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"Quilt & Qotient, Etc..."

Exercise #79 : "Quilt & Quotient, Etc..."

Write a brief scene that includes the following:
  • a quilt
  • the word "quotient"
  • a ball of rubber bands
  • a morbidly obese hippopotamus
  • the perfume of lilies
  • the sound of popcorn underfoot

"I refuse to turn on the heater until November," Natalie said. "It's not that cold."

Erin shivered underneath her quilt. "You're insane," she said.

"You'll live." Natalie picked up the tv remote and started surfing channels. They had been watching 2 morbidly obese hippopotamuses make an attempt at mating, but they were failing miserably, and Natalie had grown tired of their futile efforts. After several minutes, Natalie finally decided on VH1. A "Where Are They Now?" episode about Berlin was playing.

"Teri always enjoyed the scent of lilies, so I figured it was best to give her those," said bassist John Crawford. He was sitting in an interview room and was obviously placed in front of a green screen, because the lighting on his person didn't resemble the room that lay behind him in any way.

"Really, Natalie? 'Where Are They Now?'" Erin said. "Plus, this episode is really old. I mean, they got back together in what? 1999?"

"So what?"

"It's stupid. Just change the channel."

"I want to watch this."

Erin picked up the ball of rubber bands to her left and chucked it at her sister. It hit her squarely in the jaw and then bounced into the bowl of popcorn she had in her lap, knocking several kernels onto the ground. It had hit her much harder than Erin had intended.

"Are you serious?!" Natalie cried, her hand flying to her face. "That was completely unneccessary!"

"That was a lot harder than I meant," she apologized. "I'm sorry. Really."

With a huff, Natalie stood up and brushed the popcorn off of her lap. As she stepped away from the couch, the popcorn crunched underneath her feet.

"Great," she said. "This is going to get all ground into the carpet. Mom is going to be so angry."

"Don't stress out," Erin said. "We can get all of it out of the carpet."

"This is all your fault!"

5 minutes up.

Uh... I have NO idea how I can add "quotient" in there... Any ideas? :)


P.S. Check back later this afternoon around 2pm central time for my review of Zombieland. It's a doozy! Also, check out my #fridayflash for this week! "Mother Dearest"


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