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Character Profile #4 : Maxine Doyle / Madelyn Waters-Hansley

What? Someone with 2 names??? The plot thickens! hehe

As a precursor, this is Character Profile #4. If you want to catch up on the 3 that you have missed, go HERE, HERE, and / or HERE.

Maxine Doyle is the female alluded to in Captain Whitlaw's profile. She had been the Captain of the Spectre and had just made the choice to retire from her position as Eldon was joining his father on board. She was the sole person responsible for the ship's ultimate success and fame, and she had even made alterations to the ship, vastly improving its performance. Her decision to leave her place as Captain was brought about when she met and fell head over heels for Nolan Hansley, the son of a wealthy tradesman. In truth, she and her crew had kidnapped Nolan for the purpose of receiving a ransom payment from his father, but it was love at first sight for both Maxine and Nolan. Knowing that his father would never accept her as she was, the two of them decided to create a new identity for her. She would become Madelyn Waters, daughter of a farmer on a distant planet. Her story was as follows: pirates attacked her home, killed her parents, and took her hostage, planning to use her for sexual gratification, but the Captain had instead assigned her to culinary duty because she was more useful in that position. She had met Nolan on his first night on board because they shared the same cell, and they fell in love and decided to marry. So Maxine left her life and her name behind in an attempt to start a new one with the man she loved. His parents, specifically his father, were hesitant at first, but they soon grow to love her and supported their union. Soon after they married, the couple was blessed with a baby boy. Unfortunately, however, he took ill in his infancy and passed away suddenly. It was then that the novelty of their love at first sight began to wear off, and they both began to realize that it wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Thinking that a baby would solve their problems, Madelyn became pregnant again, the result of which being a daughter, Estelle (see character profile #1). She was a good mother and taught her daughter everything she knew about ships, self defense, and life in general, but Estelle also needed a father. At this point, Nolan was becoming distant, less and less active in their lives, throwing himself into his work. Madelyn also believed that his constant work was a cover for the fact that he had taken a mistress. More time passed, and she began to miss her old life. She loved her daughter and cared for her deeply, but open space was her true home; the freedom to go where she pleased whenever she pleased was sorely missed.

When Estelle was approximately 16 years old, her mother became pregnant again, but this pregnancy ended with a miscarriage. This sent her mind reeling, and she found herself in the midst of a mental breakdown. Add to that her husband's request for a divorce, and she snapped. She had no semblance of where or when she was, but she recognized people and faces. Her therapist recommended that she start journalling in an attempt to refocus her mind. She spent hours writing in these journals, but everything she wrote was complete nonsense. Fearing for the type of publicity his wife (soon to be ex) would get, Nolan hid her away in a suite in their mansion from which she frequently escaped. Sometimes she was given a moment of clarity and would try to visit her daughter to tell her something, but insanity would cloud her mind before she got the chance. Realizing that visiting her daughter was a futile effort during these moments, she began writing during them in a specific journal, making sure to write everything she could. Eventually, 4 years after she lost her mind, she gave this notebook to Estelle on her 20th birthday. Estelle believed this to be full of nonsense, but she kept it as a keepsake.

In her prime, Maxine was strong, quick-witted, and kind, her heart soft and feeling. She did have a habit, though, of getting too emotional, too attached. She kenw how to take good care of herself but preferred to take care of others instead. She loved her husband but knew that her love, after a while, was unrequited and accepted the hand that she was dealt even though she longs for more. She was a beautiful woman even in her insanity with red hair, green eyes, and pale skin. She was frequently referred to as the Titian Pirate Queen (Quick history lesson: Titian was an artist from the 14 and 1500s who frequently painted redheaded women. Click on the link to read up on him on Wikipedia.).

And that's the end of that one! :) Enjoy!

Once again, comments are very much appreciated.



BlaqueSaber said…
Something tells me that that journal isn't COMPLETELY full of gibberish, no not completely....

As always, I dig what you're putting up here.

Where is the law enforcement (oddly enough what my NANOWRIMO project centers around)?
Stef Howerton said…
I haven't yet figured out what the law enforcement is going to be like. I can't imagine that it's going to be very good simply based on the fact that the space is so... you know... expansive. hehe There's no way to have a force strong enough and large enough to cover the massive area. That still is something to tinker over in the old noggin. :)
BlaqueSaber said…
Well I can see where you're going with that accept that space may be infinite (it isn't but for the purpose of the story it is) but the presence of mankind in space (trade routes, outposts, settlements) isn't.

If a corporation is operating in space then that means there are resorces that are being used and provided to get that done. Those same resorces could be available to law enforcement too. I mean where are pirates getting ships and crew?

Where ever that is, those same places can provide ships and crew to law enforcement right?

Just providing a new look at it :)
Stef Howerton said…
Ahh... I see what you mean. Hmmm... This requires some thinking. hehe Will get back to you for sure.
Lisa said…
Ah, ok. With the birth of these character profiles, things are linking together and becoming more clear. I love this story line. And I wonder what happens when/if the current captain of the ship finds Maxine who is now someone else and crazy to boot.

I was thinking back to women being bad luck on the ship. If a woman captain of the Spectre was so successful, what happened to make the next captain so against women on the ship? Or did you elaborate on that and I need to go look back? Sorry...I have to say I feel like I need to make a grid or something! I am getting people crossed!

But I love it so far...truly.
Stef Howerton said…
Lisa, thanks for your comment! :) I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to handle what happened to make the whole "no women on the crew" thing work. I'm thinking that, when Maxine left, she did so in a rather inconvenient time and set the crew's progress back a good bit. Also, the Captain that took over after her departure could just be a backward thinking chauvinist who doesn't think a woman's place is on a pirate crew. Ah, the decisions... :)

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