blog where I can share my thoughts and life experiences, exhibit some of my creative writings and crafts, and promote the various theatrical projects I’m working on. ^_^
Hey Stef, this is.....uh-Steph.

I stumbled onto your blog through the featured-blogs do-hicky-thingy on the main blogger sign in page.

First time here. I really appreciate your 'funness' if that makes sence. So many people out there are just plain negative. So THANKS FOR THAT.

I am a Christian Missionary-Artist who blogs about my (our- mine and my husbands) journeys and I am slowy trying to learn how to become better writer and not so uptight about how posh I sound or seriously I am taken.
Astrid Crosland said…
Hello! My name is Astrid, I'm foreign by birthright so exist somewhere between New Zealand and Scotland. I started a blog sometime this week because people were asking if they could read my work (namely a musical with the working title "Grave Business." I suppose I'm commited to it now... Oh dear...

My love of writing stems from my love of books, which probibly arrived from the fact my parents were found of using the library as a daycare centre.

Aside from writing my hobbies include sewing, biology (what - it can be a hobby), picnics, parties, baking and smoothly dodging bullets.

Follow the music... And other things...
Hey, I'm a new blogger and I just decided to leave almost everything I know and move to the other side of the country. I decided to blog to keep up a sense normalcy and something to look forward to everyday. Moving date is 9/2/2010 and at least one daily blog for the first year. From east coast city to west coast desert. (yikes, where's the snow?)

I love trying new things. Wish me luck!!
Lisa said…
Well, I found your blog the other day via a trail of other blogs. I am a mother of two young children, trying to blog (mainly as a way for our extended family to see the babies). I have always been a horrible writer. So bad that the only D I ever earned in college was in freshman english. I love the idea of your blog. I would love to learn some tips and improve my writing skills. Thanks for letting me follow!
Kirsten said…
Hey there! I'm Kirsten, nice to meet you (well, cyber-meet you). My blog began as a food planning/recipe site and has quickly progressed into something a bit more, well, random in nature. Come visit me!
Ain.m said…
Since you asked so nicely....

Hi! My names Ain and I am Malaysian but am currently residing in New Zealand.
I like to learn. Not in the nerdy kind of way, but I'm quite curious and therefore I love learning new things that others post on their blogs that I might not have known.

Blogs actually is an outlet for me. A way for me to rant or whats on my mind. To exercise my thoughts really.

One more thing. The sky is not the limit because there are footprints on the moon. :)

P.S. I love your blog.
गौरव said…
Your blogs are so much fun! :)

I'm Gaurav. I'm 20years old and I'm from India although I've been living in the US for most of my life. Right now I'm in the process of moving to Buenos Aires: the city of nightlife, steak and wine! :) Follow me on my journey:


ॐ Gaurav. said…
I am from Russia.

I like online games and fun.

Thank you for your blog
Hi Steph! Im am only one week into blogging for the very first time. I started actually more as therapy for myself more than anything else. I didn't tell anybody what I was doing and then one day I had 3 followers. LOL! I found you in past Blogs of Note and was hoping to learn to be a better writer. I have ALWAYS regretted not taking that damn creative writing class in high school. Anyway, I love the way you write, and sing, and will be checking up on you daily. =))

A Day In The Life...
Anonymous said…
Hi guys is there a possibility to get the picture with the white cat saying "hai!!!"?

I stumbled over it via google picture search...

thank you in advance!


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