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Marathon Post #3 : "Down into the Cellar"

The final entry for today, thank goodness. This one is a little later than previously planned, but who's counting. Give me a break, eh? hah

Exercise #57 : "Down into the Cellar"

The ancient door creaked open, and from the darkness she caught a whiff of something like old apples. She pulled the string to the lightbulb; the stairwell remained dark. "Bulb's dead," he said.

Write on!

"Apparently mom and dad don't like to replace lightbulbs," she said. "Isn't there an old gas lantern down here somewhere?"

"How should I know?" he said. "I haven't been down here in years."

She paused for a moment, picturing how the stairwell looked if there had been light.

"Ok," she said. "The lantern should be... here." She reached forward and grasped blindly in the dark. At first, there was nothing, but after a bit of reaching her fingers touched something cold and metal. "Ha!" she cried.

Reaching to grab the handle, she pulled it away from the wall. "Do you have any matches?" she said.

"Yeah," he said. "Hold on." She heard him fumbling in his pockets, and a few seconds later he was shoving a book of matches against her arm. "Here."

She grabbed the matches and lit the lamp, revealing a dirt-walled stairwell with dangerously steep, half-rotten steps leading into darkness.

"You have got to be kidding me," he said. "There's no way I'm going down there. I'll break my neck."

"Well, I can't carry all of those bushels up by myself," she said. "I can't even carry one by myself."

5 minutes up.

Hmm... Interesting. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about that one. I mean, it was a good exercise; I'm just not sure about my execution of it. Meh...

Finally! The blog marathon is over! Glory be!



Yeah, it seems like the opening to something sinister...that reminds me of Aaron Polson's (whom I blog with) short story 'God's Creatures'. You can find the story at Microhorror ( or the audio he recorded (

It's a creepy story, and you'll never look at cellars the same way again...oh, and have a nice day, Stef!

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