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Exercise #107 : "Rx"

Take a character from a piece you are working on or make up a new one. Over the course of his life, what medicines have been prescribed for him and why? Be as specific as possible, and be sure to describe the color, shape, size, and taste (etc) of the medicines.

Interesting. As the daughter of a surgeon and a nurse practitioner (Where did my sister and I get these writing / singing genes? That's the question of my life....), I know a great deal of pills and what they're for, etc, so this will be a fun little exercise to do. The question is... which character should I use? I think I'll go with my NaNo character, Savannah Hansley (I swear, this chick has gone through so many name changes... When am I finally going to stick with one?? Only time will tell, I guess.).

There is a bit of explaining to do, however, before I get started. As a general rule, Savannah's father is relatively anti-meds. He only uses them when absolutely necessary. So if Savannah's list seems a bit short, you know why.

  • Age 2 - penicillin for an ear infection, oval-shaped, white with a small indention down the middle to make splitting it in half easier, chalky and bitter taste
  • Age 5 - penicillin for strep throat, same appearance and taste as above
  • Age 9 - futuristic unnamed antidepressant for severe depression. Sav witnessed her mother's first miscarriage and took it to heart, worrying everyone who knew her. As a last resort, they sent her to a therapist, and she recommended said antidepressant. It was a blue pill, smaller than her pinky nail, and round. It had a sugar coating, so it tasted sweet.
  • Age 16 - Sav goes back on the aforementioned antidepressant after having been off it for several years. Her mother had her 2nd miscarriage and loses her mind. Sav cannot cope, so she withdraws and worries her family and friends once again.
  • Age 16 - New antidepressant as old one is not working. This one is a very small trapezoid, pale yellow in color. It has no taste.
  • Age 17 -Ethynodiol (birth control) to keep the babies away. She's terrified of having a child due to her mother's trouble, and even though she does not take part in sexual activities at this point in her life she wants to be absolutely sure that she is never put in that position.
In other news, I did a bit of research (thanks to Roni's comment on my NaNo Teaser post), and I have decided that my opening might not be a good idea due to the fact that it begins with her waking up, and it's super complain-y. Savannah isn't a complainer, and the waking up thing is... old hat. There's no real tension in the opening, so I am out to find and document said tension. I have an idea, and I think it's going to do well. I'll post and excerpt up here once I have that figured out.

Well, that's all for today! It's weird that a new year is about to start. It sounds so cliche, but this year really flew by. I'm excited to see what happens in 2010. :)



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