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Blog Award!!!

First things first, HAPPY FEBRUARY!!!

I can't even handle how sweet you guys are. For real. Here I am skipping through the snow here in Nashville, and I come home to a notification sitting in my e-mail inbox telling me that I have an award over at This Is Not My Day Job from Guinevere. I can totally feel the love. :) THANK YOU SO FRIGGIN' MUCH!!!

Ok. Now that the elation has (somewhat) subsided, here are my five picks for the "Superior Scribbler" award:

  1. Deb over at Ranch Girl Ramblings - This is also in commemoration of her 100th blog post (Congrats!!). Her blog is so much fun, and she always has something helpful to say.
  2. Leah from Travails of a Budding Author - A very funny, entertaining read. I always get a laugh from her posts.
  3. Roni at *Fiction Groupie* - Now, I normally like to extend awards to smaller blogs, but I've been reading Roni's blog for quite some time now, and she is one of the most deserving of this award out there in the blogosphere, so I'm extending this to her even though she has 300+ followers. :) It's a great blog, and each one of her posts is incredibly helpful and informative (while being fun at the same time!).
  4. Lady Glamis from The Innocent Flower - Her most recent post is a perfect example of why I love her blog. Where else could you go to be educated on what spies actually do? Not only that, but you get introduced to a family-oriented, butterfly-loving spy. Excellent. Go. Now. Really.
  5. Maria from her self-titled blog - This woman is hilarious, guys. She has a way with words that would make even the most stoic of military men burst out in gales of laughter.
Well, those are my picks! Go visit them and enlighten yourselves.

Did you go? Yes? Well, we can move on then.

Well, now I feel foolish, because there's nothing really on to which I was planning to move.




Unknown said…
How fantastic!!!! Go you! You totally deserve the awards! I love reading your blog! Congratulations!!!
Deb said…
Congrats Stef! And thanks so much for thinking of me! *big smiles* Don't forget to pick up your awards over at my blog!!
Roni Loren said…
Thanks so much for the award and the kind words! :) I have to tell you, hearing someone refer to my blog as a "not small" blog gave me pause. Like, wait, really, when did that happen? lol A few months ago, I was happy to have ten followers, so it's still hard to get my head around the fact that 300 people actually follow me.

So thanks again and congrats on receiving the award yourself!
Guinevere said…
You're very welcome, Stef -- you have a wonderful blog!

I tend to share your bias towards smaller blogs for awards, but it's true, Roni is pretty awesome. :)
Maria Zannini said…
Hi Stef, and thanks!

Ref: This woman is hilarious, guys.

Wow! That's a major step up from just being clinically eccentric. I'll take it!

PS I've put you on my reader so I'll be able to follow your blog more steadily. And I'm also adding myself to your followers.

L.H. Parker said…
Congrats on the award! And, eee! Thank you for thinking of me. *hugs* I gotta check out your other recommends...
Stef Howerton said…
You're very welcome, everyone!! Each one of you seriously deserves this award 5,000 times over. :) I love reading your posts.

Thanks to all of you for your sweet comments as well. :) It's wonderful to get such sweet encouragement from all of you!
Unknown said…
Today is your lucky day! I've given you an award!!! Check it out here!!

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