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Exercise #149 : "Accidents"

What is the worst accident you have ever had? The most recent? The silliest? The strangest? The most painful? The most embarrassing?

This can be done for yourself or for a fictional character.

1,2,3, GO!

I am what you might call a klutz. No, not might. Would. Murphy's Law follows me around like a stalker, waiting for that precise moment to knock me off my feet or trip me with well-placed fishing wire and drag me into a dark alleyway for less-than-savory activities (Too much? Probably, but I'm ok with that.).

That being said, I am no stranger to accidents. I have an accident probably once a day. This is not an exaggeration. It's amazing that I've only fractured my elbow in my lifetime. I should probably have been in a full body cast at some point; I'm sure of it.

But anyways, I must make an attempt to categorize a few of these klutz-tacular moments.
  1. the worst accident - 5th grade. I was on a travel soccer team. A girl from another team and I are running toward each other in hopes of reaching the ball in between us before one another. She gets there first and kicks as hard as she can. Unfortunately for me, she missed and connected with my knee. Needless to say, my knee has never been the same, and I still can't run on a treadmill.
  2. most recent - Well, this morning, I got up out of my bed, took a step, and collapsed. Apparently my leg had fallen asleep. Whoopsy-daisy!
  3. silliest -I think #2 qualifies for this one.
  4. strangest - Ah, strangest... Right off the top of my head I can't think of a strange accident that I had. I think I'll have to pass on this one, because all strange accidents - and I'm sure I've had several - are evading me at the moment.
  5. most painful - Let's go with #1 for that one.
  6. most embarrassing - Once again in 5th grade. I was on my way back to homeroom after PE and had already changed from my PE uniform into my magenta, velour pants set. Yes, friends, I was that little girl who wore the shirt with the matching pants. Add on the fact that it was velour, and you know I was a child of the 90s. Anyways, I was running in the rain from the gym to my classroom, and I slipped on a patch of mud and went sliding a few feet, completely ruining my outfit. My best friend at the time ran up to me, laughing and pointing - sure, it's funny now, but at the time I was horrified - and motioning to the other kids to come join in on the frivolity. It's a distant memory now, but I remember my heart stopping from embarassment.
And there we have it. Stefers' Collection of Best-Remembered Accidents.

How about you guys? What was your most embarrassing moment? The more embarassing the better!!



Diandra said…
The first accident I remember includes my left foot and - no, I checked the scars, it was my right - and the tyre of my eldest sister's bike. I was sitting behind her, no special seat for kids. Come to think of it, it was a stupid idea. My foot spent several weeks in a cast. I think my sister has forgotten the incident.

The most embarassing accident was when I watched a hot guy going down the street - and ran into a lamp post. No severe injuries, apart from my dignity. But boy, that a*s*s was worth it.
Regina Quentin said…
Wow. This is a great writing topic/exercise. Thanks for sharing your stories because they helped me want to admit mine. I was (recently) running in a gym, watching a playoff game on TV. I got so involved in the game that I kind of fell off my treadmill, in front of 20 other people. I try not to watch basketball while running anymore.
Guinevere said…
I broke a finger playing touch football in college! No one ever caught me to catch a football properly. That was just such a silly accident.

I've also been in too many car accidents -- hit by a drunk driver once and a driver going the wrong way down a one way the other. Bad luck!
Lisa said…
Stef! So glad you visited my blog :-). Your posting is unbelievable. I was just in a major accident at 10a today. Both cars undriveable. It was awful. Driver of other car went to the hospital. I'm ok.

I didn't realize you are a pet-sitter! I am one as well!
Beth said…
Oh goodness, I know how you feel. I think I must have at least one accident a day, if not more.
Most embarrassing though? It would probably have to be when I was like... seven or something. My mom had made hot chocolate for all the siblings and cousins that were over (we had a snowball fight :D) and she's the kind of person to heat the water to insanely hot temperatures and then expect you to drink it right away.
Anyway, she served the HOT chocolate. And then my also klutzy cousin elbowed his over, and it all went into my lap. To avoid getting severally burned, I had to take my pants off.
Sure, It's been a really long time, but I can still remember that embarrassment. It is kinda funny to remember now though :)

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