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"The Piano Tuner"

Uhhhhhhhh... I forgot today's post! Whoops! :) Well, here it is.

Exercise #62 : "The Piano Tuner"

Describe the piano tuner. What did he do to the piano bench?

I feel like I'm missing part of this exercise... I mean... Why does the piano tuner mess with the piano bench? But I guess that's the point...........?

Uhh... Start?

Geoffrey Martin stepped out of his company van, his tool box in tow, and began to walk down the sidewalk that lead to a large, mahogany door with ornately carved lattice work and clear glass. Another one of those yuppie families... he thought. Knocking on the door, he prepared himself for the worst. Would it be a cold and calculating wasp or an overly outgoing woman with newly acquired money?

After a few moments, a young woman - probably in her mid-20s - opens the door. She is tall and thin with blonde hair and brown eyes. She smiled.

"Hi," she said. "Geoffrey?"

"Yes, ma'am."

With a quick gesture, she beckoned him inside. "Come on in. I'm Alicia."

He stepped inside the foyer and glanced around. "You have a very nice home."

Alicia seemed confused for a few seconds but immediately recovered, "Oh, this isn't my house. I'm just the maid." After a short pause, she added, "I wish!"

Geoffrey smiled. "Don't we all?" he said. "So where is this piano?"

"It's in that room over there," she said, pointing to her right.

"Alright, I'll go get on that."

"Ok," she said. "If you need anything, just listen for the sound of the vacuum cleaner." With another smile, Alicia waltzed up the stairs and disappeared from sight.

Geoffrey found the piano and sat down at the bench to begin work. A neatly written note lay folded on the music stand, reading "Piano Tuner."

When he opened it, it read as follows:
To Whom It May Concern:

It is imperative that this piano be tuned in the equal temperament style close to perfection. Our last tuner was dismissed because he simply could not tune to my standards, and I can only hope that you will be able to fill his position more aptly than he could. The piano must be tuned once a week as it is an old instrument and easily loses pitch, and I expect you to be punctual week to week.

Thank you,
Mrs. Lucas Robinson
"You have got to be kidding me," he said aloud. He had several clients who were particular, but this one, he could tell, was the worst. She was a music officionado, which was fine, but she was the sort that was insufferable, the type that required him to spend five times the time allotted to get anything done.

After taking a moment to focus, Geoffrey stood up from the bench and opened up the hood, placing it atop the long stick. It was a beautiful instrument; he at least had to give the woman that much. Pulling out his electronic tuner, he leaned over and played C4. It was a quarter of a step flat. As he stepped backward to fiddle with the C4 string, he noticed a small scrape on the top of the bench.

Crap, he thought, looking down at the keys hanging guiltily from his belt loop. What now?

5 minutes up. I wanted to write more, but... I went a little over 5 minutes to begin with and simply had to explain what he did to the bench. haha Oh well. Maybe I'll go back and finish it. Oooh, maybe that will be a good #fridayflash submission! hah Probably not. I'm not really a big fan of the story. Oh well... Back to square 1!

And with that I will leave you today with a WONDERFUL quote by Milan Kundera...

"A mismatched outfit, a slightly defective denture, an exquisite mediocrity of the soul-those are the details that make a woman real, alive. The women you see on posters or in fashion magazines-the ones all the women try to imitate nowadays-how can they be attractive? They have no reality of their own; they're just the sum of a set of abstract rules. They aren't born of human bodies; they hatch ready-made from the computers."
~The Book of Laughter and Forgetting
Milan Kundera




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