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"Hell-broth Boil & Bubble" - #FridayFlash

Marlena circled her hands gracefully above the steaming pot, her fingers twirling in the misty, curling vapor. It was her favorite concoction with its spices and herbs so pungent that it would send even the most indomitable man into instant, uncontrollable rapture.

But if ingested...

Oh, if ingested!

He would be hers, would do her bidding, anything she wanted.

But the recipe had to be followed exactly. Any variance of any kind would result in disaster, causing immediate, violent illness and excruciatingly painful death to anyone who consumed it.

Slowly pouring the potion into a mixing bowl with a combination of flour, eggs, and butter, Marlena cautiously stirred the two together. The recipe called for the mixture to be as smooth as possible; no lumps or air bubbles were permitted. She inspected the batter with an extremely critical, trained eye. It wasn't just smooth. It was silk.

2 hours later, she had 6 batches of the most intoxicating muffins ever made by human hands.

"It's almost time," she said aloud. Anticipation tingled effervescently in her stomach. It was almost time.

A tiny door bell jingled from a short distance away.

"Marlena?" a voice called from the front of her home. "Marlena, are you here? It's almost time to go." It was Jeane, her ride.

"Yes, I'm here!" she called. "I'm just finishing up here in the kitchen."

"Ok," said Jeane. "I'll be out in the truck."

Marlena hurriedly but carefully placed her precious muffins in a large basket and covered them with a red checkered cloth. Smoothing her hair and pinching her cheeks, she made her way to her friend's truck. As she managed the basket in her lap, Jeane closed her eyes and drew in a long breath.

"Oh, Lena, they smell divine!"

"Thank you," she said. "They're my special recipe. I came up with it a few months ago."

"Well, the judges are bound to pick them as the State Fair Bake Contest winner this year, I'm sure."

"Here's hoping." But Marlena had bigger plans for these powerful baked goods.

Today, she would conquer the town. Tomorrow, the world.

And if she accidentally ruined a batch or two on the way... Well, the world could use a little less men.


While you're here, if you have the time, feel free to take a look at the characters I've been working on for #NaNoWriMo (links below). Any comments and / or advice would be greatly appreciated. :)

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Lisa said…
Overtaking the world with magical muffins. I love it!
Laura Eno said…
Ha! I love her callous take on ruining a batch or two along the way. Very fun.
Chris Chartrand said…
The shortest route to a man's heart is his stomach and muffins are always magical. Hope I get one of the good ones.
Marisa Birns said…
Very funny!

I'm assuming that none of the judges is female?

I'm hungry now. :)
Anonymous said…
Now I want a muffin too, though I'm kinda worried about trying Marlena's. :)
Laurita said…
So...where can I get this recipe? ;)
This was great fun!
Linda said…
I'd like a batch for my workplace? I'll pay you... anything. Unique story told well - enjoyed! Peace, Linda
Anonymous said…
Beware of girls with gifts, eh? Why am I not surprised? ;)

Good story. Not sure about the line, 'A tiny door bell jingled from a short distance away.' Seemed a tad out of place to me. Nothing wrong apart from that though.
BlaqueSaber said…
I really enjoyed this. I can't write this sort of thing, but I enjoyed it. Are you a plotter or a pantser? Did you know the ending before you began or is this off the top of your head?

Just curious, nothing wrong (I enjoyed it)...
Stef Howerton said…
Honestly, I wrote this in about an hour or so. I realized, OH CRAP! It's FRIDAY! I have to write a #fridayflash!! So I sat down, envisioned a character, and just started to write. Voila! :)
Eric J. Krause said…
World domination via muffins...A very cool idea. Good story!

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