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"George's Movie Plot" and Motorcycle Trauma

Exercise #93 : "George's Movie Plot"

Plot a movie in 5 minutes! I am not kidding. Just answer the questions about George in one sentence or less.
  • How old is George?
  • How does George make a living?
  • What does George want that he is unlikely to get?
  • What does George secretly want that he is unlikely to get?
  • What is George most afraid of?
  • What is George secretly most afraid of?
  • Now, it so happens that one day, much to George's surprise, the very real possibility arises that he could get what he has always wanted. How does this happen? (Again, in one sentence or less.)
  • What might be an obstacle to his getting this?
  • What might be yet another obstacle?
  • And a third obstacle?
  • Then, what happens? Does he finally get what he wants, or something else?
  • In the end, how has George's life changed (or not changed)?
  • How does George feel about this?
  • What is the last image you would leave on the movie screen before the credits roll?
This one is kind of overwhelming! haha

Let me first give a big, hearty "Welcome!" to my new readers! I can't tell you, each time I look at my "Followers" and notice that another person had added themselves to the list, my heart skips a beat. It may sound silly, but the fact that people deem this humble little blog as something worth reading makes me feel like I could fly. So thank you, really and truly. You're all lovely and get many, many kudo points in my book.

Well, now that I've gotten all gushy on you, I guess it's time to get started. :) I'm just going to answer each question in order.

  1. How old is George? George is 29.
  2. How does George make a living? He is an accountant.
  3. What does George want that he is unlikely to get? He wants a promotion.
  4. What does George secretly want that he is unlikely to get? He wants a motorcycle.
  5. What is George most afraid of? Motorcycles. hah
  6. What is George secretly most afraid of? Mini horses.
  7. Long question? He meets a motorcycle salesman who offers him an amazing deal to trade in his car for a hog (and by hog I mean a motorcycle, not the oink oink kind).
  8. What might be an obstacle to his getting this? His fear of motorcycles and change.
  9. What might be yet another obstacle? His car dies on him in the middle of the interstate.
  10. And a third obstacle? He has a panic attack the first time he sits on the hog.
  11. Does he get what he wants? Yes and no. The salesman offers to hold on to it for him while he takes intensive motorcycle lessons.
  12. In the end, how has George's life changed? He's a little more confident, and he most definitely has less fear of motorcycles.
  13. How does George feel about this? Liberated.
  14. Last image? After a long motorcycle lesson, George walks up the stairs to his condo, bowlegged but with a smile on his face.
Oh, George, don't you know that motorcycles are dangerous??? :) I don't know if I told you guys this story yet, but... if I did, forgive me, because you're about to hear it (or read it) again.

A few years ago, my sister, Jennifer, thought it would be a great idea to go out and get a Harley Sportster 883 (Low? I can't remember.). Not 6 months after she bought it, my parents, who did not know that Jenn had bought a bike in the first place, were notified that she was in the hospital with 3rd degree burns on the inside of her left(?) calf. Apparently, she had been riding on the interstate when her leg caught on fire. Well, a year or so and many thousands of dollars later (including a skin transplant with shark skin) Jenn receives a letter from Harley Davidson letting her know that she needs to take her bike in to fix some problems with the design. It turns out that the way the bike was made was faulty and could result in severe burns to the leg. Ummmm... Thanks, Harley Davidson. I think you were a bit late on that one. Yay for lawsuits!! :) Jenn got them to pay for all of her medical bills which was great.

Also, just this morning, I saw a terrible wreck on the interstate, and it involved several cars, an 18-wheeler, and a motorcycle. I didn't see that there was any severe wounding or blood, but the motorcyclist was laying on the ground as several people crowded around him. All I could think was, Oh my goodness, I hope he's ok. Motorcycles freak me out. Case closed.

Unfortunately for me, however, I have a friend who is detirmined to take me for a ride on his motorcycle. We'll see, Micah! We'll see. haha

It's time for me to head off. NaNo is going well. I'm staying on track thus far which I'm proud of. How about you? If you're taking part in NaNo, are you keeping up with the daily wordcount?



JujuJuniper said…
Ha, I had the bike less than a month, actually, when all of this insanity happened. Hence, the 171 miles on it.

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