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"Once Upon a Time"

Exercise #90 : "Once Upon a Time"

Write the beginning of a story that begins, "Once upon a time."

If you need some more of a nudge, include the following:
a girl named Florinetta
a dog with three legs
a swing
a porch
boiled celery
the air smelling of autumn


Once upon a time, Princess Florinetta of the land of Arandell was searching desperately for some boiled celery. It was her favorite afternoon treat, and when she went into the kitchen to find some, she discovered that it had disappeared. She remembered that there had been a plastic bag full of stalks yesterday, so where had they gone?

"Mimi?" she called to her maid, but she received no answer. "Mimi!"

Florinetta rand around the house, searching for her trusty maid and finally found her outside, swaying peacfully on the swing on the porch. The air smelled of autumn with colorful leaves falling gracefully from maginificent oak trees, wind blowing to and fro, and crisp breezes whipping at her face.

Running up to her maid, the Princess said, "Mimi, where is the boiled celery?"

"Oh, I'm afraid it's gone, my dear," she said.

"How can it be gone?"

"I gave it away."

"To whom? You know it's my favorite." Florinetta frowned, pursing her lips together and furrowing her brow.

"George came back earlier this morning," she said, "and I had to give him something."

George was a three-legged dog who frequently visited the palace for leftovers and table scraps. Florinetta had fed him once many years ago, and he kept coming back after that. He was there so often that he actually became a part of the family, and his visits were always pleasant and looked forward to.

5 minutes up.

My brain is moving slow today. haha

In other news, NaNo is going well. I'm a couple hundred words behind as of today, but I'll work it out later on this evening and write around 2500. If you check my progress bar, you'll see that I'm up to over 14,000. Yay! As stated in previous posts, what I've written is complete crap, but it's still exciting to finally get all of it out in word form instead of little phrases and plot points bumping around in my head. :)

Anyways, time to head off.



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