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Character Profile #5 : Nolan Hansley

PRECURSOR: If you missed the first 4 character profiles, click the links below to catch up. That is, you can do that if you want to. I just realized that I sounded kind of bossy. Whoops! :)

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And now on to Mr. Nolan Hansley.

He is Estelle's father and Maxine / Madelyn's husband, the work-obsessed tradesman / politician who neglects his family. While that may sound slightly hash, it's true. He comes from a long line of workaholic businessmen, and the only thing differentiating him from the men he is following is the fact that he's added "politician" to his list of activities and monikers.Nolan isn't a cruel man; he has simply been taught that providing for one's family is the top priority of one's life. He takes this so seriously that it takes over his entire existence. He did love his wife, but as her sanity disappeared, so did his love for her. Over the years, his young romanticism fizzled, leaving him dry, but since none of the unions with his wife resulted in a son to whom he could leave his company he began to resent her. Their marriage thus became a failed business venture to him, and he began divorce proceedings on grounds of spousal insanity. Soon after, he began courting other women of high standing in order to make another "merger," and in the meantime he hid his ex-wife away in a separate, enclosed wing of his mansion along with a nurse and other various staff to take care of her. He had considered sending her to an asylum, but that would generate a great deal of unwanted publicity when he could just release a statement saying that she had gone to a new settlement to help with the establishment and growth process. He uses his clout and a large amount of money to convince the public to believe this lie, and all of his efforts work.

He is a moderately attractive man, your stereotypical tall, dark, and handsome with a hint of smarm. He is also the frontman for an anti-piracy movement currently being formed. He started the movement after several shipments in a row were stolen from his ships. No one gets between him and his money.

That's all I've got for Mr. Hansley. I'm trying to find a redeeming quality about him at this point, because, well... he doesn't really have one, does he? I'm not a big fan of quasi-villains (even though he's not the main villain of this piece) having only an evil side. I'm totally into the bad guys that have something about them that I understand, something with which I can identify.

Any ideas?



BlaqueSaber said…
I'm the first to comment again :)
You've got good stuff here, your novel is going to be better than mine :( But I'll read it anyway:)

If you want a redeming quality why not just tweak it? What if they never do get divorced? I mean, the key to the character is that he's not a good husband and father, not around, chooses work (providing) over family (those who he's providing for) right?

They don't have to get a divorce. He doesn't have to lock her away in the west wing like the beast. What if they stay married and he stays devoted to the woman he loves? She isn't that person on the outside any longer but the vows are the vows and by golly he's going to have ONE thing in his personal life that he doesn't feel like a failure at (unlike his professional life).

What if he DOES hire some staff to help out but he also cooks her dinner most nights, and feeds it to her. What if he reads to her, at least until she's so far gone that not even that matters any longer?

He can still be absent in the family life in every other way, ACCEPT abandoning his wife. Hell, he could even have a few "friends with benefits" that the daughter either knows about or doesn't.

As before, you being the author are free to take some, all, or none of this and use it as you see fit.
Stef Howerton said…
Well, the problem with that is because he's so distant. I do like the idea of him still being in love with his wife... Maybe... maybe he loves his wife but can't bear to see her as she is. Add on to that the fact that Estelle looks exactly like her mother, and that would give him reason to distance himself from her. Seeing her reminds him of the woman his wife used to be, and that's too painful for him. What would you think about that?

The way I have the general idea set up is that he asks Estelle to leave their home and live in a settlement project on which he's working in order to get some publicity for said project. It's while she's being transported from her home planet to this other planet that she is kidnapped by the pirate vessel.

Hmm... We'll see.

Again, thanks so much for your comments!
Lisa said…
So...what if you had him come from poverty instead...poverty so bad that he has vowed never ever to see his family suffer the way he did. Then, his singular focus would have a much more noble cause.

Also, I like the idea of him treating his wife a tad bit better...but maybe more Alla Jane Eyre...keeping her out of the public eye but making sure she is cared for. Perhaps he visits every once in a while, but can't stay long because it hurts him too much.

So you would see a snippet of a heart that he needs to steel because he isn't "that kind of guy."

I am liking Nolan, as much as I liked Robert. Getting that same excited feel I got with Robert.
blaquesaber said…
I think your doing great and will work this out, even if it's on the fly.

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