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Exercise #75 : "Dogs-o-rama"

Briefly describe the following dogs:
  • The one you own now (if you own one)
  • The one that lives closest to your current residence
  • The last one you happened to have seen (other than your own dog, if you happen to own one)
  • Your favorite dog
  • Lassie (from TV)
  • The Taco Bell Chihuahua
  • The first dog you ever owned (if you ever have)
  • A neighbor's dog in your childhood
As a self-proclaimed dog enthusiast (well, any animal really... except raccoons. I hate raccoons.), I love this exercise. I immediately started going through all of the dogs I have ever known, and let me tell you... I have known more dogs than people! haha Maybe not, but seriously... I know more than I can count. Is that sad? I don't think so.

Anyways, start!

The dogs currently in my life: Maggie and Zola
These two are an interesting pair, but somehow they work. Zola is an overly zealous, affectionate, snorting bulldog, and Maggie is a sweet little Corgi who will give you as many kisses as you want just as long as you pet her tummy. Zola is my sister's dog, and Maggie is my parents' (even though I claim them both... haha). Maggie (around 5 years old) tends to get a little tired of Zola (2 years old? I don't know...), who galumphs around the house, chewing on things and attacking her, but every once in a while, you see Maggie licking the folds of Zola's face (Bulldogs are notoriously dirty in this way.), cleaning them. It might sound kind of gross, but it's adorable.

The dog that lives closest to me: Dumb and Dumber c/o the Jerk Who Lives Next Door My next door neighbor is a jerk. Ok. Scratch that. Maybe sh'es not a jerk, but she's definitely good at acting like one. At one point, she accused (and made a HUGE deal about) me and my roommates of using her driveway to leave our house. First of all, we have our own driveway, thank you. Secondly... what??? It's a friggin' driveway. Get over it. That being said, she left a note on my porch saying, "Please don't use my driveway," or something to that effect, and I wanted to leave her a responding note saying, "Then don't let your dogs shit all over my lawn!!" Now, her dogs are friendly dogs, and I hate to think badly of them simply because I affilliate them with her, but... oh well. They'll deal with it. One dog is a black terrier of some sort, and the other is a Yorkie. She frequently lets these dogs out, sans leash, and lets them roam all over the neighborhood (which is in DOWNTOWN Nashville, I might add, and very dangerous with the crappy drivers we have around here) for hours, allowing them to poop and pee all over her neighbors' lawns, including mine. Not only that, but these dogs aren't exactly what I would classify as smart. The Yorkie, more often than not, runs all over the road, darting backward and forward in front of cars, bikes, etc... I've seen him almost get run over around 5 billion times. At one point, actually, a man nearly hit him, pulled over, and asked me (I had been sitting on my porch at the time.) if the dog was mine. When I said no, that it was my neighbor's, he picked up the dog, took a string from inside his car, and tied him to her back porch. I immediately decided that I loved this man. Either way... that's the next door dogs...

Wow, that was a rant, wasn't it?

The Dog I Last Saw: Abby in East Nashville
I don't know if any of you know this or if I've even talked about it, but I am a pet sitter / walker / take-care-of-er over in East Nashville with The Posh Pooch. My job is essentially to drive around East Nashville (and sometimes downtown), visiting clients' houses and letting their dogs out while they're out of town or away at work. I feed them, make sure the house is in order, etc... All in all, it's a pretty great job. The hours are flexible, and I get to hang out with dogs all day long. Anyways, I visited Abby this morning to let her out. She's a lab mix, and a total sweetie, one of those dogs that, when she wags her tail, her whole body wiggles. Every time I walk through the door, it's like I'm her favorite person ever. It's a great ego boost. hah If only people were like that.

My Favorite Dog:
I can't answer this prompt. It's just... impossible. I will say this. All of them. Yep. That about covers it.

My Least Favorite Dog:
Once again, impossible to answer other than to say none of them. In fact, it's the owners I don't like, not the actual dogs themselves.

Lassie (from TV):
I have a confession... and I don't want you to judge me. I have never seen Lassie. Not one episode, not one minute of a movie (Did they even make a movie out of Lassie? I'm sure they did.). As a dog lover that seems kind of crazy, but oh well. Maybe I'll get on that. Maybe I won't. Only time will tell........

The Taco Bell Chihuahua:
I never understood the whole Taco Bell Chi-Chi phenomenon. I'm not a big fan of Chihuahuas in general simply for the fact that they're little yip-yips, and they constantly look scared because of the big eyes and continual shaking. That being said, I've met awesome Chihuahuas, so I can't really say much.

My First Dog: Babs Tompkins
Babs was her legal name, but that was only because Babooshka was taken. In the end, the papers said Babs, but our whole family called her Booshka. She was a miniature Schnauzer, and she did not like children. That was partly due to the fact that she was already several years old by the time my sister and I were born, and when we came into the picture we were this little intruders who pulled at her tail and took all of my mom's attention. I actually have a funny story. Once, when my sister was petting Booshka, she started to growl, so my mom yelled "No!" and popped her on the head (not my sister, the dog). Later that day, my mom caught Jennifer petting Booshka, saying "Good dog," and then popping her on the head for no reason and yelling, "No!" haha This, of course, had to be stopped.

A Neighbor's Dog in My Childhood: Missy? I think that was her name.
A long time ago, I lived in Biloxi, MS, and we lived pretty much on the edge of the swamp. Lovely. Either way, there was this big Old English Sheepdog named Missy who my sister, Jennifer, and I played with from time to time. She also protected us from being hurt several times, but I can't remember any of those instances. Apparently, she growled at someone or something - maybe another dog? - that fully intented to hurt me. Yay, Missy. She was a great dog.


Ok, that was WAY over 5 minutes, but I got into this one. :) hehe

In other news, I have officially began to think about NaNoWriMo, and things are falling together quite nicely. I will, however, probably end up pantsing it just because I don't want to spend much time plotting stuff out, etc. I have a basic premise and a few characters ideas. Other than that, I think that's all I'll go in with. Maybe it's not a good idea to pants your first NaNo, but I think it will be good. If I want to add more form and preparation in later years, then so be it. For this year, however, I'm going in with minimum info. It's going to be awesome.

Time for me to head out. I have a lot to do today and not enough hours in the day to get it all done.



Stephanie McGee said…
Good luck with NaNo!

Enjoyed the post. (I'm pretty sure that they did make a Lassie movie or 12.)

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