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May Day : Make It Rhyme on a Dime

Exercise #121 : "May Day: Make It Rhyme on a Dime"

The aim of this exercise is to play with rhyme. Feel free to make use of this Free Online Writing Source or a rhyming dictionary if you happen to have access to one. If you feel too silly to do this exercise, then make one of your fictional characters be an avid writer of doggerel. What little rhyming poem can you come up within 5 minutes?


Poetry is not my thing, so please, please, please, please, please forgive my terrible rhyming skills.

There once was a man from Nantucket...

Oh, wait, I'm plagiarizing. hehe Whoopsie!! I wish Ms. Mayo had given me an opening line with this one... Something. Anything. But no... Absolutely nothing. Just write some rhyming stuff. 1,2,3, GO!

Think, think, think.

Think, think, think.


I hate rhyming! Ok. That's a start. Let's rhyme about how much I hate rhyming! Score.

I hate rhyming. Yes, I do.
But, you see, I am forced to
Because I write on this here blog
Day in, day out, in quite a fog.
C.M. Mayo's quite a chick
For coming up with all this schtick.
For giving me a chance to write
I owe her a nice, chilly Sprite.

Ok, that's enough of that. As you can see, I simply have no gift for rhyming. I mean, I've got kitschy down, but when it comes to actual, useful poetry... I've got nothing. Ah, well. I did my best.

I was looking through some previous posts, and I realized that I never actually posted anything about my henna experience! Whoops! Well, you're in luck, because I just received some more henna in the mail and plan to dye my hair with it this weekend! I promise this time I'll remember to document the experience with pictures. hehe It's pretty messy, but I'm sure you'll get some kicks out of it.

I was going to do an Avatar review, but... that's old hat now. :) I will, however, be regaling you with my review of The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus. Now that was an interesting movie. And not in a good way. But we'll talk about that later...

In other news, I had a conversation with my ex the other day, and I am proud to say that I am completely over him! [Insert whoop of happiness here.] I would have said that I was over him over a month ago - and I may very well have been - but we spoke today about his current significant other, and there was no twinge of jealousy, no sadness... I was just happy that he was happy and that we were able to talk about relationship stuff.

Now, I am aware that this kind of a relationship is a bit strange, but I have a track record with these kind of things. All of my close friends are long-standing ones, and a little breakup isn't going to make me not want to be someone's friend. Sure, I was pissed and hurt at first, but I came to realize that he was right, you know? I don't know. I just value friends over fights, I guess.

Anyhow, it's time to get off here. Week 2 of school is a go!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Martin Luther King, Jr. Day yesterday!



Laura Eno said…
So, now stretch yourself. Don't rhyme with kitsch. Take your break-up feelings and write a poem, ending with the freedom you now have.
Tumblemoose said…
Never the time to find a rhyme
Sucking at rhymes is a pasttime of mine
My haikus are doo-doo and my prose does NOT smell like a rose.
See? Told you I suck.
Tossing them all into a passing garbage truck.

Cheers! ;-)

Beth said…
Hey, sounds like something I would write, only better >_<

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