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Holy Crap

ANOTHER award??? Can't. Even. Handle. It.

Must. Not. Tear. Up...

This one is from Guinevere over at This Is Not My Day Job. If you haven't checked her blog out yet, you should. I absolutely adore it.

Now for the rules. You're supposed to list 10 things that make you happy and then choose 5 other bloggers who make you happy on a regular basis.

Things That Make Stefanie a Happy Camper:
  1. Sleep. I know that sounds kind of weird, but as a college student who thrives in the late night hours, I rarely get the amount of sleep that I should. When I do, though, I sleep HARD. Epically, one might say.

  2. Blogging. It took me a while to join the blogosphere, but now that I've actually made my debut in the blogging world and actually have followers (Holy crap, do I really??? Once again... Must. Not. Cry...) it's really fun. It's a part of my day that I have complete control over - Lord knows I have no control over anything else - and it's something that I really enjoy doing. Ok, enough sap...

  3. Movies of All Shapes and Sizes. Being such a theatre junkie, you'd think that I'd have something against the silver screen, but I love it. The fact that I can disappear of the face of the planet for approximately 2 hours into a world that frequently is so different from my own is somehow comforting. I get to escape when I watch movies - completely disconnect from what's going on around me - to observe someone else and how they react in their world. Lovely.

  4. Animals. Yes, I am that girl, but don't worry. I'm not a crazy person. I won't lie; very few things get me angrier than when I see someone abuse an animal, and animal-tested products make me feel ishy inside, but I'm not about to run up and throw red paint or pig's blood on your fur coats. I have a strong connection with them is all - specifically domestic dogs and cats - and feel like they deserve more than abuse or neglect. It's just something that has always pulled at my heartstrings.

  5. Reading. There's nothing better than sitting down with a cup of tea in an over-sized armchair and an old, musty book to read until your eyes hurt. :)

  6. Writing. This should come as no surprise because of my little bloggy here. I have so many ideas that bounce around in my head throughout the day that it's so relieving to get some of them out and on paper at the end of the day.

  7. 'Rithmetic? No, just kidding. The Color Green. I don't know why; it's just a great color, ok?

  8. Music. This also should be no surprise to those of you who are my regular readers. I've been doing the music thing since I was able to phonate, and I can't imagine my life without it. Lord knows I'd probably be depressed all the time.

  9. Tea Parties. No one has tea parties anymore. Not real ones, anyway. Back when I was in high school, I got together a few times with a friend of mine and a wonderful, wonderful woman - she was like my 2nd Mom - and we would have these awesome tea parties complete with little finger sandwiches and tiny cakes. I felt so sophisticated, and the company was pretty lovely as well.

And now for the bloggers that receive this award from moi!
  • Jen from unedited. A wonderful writer with such a sweet spirit. I always enjoy her comments and posts.
  • Laura over at A Shift in Dimensions. She's incredibly supportive and always willing to give really sage advice. Plus, her Flash Fiction is exemplary.
  • Jason at A Nocturnal Writing Journal. He posts excerpts and so on from his current Work In Progress, and he, like everyone else on this list, never fails to bring a smile to my face with conversation about our writerly duties. :)
  • Juniper over at We Can All Use a Little More Juju. Once again, this lovely lady is my sister, and even if she weren't I'd love her blog. :) She's an excellent lady, and her writing is great fun to read.
  • Hunter from The Time Crook. Just as an example, today's post for this blog is a simple poem about a cat, but it's brilliantly written with a sort of whimsy that makes me smile. Go.
Did you go visit them? Did ya? No?? WELL, GO THEN! :)

And that's that!

I hope everyone had a wonderful day today.



Unknown said…
Stef you are too sweet! Thank you so much! This means the world! I love my award :)

Oh and I love tea parties!!! Even know that I am grown... they never go out of style!
Congrats on the award :-)

Sleep... Makes me SO happy. Mmmmmm. Even talking about it makes me want to curl up in covers and close my eyes!
Beth said…
oh dear, it seems like some one has beat me to the punch.
well, I gave you the sunshine award today. So yeah, you're awesome, and now you have two!

PS-you don't have to do the 'rules' for the award, seeing as you already did it once :)
Tiffany Neal said…
Congrats on the awards!! My new blogging little self stumbled my way over to your blog through a series of blog hopping. I love connecting with so many other writers. The journey isn't so lonely now.
Stop by if you get a chance!

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