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Here & Now... Then Outside

Exercise #115 : "Here & Now... Then Outside"

Considering where you are right now:
  • What do you see? List 3 things.
  • What do you hear? List 3.
  • What do you smell? List 3.
  • What do you taste? List at least 2 tastes.
  • What do you feel on your skin? List at least 3.
Once you've finished this, imagine that you have moved outside nearby. Ask and answer the same questions.


3 Sights. Right now, I am in my living room. Across the way, our Christmas tree stands in all its glory, except most of the ornaments have been removed. It was once haphazardly decorated with white and blue lights (Hanukkah, much?) as well as blue and silver ornaments and multicolored Mardi Gras beads. I'm sure you can tell already that this house is filled with a bunch of 20-somethings. The three was originally sparsely decorated with a few olive gre
en and red bulbs, but our male roommate, Andy, decided that we needed to get some more. Now, one of my roommates, Mo, is a bit of a Christmas tree snob, so imagine her surprise when she walked into the house to see a tree with mismatched bulbs, white and blue lights, and a string of Mardi Gras beads. It was actually quite humorous. I was sitting there in the living room watching tv when I heard her walk in through the kitchen.

"Oh, my God," she said slowly. I couldn't even see her, but I knew to what she was referring. When she actually walked into the room, her face was priceless. She pr
oceeded to tell me that her mom made a point of having a tastefully decorated tree every year. The ornaments were all matchy matchy and so on which is nice, but I prefer a tree with meaning. The tree at my parents' house (pictured right) would probably be absolutely disgusting to Mo, but it's filled with ornaments that are over 20 years old. Each one has a meaning and a history, and I wouldn't trade it up for the world. The only thing that I don't like about our tree is that it's fake. My mom is allergic to fir trees, and if she's around them her eyes swell up, she starts sniffling, etc... So no real tree for the Howerton family. That's ok, though. The ornaments make up for it.

But I've digressed... I've only listed 1 thing that I can see. I can also see the tv which is currently playing "Trading Spouses" on CMT. When I write for my blog, I tend to turn on the tv or my iPod for some background noise regardless of what's playing. My third and final sight is Kitty Kitty scooting her butt across the rug. Bad kitty! I guess it's time to express her anal glands again... I know, I know... That's gross, but it has to be done. I would end up with a cat that has a weird problem like that. Oh well. I love my cat.

Now onto 3 sounds. I hear the tv, of course. I also hear the cats' water fountain bubbling away in the dining room. Yes, friends, the cats have their own water fountain. I am slowly turning into an old cat lady. How did this happen? My 3rd sound is the tapping of my keyboard. I don't know why, but there's something calming about it.

3 smells. This one is hard. I have a really good sense of smell, but there's nothing really that's sticking out to me right now. I smell.............. my house. Case closed.

2 tastes. I taste the stuffed crust, cheese and grilled chicken pizza I ate a few minutes ago. Yummy... I also taste the water that I drank with it. Yes, water does have a taste!

2 feels. I feel the big comfy faux suede couch on which I am currently lying. I also feel the plastic of my computer pressing against my forearms. You know, this is really not a very comfortable sitting position....... Consider it fixed.

Ok, this is a pretty long post, so I won't bore you with the outside version. If you've gotten to the end, I applaud you.


P.S. I just realized that I skipped an exercise! Whoops! I'll do Exercise #114 tomorrow.


Bethany Wiggins said…
What do I hear?
My baby's lullaby music. The clock ticking in the parlor. The telivision downstairs.
Cold keyboard under my fingers.
Desk pressing on my arms.
Shoes tight against my feet.

Lovely blog post. It made me think and feel.
Guinevere said…
I've just found your blog. Great concept - I've added you to my follow list. I'm also working through some writing exercises now and then, so I think your site (and C.M. Mayo's with the originals, of course) is going to be a great source of inspiration. My focus is on my novel-y goodness, but sometimes I need a break!

On the Christmas tree... my husband and I are on opposite sides of the great divide here. He likes an oddly arrayed Christmas tree with every meaningful ornament (which is what I grew up with, too); I like to incorporate some of those family ornaments into a theme. Luckily, we agree on white lights instead of rainbow, or we might be looking at a divorce! ;)

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