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He Was Really Cute, OK?? Don't Judge...

Not only was he cute, but he was really nice. 2 thumbs way, way up (Thanks, Ebert)!

So I was at the Logan's Roadhouse by my church this afternoon eating lunch with 2 friends of mine, and our server - let's call him GreenEyes - walks up to us and gives us the basic run-down.

"Welcome to Logan's Roadhouse, guys. My name is GreenEyes, and I'll be taking care of you today." My first impression was - duh - his eyes. They were this seafoam green color, and I'm pretty sure I gawked absentmindedly for at least minute before shaking my head and burying my face bashfully into the menu. It's a color that I'd only seen in makeup commercials that have been extensively doctored to appeal to the masses or showcased in famous pictures like the one on the right.
I love this picture. Gorgeous.

I offered up a congenial "hello" along with my two friends, and continued to search the list of vittles available to me after we order our drinks. Of course, by the time he comes back with our drinks and asks us what we'd like to order, I had been sufficiently distracted by amiable conversation with my friends and was unable to decide on anything to eat. This is a normal habit of mine, and I usually ask my server to start at the other end of the table and end with me in an attempt to focus. It's also normal for me to be completely incapable of making up my mind about what I want to eat, because, you see, I am terribly indecisive.

What usually happens is something like this:

Stefers (to server): Ok, if someone were to come up to you with a gun in their hand and ask you, right then and there, what you would order, what would you say?

Server: Wow. Well, uh... blah blah blah. [Blahs stand for something specific on the menu.]

What happened this specific time was this:

Stefers (to GreenEyes): Ok, so what would you recommend out of this entire menu?

GreenEyes: Hmm... Well, do you have a basic idea of something that you want? Because that would help narrow down the list a lot.

Stefers: Steak. (pause) Yeah, steak.

GreenEyes leaned toward me to look at my menu and circled with his pen "The Logan," Logan's "Biggest and Best Sirloin."

GreenEyes: It's not our biggest steak available, but it's the best price for the biggest. Does that make sense?

Stefers: Got it. Let's go with that.

I decidedly put down my menu, proud that my choice was made so efficiently.

GreenEyes (expectantly): You get 2 sides with that.

Stefers: Oh, crap. I forgot about that.

I fumbled clumsily with the menu, frantically searching for the sides. Sides... Sides... Where in the hell are the sides?!?! Noticing my confusion, GreenEyes began listing off each and every side item, and I soon decided on macaroni and cheese and a baked potato. Ah, carbs, how I love thee.

Now, we didn't have a sit-down talk or anything, but all throughout the meal, there was little witty repartee going on between me and GreenEyes, and I just figured he was being nice and playing for tips. Additionally, I didn't know this guy from Adam. He could be crazy-psycho-stalker dude, and I would have absolutely no idea!

Plus - and I hate to say this because it sounds so shallow - he was short. Not short as in 5'4" or anything, but being that I am a whopping 5'11," anything under 5'10" feels absolutely petite to me. I generally like my men to make me feel dainty, because I so very rarely feel like that on a day-to-day basis. But I'm getting ahead of myself...

At the end of the meal, he handed us our respective receipts saying, "I forgot to add in your drinks," he said with a smile. "Sorry about that."

That was just keen of him, wasn't it??

At any rate, I thought to myself, This guy was nice. I'm going to give him a nice tip. And then the other thoughts started rushing in. Hey, Stefers, he wasn't just nice. He was really nice. A tip won't cover that... That little voice wouldn't shut up until I said aloud, "So here's the question: do I leave my phone number on his receipt or not?"

My guy friend who was sitting across the table from me, looked at me pointedly and said, "Do it."

Suddenly, I started to get nervous. Why am I putting my phone number on a receipt and giving it to a complete stranger? I'm silly. Absolutely and irrevocably silly. Yet I found myself jotting down my digits followed by a cliche "Call me!" and a smiley face. Seriously, Stefers? You couldn't think of anything more original than that? For shame, Stefers. For shame. You're supposed to be one of those creative, writerly types, and the best you could come up with was "Call me!" Ugh..., it wasn't like I was expecting him to call me anyway. You see, unless he's a total doucher, I'm sure that brightened his day a bit which makes making a fool out of myself totally worthwhile. I know when stuff like that happens to me, I beam for the rest of the day. Heck, I may not be attracted to the person who showed an interest, but what an ego boost, right? So why not?

But here's the clincher:

What if he does call?? I mean, who does that? I have absolutely no idea how I would even handle that situation.

Way to think things through, Stefers.

Considering all possible outcomes has never been my strong point.

But don't get me wrong. I'd be super flattered, and, honestly, a date would be really nice right now in my life. Not a serious date or anything, but just hanging out with someone else other than my close friends, you know... Getting to know someone new.

Maybe that's what spurned this whole thing. It's possible, I guess.

Have you done anything like this? Have you ever been foolish enough to give a complete stranger your number??



Miss Spletts said…
That was fabulous to read! I hope he calls! I need some cheesiness in my life right now!
Stef Howerton said…
Oh, Miss Spletts... I do my best to provide your much-needed cheese. You know I live for cheesiness!
Diandra said…
Hehe, I promised to meet the BF (stranger to me back then) if he brought cookies and dressed like a pirate (we'd met online, something with rubber ducks and cookies). He did, and that was more than 3 years ago... Therefore I'd say, WOOHOO!!! Meeting random strangers who bribe you with food is great. (^v^)

(And he knows his meat.)
Stef Howerton said…
I'm afraid not, but that's what I was expecting. I only hope that I brightened his day a little. :)
squinto said…
Ah, I loved that post! He seemed like the type of guy to smile like a crazy fool for the rest of the day, so at least you can feel satisfied in that regard.

But man, I could only give out my number to a total stranger if I was feeling crazy at that particular moment. I like to play it safe (you can also call it boring). :D
Yes, I have a similar tale to tell. I was in South Beach alone and I took myself out for dinner on the famed Lincoln Road. I didn't want to go anywhere too fancy, so I found a little cafe with outdoor seating that advertised vegetarian food (sorry Steph, no steak for me!). I lit up a cigarette, as is permissable in this part of Miami, and my waiter made a comment. He said I was really beautiful and it was too bad that I smoked because he'd like to ask me out.

We exchanged a few witty remarks and I instantly took a liking to him because he had the good sense to like me. Also, he was short. Shorter than me by a good two inches (I am 5'5"). But, he had a cute face and he was sweet and he had a sexy British accent. At the end of the meal I left him my number and my lighter. It was cute. He called.

We went on two dates than I moved halfway across the country. He actually flew up north in the winter to see me, which I rather he didn't do. But, that is another story...
Anonymous said…
Love this post. It's those silly, spontaneous, and slightly embarassing moments like this that make life exciting.

So you acted impulsively, so what? The guy didn't call? Who cares? You figured he wouldn't, but you did it anyway, just because.

That's awesome!

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