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Jacket Lust

Exercise #133 : "Jacket Lust"

Our clothing serves as a kind of mirror that shows us who we are. It also serves as a potential signal to others about status and values. Write a brief scene using dialogue using this prompt:

In the shopping mall, Diane sees the jacket of her dreams; Frankie is repulsed.

Frankie sounds like a jerk to me. Either that, or Diane has terrible fashion sense. I can't imagine that a jacket can be that bad.

After some preliminary research, the internet has once again proved me wrong, and I have found an awful jacket to inspire my writing. Here it is in all it's glory:

Now, I'm sorry if any of you think that this jacket is cute - and I will admit that it does have a certain potential - but the pink / camouflage combo is just wrong. It's like their saying "Women can hunt! See? We put pink next to camo! That makes it feminine!! SEE?!?!"

No, thank you. I do believe this is a racing jacket, though, which explains the #5... but the camo? Why on earth does a person feel like they need to be able to blend in with their surroundings in their racing vehicle?? It just doesn't make sense. For this exercise, though, we're going to pretend that this lovely little jacket is going to be on display over at a retail store, and it has caught Diane's eye.

1,2,3, GO!

I'm just going to do a dialogue series. Hope you like it!

Frank: Oh, God. Diane, no. Just no. Walk away from the jacket.

Diane: What? It's cute!

F: No. It's the antithesis of cute. In fact, it's cute's evil doppelgänger.

D: What? You're crazy.

F: I just have sense is all.

D: Look at it, though! It's all pink with that little camo accent. So cute!

F: If you buy it, I'm breaking up with you.

D: Oh, you're just being mean.

F: I may be mean, but I have sense enough to know that jacket is a travesty and an eye sore. What is it supposed to be, anyway? A racing jacket? Or a hunting jacket?

D: Maybe... maybe it's both?

F: See? Even you can't tell. There are better jackets. Trust me.

D: But I like this one.

F: Apparently that jacket is more important to you than our relationship.

D: Jerk.

F: I pride myself on my honesty, thanks.

D: You really don't like it?

F: I hate it.

D: Maybe if I put it on...

F: That will accomplish nothing. Other than make you look like a hunting racer, which, I might add, you are not.

D: (as she puts it on) Oh, it feels so nice. Feel the inside.

F: I'm sure it's made of nice fabric, honey, but it looks god-awful.

D: I'm sure Joanne would think this was adorable.

F: Yes, she would, but have you seen Joanne's wardrobe? She's not exactly the most chic of dressers.

D: I think she has great style.

F: I am completely shocked that you - or anyone for that matter - would think that.

D: Oh, come on. She always looks put together.

F: Sure.

D: I reiterate my "jerk" comment.


I didn't get to finish this one because of time constraints, but I had fun with it. I like Frank's repartee throughout all of it. He's very tongue-in-cheek, but he still makes a good point.

Well, that's all for today's exercise. I hope you're all having a wonderful week thus far!



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