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With this review, I'd like to introduce a new installment to 52 Weeks of Wordage:

From here on out, I'm going to try and review something - anything - every Tuesday. We'll see how this pans out once school starts, but for the remaining summer weeks, I'll do my best to make this a weekly thing.

Do you like this idea? Let me know what you think!

And without further ado,

Valentines Day - A Review

I loved this movie. It's been a while since I watched a movie that was engrossing even in the slightest, and just... adorable, really. There are lots of different stories going on which might get a bit overwhelming, but I felt like the director (Gary Marshall) balanced it all out pretty well. movie starts out as Reed Bennet (Ashton Kutcher), the owner of a flower shop, proposes to his girlfriend (Jessica Alba). She, of course, accepts as per the romantic comedy style, and they joyously celebrate their love for one another. Throughout the movie, as he tells his friends all respond with shock. "She said yes? Wow."

After we're introduced to Reed, the story heads over to self-proclaimed Valentine's Day miser and reporter, Kelvin Moore (Jamie Foxx) as his boss assigns him to a February 14th-inspired report despite his pleads to be given a different job.

From there, the audience is directed to Dr. Harrison Copeland (Patrick Dempsey) and Julia Fitzpatrick (Jennifer Garner), a close friend of Reed's, who are preparing for the day. We discover that Harrison is married - but not to Julia - and Julia doesn't know that he's two-timing her. As she leaves his place, she meets Felicia (Taylor Swift) who has just received a surprise present - a giant, white teddybear - from her boyfriend, Willy (Taylor Lautner). She gushes in the elevator about her "bf" and how he surprised her with the gift. It's obviously a case of new, highschool love, and Julia sarcastically encourages her excitement.

The story then shifts to Liz (Anne Hathaway) and Jason (Topher Grace). Their relationship has just begun, and things are going well, but she has yet to break the news to him that she is a sex phone operator for a company called "Naughty Nimphos," rushing out of his apartment to take a call in a southern accent. She is also temping at a company for (Queen Latifah) who is an agent for Sean Jackson (Eric Dane), an aging quarterback who is on the verge of retiring from football. His publicist, Kara Monahan (Jessica Biel), and also a friend of Julia's, blows into a paper bag to relax after she realizes that no one has rsvp-ed for her annual "I Hate Valentine's Day" party.

On a plane ride to LA, Holden (Bradley Cooper) and Captain Kate Hazeltine (Julia Roberts) meet and get to know each other. She is on her way to LA from Iraq to spend a day with her "special man," and Holden has just broken up with his significant other.

Don't worry, there are only a couple more couples to tell you about. First up are Edgar (Hector Elizondo) and Estelle (Shirley MacLaine) are an older couple who seem to have it all together, and they have a grandson, Edison (Bryce Robinson), who is in love with Julia (Garner), his teacher. The 2nd couple is comprised of Alex (Carter Jenkins) and Grace (Emma Roberts), who are planning to have sex for the first time during their lunch break at high school.

Whew! Did that get twisted enough for you?

I won't tell you about all of the plot twist and so on, but I will say that there are a bunch of them. I mean, how could you not have a twist or two added into such a complicated premise? After all of the shenanigans are said and done, the credits rolled, leaving me with a smile on my face and a light heart. As I said before, there seem to be an overwhelming amount of stories going on, but as I watched it I felt like they were each dealt with well and appropriately.

The only thing that really bothered me was the Taylor squared love story. While I appreciate that they poked fun at new, highschool romances, I didn't really see the point of their story. They had nothing to do with the main storyline, and, let's face it, Taylor Swift simply is not an actress. She's not much of a singer/songstress either, but at least her tunes are catchy.

Don't get me wrong; this movie is a trifle. One might even call it bad. But it's entertaining, a true non-thinking movie despite its many subplots. If you're looking for a deeply emotional movie then Valentine's Day is most definitely not for you, but if you are looking for a movie that will raise your spirits after a long, difficult day then go ahead and watch it. You won't regret it; I promise.

And so that was the first installment of The Tuesday Review! Love it? Hate it? Meh? Give me your thoughts!


Teddi said…
Hi, thanks so much for your comment on my Twilight post. It's good to know that there are other people out there who feel the same way. I try not to be overly sensitive, but I must admit that at moments the series does sincerely concern me. Anyway, I really love your blog and will be following. This is a great idea you have going. You seem like a good writer already but you will certainly grow after this experience!!

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