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FINALLY!!! Clips from my recital! Woo!

Instead of the normal writing exercise, I am going to post the videos from my recital!!! Yay!! :) Aren't you all excited? haha

I went to my mom's house and transferred the footage over onto my SanDisk 8GB USB drive, and voila! Just a little cutting, and I've got YouTube videos!

Anyways, without further ado...

My recital!

The first clip has the following songs:
Und ob die Wolke - Der Freischütz (Carl Maria von Weber)
Flow My Tears - John Dowland
In the mornin' - Charles Ives

The second clip has the following songs:
Piangete - Giacomo Carissimi
Almen se non poss'io - Vincenzo Bellini

The third clip has the following songs:
Le Secret - Gabriel Fauré
Les Berceaux - Gabriel Fauré
Die Stadt - Franz Schubert

The fourth and final clip has the following songs:
Liebesbotschaft - Franz Schubert
Moments in the Woods - Into the Woods (Stephen Sondheim)

And there we have it! I hope you liked it. I know I had fun doing it.



Anonymous said…
I would hire you and pay you at million dollars (if I had a million dollars). Full objectivety here.

Stef Howerton said…
Oh, Mom. You are a silly lady. You're pretty neat, too.

And I'd TOTALLY take you up on the million bucks. Ah, what I would do with that money...
Laura said…
Finally got around following that tweet link. Loverly, truely loverly. I don't know much about opera except that Nessun Dorma makes me cry(ask my embarassed chidren;p) and I love Madame Butterfly, but I think you were great.
Laura/ GreenGlam
Mark Kerstetter said…
Wow. And I thought you just sat around doing writing exercises. Very nice. I just saw Into the Woods for the first time not too long ago - good songs and great lyrics. I've become quite a fan of opera in recent years too.

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