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Where On Earth Is SteferstheGreat?

I've been MIA, and for that I beg your forgiveness. But I have an excuse... sort of. Just hear me out, ok?

So this past weekend was my Grandfather T's 80th birthday celebration blowout. On Friday, my immediate family and I (MomLady, Pops, Sissybug, and myself) planned to leave for Williamsburg, VA from our home in Nashville, TN at approximately 7:30am. I even slept over the previous night so I wouldn't have to drive over early that morning.

I must go on a side-rant at this point to point out the fact that my mother, God love her, is never on time for anything. Not anything that she doesn't deem important anyways. I love my Mom. She's an excellent person, and I've never met a single being who didn't like her. But seriously, the woman can't show up on time to save her life!

That being said, she is the sole reason that we didn't pile into our car on Friday until around 10:30am. Three hours behind schedule. Now, Sissybug and Pops didn't really help on that front, either, but if MomLady had been on time, I think they would have followed suit.

I should have known that we would run late. I really should have. And yet there I was, optimistically sitting on the mahogany-colored leather couch with my bags all packed at 7:30am when MomLady had just gotten out of bed. I sighed to myself as I heard the water start running in the bathroom above me: the master bathroom. Not only that, but MomLady hadn't even packed at this point!

Eventually, Pops and Sissybug began milling around as well, verifying that they had everything they needed for the weekend, and there I was, still sitting - albiet a bit grumpily - on that leather couch. Only by that time I had picked up a controller to Sissybug's XBOX 360 and was playing a rousing bit of Mass Effect 2. It's actually a really fun game if you're into the whole gaming thing. It is, of course, catered to their target demographic (young men from 14-30), but besides that fact it's quite entertaining.

Finally, the fam piles into the car at 10:30am, dogs in tow, and we make our way to the kennel. This is an entire story all on its own, so I'll save that for a later date.

After we drop the dogs off, we finally hop on the interstate and drive.

And drive...
And drive...

And drive...

For those of you unfamiliar with the trek between Nashville, TN and Williamsburg, VA, let me just tell you that I hope to never have to do that again. Ever. We traded off manning the steering wheel and got there by around 11:30pm (eastern time), immediately throwing ourselves into our respective beds. 12 hours of driving can really suck a person dry of energy.

Unfortunately, however, it would seem that Sissybug and I were to sleep on one of the most uncomfortable pull-out couches ever constructed by man. Every spring made itself very well-known to our backsides, and I'm pretty sure the word "lumpy" doesn't even begin to cover this molehill-infested ground masquerading as a place where people are supposed to sleep.

MomLady and Pops didn't have it much better, though. Sissybug and I laid on their bed and were confused as to why the hotel thought it was a good idea to place a matress with a slab of concrete. MomLady was pleased, though, because she loves a good, hard bed. Dad, a self-proclaimed lover of plush, soft bedding was forced to sleep on that for the whole weekend. Unfortunate. I almost felt sorry for him, but then I remembered what I had to sleep on.

The rest of the family, Uncle J and his wife and two kids, Uncle W and his wife, Aunt D, and Grandfather T all got together the next morning to eat. And eat we did. First, we gathered at a diner-type place with your basic Americana vittles. Mere hours later, we went to a really nice restaurant that had - gasp, lobster bisque. You all know how I would kill for that stuff. I was so happy. I also was extremely pleased to get seafood from a state that wasn't landlocked. Needless to say, it was all very delicious.

The next day was spent at Colonial Williamsburg. Now, I had a good time, but it was HOT, and I do not do well in hot weather. I get cranky and irritable, and all I can think about is finding someplace that has air conditioning. We did eat in a restaurant while there called The King's Arms Tavern which was actually pretty neat. They had root beer and ginger ale on tap, and it was all brewed locally with a special recipe. One word can be used to describe it: delicious.

I'll post more about my experience at the King's Arms Tavern later.

More walking around and sweating was to be had for the rest of the day, but a few hours later my family (well, everyone but Sissybug who apparently loves being fried alive) decided to drag our withered bodies back to the hotel where we took a nap until a planned get-together where we sat in the lobby of the hotel and exchanged "Why We Love Grandfather T" stories. It was really nice, actually, to hear MomLady and her brothers (Uncle W and Uncle J) talk about the olden days when they were growing up and gas only cost fifteen cents per gallon.

After an hour or so of that, we went back to our hotel room and packed, threw our bags into MomLady's SUV and drove back to Nashville. We had originally planned to leave on Monday, but I had to be back at work at 3pm, so we thought it best to leave Monday night and drive straight through. We made it home around 10am (central time).

And that was my weekend. That was why I didn't post on Monday. As to why I didn't post on Tuesday... Well... I'm going to place the blame on... something other than me. I don't quite know what that something might be, but it's not my fault ok?!?!

Ok, so it's totally my fault. I'm such a procrastinator.

I'm going to go off and sulk in my procrastinating ways.



Uncle J said…
Classic. Half of vacation time spent getting there and back. Time there marked by confusion and delay, punctuated by fleeting moments of quiet enjoyment and warm kinship. Life in a weekend. Nice seeing you all!
Mario said…
Ha,ha.My mom is always late as well. I was almost late getting on the plane for my study aboard trip because she decided to buy a trivial item for herself. Well, that sounded like a wonderful adventure.I get irritated as well under the summer heat. Happy Belated Birthday to your Grandfather. Also, great bio pic;very beautiful.

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