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"200 Million Dollar Lottery" & a MILESTONE!!!

Exercise #81 : "200 Million Dollar Lottery"

Your character finds a lottery ticket in the street. It turns out to be the winning ticket: $200 million. (If your character is from another century or country, just assume the equivalent amount of resources.) What does he or she do with the money? Be as specific as you can. What does this reveal about about your character's true desires?

Ah, the glories of a growing character list... Of course, I'll be doing this exercise with Estelle and Robert (Go HERE and HERE, respectively, for their profiles), but I'm also going to add Eldon Whitlaw, Captain of the Spectre as a teaser for my next character profile which is going to appear on my blog sometime between today and tomorrow evening......... The suspense is killing you, isn't it? I know. It's intense, but if you close your eyes and take a deep breath you'll be fine. I promise.


Estelle's Reaction: Upon finding the ticket and realizing that it is worth quite a bit of money, she would start looking around for someone who might have dropped it. The money means nothing to her, of course, because she has access to an essentially unlimited fund care of her father, but she knows that it can be of great use to someone. In her Utopian world, she would find a way to give it all away to deserving people. $200 million could help many, many people. This isn't really a saintly act on her part, though. It would be viewed as such, yes, bu
t she is merely giving away something which she does not need. I'm not sure what this says about her. I'm thinking it require some thinking. Go HERE for her character profile.

Robert's Reaction: Robert's reaction would be... interesting to say the least. As a general principle, he doesn't like money. It adds a stress onto his life that he feels is completely unnecessary, especially when a lot of it is involved, but there's so much that can be done with $200 million. So he's torn between his dislike for money and the possibilities that $200 mill holds. In the end, I think he'd keep a portion for himself and then do as Estelle did, giving it away to those that needed it. Most of it would probably end up in his family's account, and it would arrive there anonymously, of course. Go HERE for his character profile.

Captain Eldon Whitlaw's Reaction: Eldon's would jump up and down, s
ing to the rafters, scream, and cry all at once. He's waited his whole life for a lump of cash that huge, and he will take every advantage available to him in using it. He would probably leave the Spectre (the ship of which he's Captain) and buy an island on some distant, quiet planet and live the rest of his life there. He would, of course, make sure that he had plenty of contact with women, though. He would probably even use his money to attract them. He would keep it all to himself, and he would live like a king for the rest of his life. Come back later on today or tomorrow to get his character profile.

"5" minutes up. I spent around 2-3 minutes on each of those, so meh... Who's counting the minutes? Not I!

Anyways, I'm off to take a nap. It's been a long day (already), and I need my beauty rest. It's important. Really.


P.S. I'd love to hear what you think about the characters I've come up with. Do you like them? Hate them? Find them to be horribly boring? hehe Any sort of critiqute would be greatly appreciated.

P.S.S. I almost forgot the MILESTONE!! I have reached 50 followers!!!!!! :-D Not only that, but I officially have not only 50 but 52! Very, very exciting. I feel so honored. Really, guys. That you would find this blog to be at all entertaining / helpful gives me warm fuzzies, kind of like the feelings depicted in this picture of Calvin & Hobbes. Doesn't it just make you want to go "Awwwwww!" :) Thanks so much, guys!


Cammie said…
Best of luck with Nanowrimo!!!

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