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Update... Arrrrrrrgh... Terrified!

So the meeting between my ex and I is tonight, and I am so very, very nervous, anxious, scared... all of the above, really. In a few hours, I will either be in a state of euphoria or I will be devastated, and that thought is overwhelming. It's not even that, though. I will be foolishly making myself more vulnerable in front of him this evening than I have been in my entire life, so the whole thought is absolutely terrifying. Please keep me in your thoughts this evening. I'll need many good thoughts sent my way.

Either way, today's blog post isn't going to happen. I've been way to preoccupied mentally, so tomorrow's blog post will be a 2-parter to make up for the lack of exercise today. :)

Thank you all for your good thoughts!


P.S. Update: Things did NOT end well. My heart is broken, and I'm finding it hard to breathe. Keep me in your thoughts. I need all the help I can get right now.


L.H. Parker said…
Aw! I'm sorry. :( You're in my thoughts.
Tea said…
I'm so sorry things didn't go the way you wanted. Just know you've got people thinking about you and wishing you the best. One thing I've learned is that everything looks better in the morning. We think more clearly. Get some sleep. It will be ok.

Good thoughts coming your way from,
BT said…
A warm bath and a glass (not bottle) of red wine can work wonders. Remember you are a special and unique individual who any man should be proud to be with. If ex wants to be the source of pain, then cut him lose and find the one out there who is right for you. Tomorrow is a new day.

Thinking of you.

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