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Character Profile #3 : Captain Eldon Whitlaw

Welcome to my Character Profile series! This is #3 in a currently unnumbered list detailing the specific characters of the novel I am writing for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). If you missed the first 2, go HERE and HERE to read them.

Moving onward...

Meet Captain Eldon Whitlaw, the overtly sexual Captain of the Spectre. He was first brought on board as a young child when his father assumed the First Mate position (He became the Captain soon after.). He was approximately 4 years old, and his mother had just passed away after a long battle with an unknown illness. At the time, the current Captain forbade women on board claiming that they were unlucky, so he grew up in a male dominated atmosphere. Of course, the ship docked over the years at many docks, so he had access to women, but this time spent off the ship were brief, requiring him to master his interaction with women. He was soon able to turn every woman he met into a quivering mass of putty in his hands at a mere glance. While he is most definitely a most atrocious breed of womanizer, his lust is topped by his desire for wealth and fame. It's this desire that has made the Spectre so successful under his leadership, but his need for it is an unhealthy obsession. Years later, after moving up the ranks to First Mate, his father was killed in a raid, and he became the Captain, promoting his best friend, Pickett Oxford (see his character profile HERE), to First Mate. His first move as Captain was to make changes to their touring pattern and tactics, turning the ship and her crew into stealth attackers and smugglers.

As he was growing up, he heard tell of a previous Captain, a Maxine Doyle (profile yet to come), who was the reason for his first Captain's no women rule. He had met her a few times before she left, but he was very young and could not remember her. He did, however, have a hologram of her, and he was always infatuated with her stunning beauty. The crew also spoke highly of her kindness and natural leadership abilities. In later years, she became the model for the type of woman he was most attracted to not only because she was beautiful but also because of the rumors that surrounded her vast fortune. As he slept with the women that bore resemblance to the hologram, he often imagined that each thrust brought him closer to her and her incalculable wealth.

He does, however, have a strong yearning for a connection with someone. He has grown tired of messing around with woman after woman and has begun to search for the one woman capable of turning him into an honest man.

We'll see how this character pans out in the actual story. I, for one, am intrigued. :)

I still feel like Eldon needs a little flushing out. He seems to be rather one-dimensional to me right now. Does anyone have any ideas?



BlaqueSaber said…
Well growing up on the ship, and then becoming captain gives this character all kinds of information, feel, and intuition regarding the ship and her mission.

Episodes of his youthful adventure pave the way for flashbacks (although you probably don't want to use that story telling tool TOO OFTEN) that will of course relate to the current story line all the while fleshing this character out.

I think too that there should be a REAL LIVE woman in his life as he was growing up, more than just the hologram. Maybe a woman (or two)who mothered him at a few of the ships regular ports?

Maybe the ship regularly traded /stole /raided with other ships that DID have female members of the crew? While the captain didn't aprove of them he had to live with them durring the joint mission and the crew mingled with them a bit?

Of course, you can use any of this, or ignore it all, you know since you're he author and all. :)

Looking forward to reading more.
Stef Howerton said…
haha Those are all great ideas. I was thinking of, instead of banning all women, the rule was that women are not allowed on the crew. Men, of course, have their needs, so what would you think of having a place on board the ship designated for women to be given free room and board in return for sexual favors. That way the men would be happy, and he would have an overly sexualized view of the female figure.

I like the idea of joint missions bringing women into his life. That's definitely something to look into. :)

Thanks a bunch for your ideas!
BlaqueSaber said…
I think having women on the ship would sure do wonders for moral, yep!
Lisa said…
So Eldon would be much younger than Maxine Doyle...right? intrigued to see how that turns out.

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